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The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (Teasers Package)

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

Running from your past doesn't solve anything, hiding things in the past doesn't make things better; But whats inside of you has to perish! The choices we make are the ultimate tools to forming one's destiny. This is a complex story about fate and its consequences. Choose your path! You may have a second chance at life!(WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) View table of contents...


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The Double Lives Trilogy(TDLT) : Enigma(Book 1)

Chapter 7: Major Meltdown

YR/2034 A.O.B Autumn Leaf, Vanity City

This has been one of the coldest and darkest of nights for Victor; as he sits on the edge of the sidewalk. His tainted house of death sits behind him. Red and blue police lights surround him; while local policemen, paramedics and news reporters circle the premises. Victor's heart goes beyond cold; frost binds it. As cold and chilly as the breeze he felt on his skin. It grew cold because; not even a hour ago he held his fiancee Catherine in his arms with full life. But twenty minutes ago he held Catherine again but this time for the last; her fullness of life was void. Just last night he tucked his son Nevin in for bed. He watched him drift away to a peaceful slumber. Now Victor wonders where has his son been drifted to; thats if he still lives.

This dark pain is the cause of his frost bite to the heart. His precious family taken away like the fall wind carries withered leaves away. Victor hasnt taken a life in two years, but the urge to kill all in his path to get to the one that committed this horrible crime elevates. An emotional Victor clutches his pistol while crumbling the letter that laid upon his deceased lover. The letter was more of a note or riddle that said:

~You face a door that needs a key, You then look down gracefully, Behold a little stone or rock that splits open at a seam, Open me and be ready to redeem, A key to this door full of lustful things, I decided to silence you and see what it brings, Place the key back inside me because it stings, The little stone or rock closed tightly once again at the seam, Read closely what does this all mean?~

Toward the bottom of the note was the word "Define". Victor couldnt think at the moment because his mind was clouded with sweet memories of the past two years. Time seems to move everyone around Victor in a fast forward motion; while Victor sits paused. Eventually everyone leaves and Victor now sits in a chair; inside his crime scene of a house. Yellow crime scene tape crosses the front door, blood is all over the hardwood floors, the broken chair still remained, a little stench filled the air and the room felt cold as dry ice. Victor leans forward in his chair to place his pistol on the floor. He glares at the blood that was smeared along the floor like a rainbow and starts to reminisce. The bloody rainbow begins to illuminate with bright colors, as the brown hardwood floor sits in the back drop starting to turn powder blue. The image becomes a sky striped with a rainbow.

Victor's vision grows wide and begins to see himself playing with his little boy. Little Nevin soars through the breeze like an airplane while being guided and held by his father. Victor smiles ear to ear; when he looks into the amazed and joyful eyes of Nevin. He then brings the little one in for a tight passionate hug.

Nevin smiles infinitely as he tries to say "Da Da"

Catherine then wraps her arm around them both and says "Babe you think we're going to be safe here?"

"You have my word, not even a hair on our little boys head will be harmed. And you will forever be protected. Im fortunate to have you as my woman and soulmate. No one will break our love. I promise." Says Victor with so much confidence.

He wraps his free arm around Catherine as he holds Nevin in the other. He squeezes them both as tight as an anaconda's bind. Victor then kisses Catherine on the forehead. Suddenly (AAAHHHHHHH) Codered screams as he enrages. Feeling nothing but remorse, regret and shattered inside from his broken promise. Full of anger he flips the chair he sat in against the wall and starts to pace, while breathing strongly. He needed to get out this dreadful place; maybe go down to the town bar and erase his thoughts with liquor. Victor scrambles over to his pistol and places it in his holster. He checked his short sleeve shirt front pocket for the killer's last note. After assurance of knowing it was there; he grabs his coat and jets out of the dark house very delusional and full of rage.

Seven minutes later an enraged and over the edge Victor arrives at the town bar. He's never taken a foot inside. Victor drinks occasionally, he didn't like how the liquor slightly influenced him. But tonight was definitely an occassion to drown his sorrows and drown his now ever so painful memories of his family. Two shots of cognac would do just fine for him. Now inside the small bar; them two shots of cognac piled up to twelve shots of cognac. A very tipsy Victor slumps down inside the booth table thats next to a window. It was just before midnight as Victor looked outside and watched the year's first descent of snow. Several flakes and mini snow puffs hit the ground. Instantly the grey ground was covered with a sparkly sheet of snow. All the leaveless tree's that spread throughout this small town was coated with pearly white snow. Tiny to big icicles begun to form along the gutters on the bar roof. A chilly breeze carried the snow as it fell. The fall quickly perished as the winter grew strong.

Victor staggers a bit to get to his feet and stands upright. A throbbing feeling in his pelvic region; literally urges him to urinate. He makes his way to the restroom, but doesnt know someone is watching and plotting to take all that he posesses. Victor now stands in front of the urinal; exhaling while his head tilts back and his eye's stare at the ceiling. (WWHHAAAMMM) Out of no where, Victor is hit on the crown of his head with a blunt object. He instantly tries to fall to the ground but two muggers hold him up and grabs his wallet full of money. The muggers then opened a door to a stall and tossed Victor inside. They opened his wallet and recognized his face from the news report of Catherine's murder from earlier.

"I guess this just isnt your day um....Victor. You gotta understand its hard out here for me and my friend here" says mugger #1; speaking to a slightly awaken Victor.

"Come on man, fuck this guy and his family...we got the money, now lets head for Stoney Village before the snow picks up. Plus he's a damn city cop" says a frantic mugger #2.

The elusive muggers escape through the bathroom window with ease. The vengeful fiery eye's of Victor opened. Deep inside he had begged for a reason to release his anger and pain. To release that familiar anxiety of killing; that he was use to unleashing. Victor swiftly and smoothly exits the bar to pursue his prey. Shoe tracks are revealed outside the bathroom window by the risen snow. Those vengeful fiery eyes locates his prey's direct path leading into the Pine Oak forest. The pathway leads to Stoney Village. Pine Oak forest was filled with; of course pine tree's. These pine tree's branches began to droop; due to the weight of the snow that rests on it. Victor quickly gains ground on the careless and slow walking muggers. It seems as if Victor glides across the snow and moves from tree to tree gracefully as he has his prey in sight. He prowls and stalks; but swiftly and quite. The howls of wolves echoed in the distance.

"So how much did we come up on Dylan?" says mugger #2

"Ummm......about $400" says mugger #1 as he flat out lies to Connor.

"Connor, here's your half...I know you cant count money that well so I made it easy and gave you two one hundred dollar bills" explains Dylan/mugger #1

"Yeah man I think Im catching on...thats $200. So that means you have $200 too if we split $400" says a money illiterate Connor

"Right on Connor, you quick learning bastard" says Dylan as he plunges $500 in $50 bills deep inside his pants pocket.

Connor zips up his jacket and says "Damn glad I brought my jacket its fucking Co....."

But was suddenly interrupted by the grabbing of Victor's hand upon his shoulder. Both men yell "What the fuck!" With the back of his pistol he hits Connor square in the jaw. Blood and teeth easily fly and land upon the snow. Simutaneously he kicks Dylan in the gut, making him lean forward to be uppercutted. Victor precisely uppercuts with the back of his pistol. The snow instantly looks like a cherry slush due to the blood that leaked from the face of Dylan. Dylan falls to ground. Connor awaits another blow to the back of the neck, he stumbles forward a little. Victor slides across the snow to position himself in front of Connor. He strikes Connor on the side of his head and another quick strike to the other side of the head. Connor falls on his knees before Victor, pleading for his life. But Victor doesnt want to hear any pleading. He visualizes what Catherine's killer could look like. Pulled out his knife from his boot and slashed and gashed Connors face. Connor rolls over and Victor stabs away in complete rage. Dylan tries to get up and run but Victor slices an ankle. Dylan screams in pain and falls to the bloody slushed snow. Victor rushes over to Dylan and grabs both his wrist. He then cuts them deeply. He then saw images of Catherine lying in a coffin, of his son's handsome smile and past images that have been bottled up. All those images just gave Victor more fuel to rid off these two losers. Clutching Dylan's throat, he crushes his vocal chords.

"AAAHHHHHH" yells a very fustrated Victor as he jumps to his feet. With one hand he rubs his head and observes the mess he caused. Breathing hard he cleans his prints off of the knife. He places the knife on Dylan's bloody palm and makes him clutch it. Dylan is near death due to the massive blood lost. Then Victor covers his tracks in the snow as he picks up his wallet; he hears the howls of wolves nearby. He even heard twigs rustling and the low growl of wolves . He cleans up the best he could but he was hoping the wolves would do a better job.

"I couldnt control myself back there...but I must admit I feel a little relieved. Those men decided to rob the wrong guy and temporarly cured my urge to kill. I need to hurry and find this killer before I completely lose it" says Victor as he walks away from the massacre in the woods. The wolves approach the bodies and immediately starts to rip, tear, eat and drag the bodies deeper into the woods. After clearing the scene, he rushes back home to clean up himself and to dispose of his clothes.

Now freshly clean and evidence free. Victor walks over to the sofa and pulls his cell phone out. He scrolls down to the contact name: Detective Green and pressed to call. Det. Green is great in her field of homicides and solving them. She would be the most and best help for Victor. Also it would be grand if he could see her face. Before him and Catherine got official; Victor was eyeing Detective Green and so was she vice versa.

"Hello.....Yes its me......Im not so good. Im guessing you saw what happened on the news?....An awful scene and also my son is missing......Thats why I called you. Your the only one I know that can truly help me......Im in Autumn Leaf......its 5187 W Peachwood Street......ok see you soon!" says Victor as he spoke to Det. Green on his cell.

Two hours later, Detective Green pulls up in the driveway. Victor stands at the tip of his front steps, awaiting to see and greet his former love interest. Det. Green exits her car.

"Whoa Det. Ames didnt notify me of the bear that guards his house" says Det. Green, trying to enlighten the mood.

"Im sure you think this bear is attractive though" Victor jokes back.

As she walked up towards Victor on the front steps, her body and beauty mesmerizes him. With a khaki pants suit on, Detective Green stood 5'6" and every bit of 142 pounds. Mostly within her lower region. Her body was curvaceuos and genuinely gorgeous. Her lightly tanned skin glowed as her natural blonde hair sways and collects snowflakes. Even the scar below her chin was appealing. They hug tightly and presume to enter the house. Victor removes the crime scene yellow tape, strapped across the door. The two get inside and warm up a bit, whiling catching up on recent news.

"Victor I apologize for your lost, Catherine seemed to be a very sweet woman and at least she was good to you" says Det. Green

"Detective Gr......" Victor replies but is quickly abrupted.

"Victoria....you can call me Victoria. We're in a secluded environment. Lets drop the detective title. We've earned that much with eachother" says Det. Green as she deeply stares into Victor's eye's.

Victor responds "Your right......Victoria! And thank you for caring so much. I really appreciate you being here with me....believe me....the things I get into when im by myself" referencing his double murder a little earlier.

"Ugh...Thank you" says Victor as he puts his head down.

"Your a very strong person, I know you can get through this. I know it hurts.....now believe me....I've been there. You just have to stay focused and positive. And if it helps...I'll always be here for you. Right here.....by your side." says Victoria as she encourages Victor; while placing her hand on his.

Victor looks up and looks directly into Victoria's green eye's.

"Did I ever tell you that I love your eye's and blinding smile?" Victor compliments.

"No you never have" answers Victoria seductively

The two draw in closer as they beam into each others eye's. Victor licks his lips gently, while Vitoria bits the corner of her bottom lip.

(Victor coughs) "Yeah um...I have this note that the killer left behind. Maybe your expertise can solve it." says Victor as he brushes off the moment and hands her the note.

Victoria unfolds the note and starts to read it:

~You face a door that needs a key, You then look down gracefully, Behold a little stone or rock that splits open at a seam, Open me and be ready to redeem, A key to this door full of lustful things, I decided to silence you and see what it brings, Place the key back inside me because it stings, The little stone or rock closed tightly once again at the seam, Read closely what does this all mean?~

"Hmmm....Define" Victoria thinks to herself.

"Okay the door represents a person....the key is an actual key......but what the key is stored in, maybe symbolized as a person. A stone or little rock" explains Victoria.

"Hold on, little rock.......I heard that before. Catherine said that in her sleep one night. "No Little Rock" she said. I didnt think anything of it because I thought she was only dream talking." said Victor.

"That kinda fits together and it makes alot more sense. But what do we have to define......thats my only question. Im sure the local CSI didnt do a great job here. Maybe I should have a close look around" insists Victoria.

"Please feel free to do so" Victor agrees.

After several minutes have pasted and finding no other clues, Victoria begins to check Nevin's room. Right on sight she seen a speck of blood underneath the crib. Victoria collects the Dna and reports back to Victor inside the living room.

"As I suspected, look what I was able to find" says Victoria as she shows Victor the DNA within a capsule.

"I knew you were the best at this job. I'll always put my money on you." says Victor sarcastically.

"I want to head back to the city and start analyzing this, so we can have the results aas soon as possible. Lets just see who this blood belongs too." exclaims Victoria.

"I bet it matches our Little Rock character" insists Victor.

"Yeah but who is Little Rock" says an unsure Victoria.

Marble District, Vanity City

Two hours later Victor and Victoria arrive back in the city. They head towards the Marble district where precinct 17 is. Victoria goes straight to the crime lab to start her observations. Victor went up to his desk and logged into the precinct data base. He looked up the name Little Rock and it only showed records for one by the name of Little Rock. He's a known pimp in the area and he's very brutal when it comes to disciplinary action. Victor writes down the address and vanishes out of the precinct.

It is now 4am and Victor sits outside the residence of Little Rock. Patiently waiting to view the man responsible for Catherine's death. Little Rocks comes out of the house and jumps into his cadillac escalade; accompanied by two women. The escalade pulls off and so does Victor right behind it. He follows the escalade to a metal and weilding warehouse. Little Rock and his girls exit the truck and go inside. Victor gets out of his car but soon after another car pulls up and three guys get out of the car.

One of the guys says "He better have all the money this time, we cant keep risking to bring all this dope out and he doesnt even live up to his end of the deal."

Victor creeps up to the warehouse to get a better view. Little Rock is buying a big amount of cocaine and herione. Victor suggests he waits it out, at least to let the three drug dealers leave. Ten minutes later, the drug dealers walk out of the warehouse. Victor moves in swiftly and unseen. He could hear Little Rock right around the corner of the entrance. Without any hesitation Victor rushes Little Rock, knocking down the two girls. They both fall hard and bruise their heads. Unconscious temporarily for the moment. Victo roughs up Little Rock, slamming him and throwing him against each wall.

"WHY DID YOU DO IT?.....TELL ME NOW!!!!!" Victor yells.

"Bro I dont know what the hell your talking about........get your damn hands off my suit" says Little Rock.


"I dont even know the hoe....you got me twisted up with someone else bro! AGAIN LET ME GO! DAMN IT!!" pleads Little Rock.

"The only thing I will let go of, is this bullet inside my pistol. You have one more chance.....WHY did you murder her and take my son?" Victor demands

"Listen I come across so many hoe's, but im not sure about a Catherine.....releash me you fucker....If she's dead then that hoe got what was coming to her and fuck your son bro!" says an aggravated Little Rock.

Victor gets impatient and beyond angry. He drags Little Rock over to a large tank filled with liquid hot magma. The tank sits below them. Victor stomps him while he's down. He then kicks him in the face. A monkey wrench lies on the floor and Victor picks it up. Victor swings down and hits Little Rock on the side of the face. His face seemed to open up on impact; followed by blood.

He lifts the limp Little Rock up and says "If you dont admit to the evil that you are responsible for, I will drop you into this liquid magma and send you back to fucking hell. SAY IT!!!"

"Didnt I say fuck you, your son and her!" mumbles Little Rock and then spitting in Victor's face.

Instantly Victor flips him over the railing and into the scorching magma. His body dissolves on contact. Victor exhales and then walks back over to the two women, that are now waking up. Victor pulls a wad of cash out and splits it between the two women.

"You never seen me tonight.....GOT IT!!" Victor intimidates and exits the warehouse.

Granite District, Vanity City Victors Apartment

(BLOOM) (BLOOM) (BLOOM) Victor hears a loud knock at his door. Its 10 am in the morning. Victor sluggishly walks to the door and looks throught the peep hole. Its Alan, Catherine's Cousin. He must have seen the news and knows of Catherine's death.

"Victor open up! I know your in there! I have a few words for you" says an emotional and very furious Alan.

Victor opens the door, just looking at Alan kills his soul. Knowing he let him down and let his cousin Catherine get murdered.

"Look, Alan Im so sorry. I was only gone for a minute, it all happened so fast, I was going to give you a call first thing this morning. Honestly i couldnt muster up the strength to call and tell you the news." says Victor, while being very apologetic.

"SORRY isnt going to bring her back VICTOR. Its all your fault. Ever since you came into the picture, these murders started to occur......" says Alan while beginning to sob.

"Its okay Alan, I will find the killer and bring justice to Catherine's death. That is a promise. He took your cousin and my soon to be wife. He also took Nevin" says Victor

"Aww, and my nephews missing too.....Do what you have to, but i have a feeling you wont find this killer and my nephew. He's been on the run since the first murder; a year and a half ago. If you couldnt stop him then.....what makes you think you will stop him now?" argues Alan.

"Im already close to solving the case and the killer may have been dealt with" Victor says as he remembers last night.

"Yeah ok...Just let us all down again" says Alan as he walks away.

Victor shuts the door and suddenly his cell rings. Victoria's name is on the screen.

"Morning Victoria?.....what! You have some ground breaking info....Listen I may have dealt with the problem early this morning around 4. Victoria I kil........" said Victor as he's cut off by Victoria.

"The DNA match found a crucial suspect. Victor the blood belongs to.......Raymond Case!" says Victoria

Victor remembers his altercation two years ago with Raymond and Raymond promised he would get his revenge. Could it be Raymond, after all this time. How could Victor forget his threats. Victor sighs heavily as he feels remorseful for killing an innocent man by the name of Little Rock.

"Victor we have our Little Rock. Lets bring him in for questioning first" Victoria demands.


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