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The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (Teasers Package)

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

Running from your past doesn't solve anything, hiding things in the past doesn't make things better; But whats inside of you has to perish! The choices we make are the ultimate tools to forming one's destiny. This is a complex story about fate and its consequences. Choose your path! You may have a second chance at life!(WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) View table of contents...


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The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (BOOK 1)

Chapter 8: Little Rock

YR/2019 A.O.B White Springs, Vanity City

"AWWW....Where in the hell did this rain come from....Im getting drenched. Old man Perry's abandoned place will have to do for now" says the drenched nineteen year old boy.

The young man was about 5'10" weighing about 183 pounds with an atheletic build. Light skinned with orange reddish combed down hair. His army fatigue outfit is soaked by the time he slips through an open window. He tumbles onto the floor once he's hanging in. The overly wet young man sits up and sits against the wall under the window. He slicks his hair back to keep it from dangling in his face. But something is very odd and weird about this young man. You can see it in his brown eye's.

"You got us wet, you imbecile. You know I hate being wet like this, it makes us stink afterwards" says a low calm sinister voice within the young man.

"Im surprised you didnt say anything while I was rushing to find shelter. After all you did tell me to bring the umbrella." says the young man.

The voice within replies "You never listen to what I have to say. When will you understand that Im above you when it comes to intelligence."

"Oh I know, I just dont like the things you like or like to do. We're very different" said the young man.

The voice responds "Different? My God...we're in the same body you fool. How can we be different! Im just those deep dark thoughts you have stored and locked away. Im not afraid to be the real you. Im alot closer to your true self then you will ever be."

"Ugh I hate when you tell me that....Im not a sadistic person." contemplates the young man.

"Hmph we'll see" says the voice within, but sarcastically.

The young man stands up to stretch out his body; in front of the window. He looks directly across the yard into next door's window. For the moment the room was empty. The color pink and purple was scattered throughout the room. This had to be a girl's room. To confirm that indeed it is a girls room; he looks above the closet door and saw the name Valentina, sparkling with purple glitter. Immediately a girl crosses his sight as she walks around her room with just a towel on. The skeptic young man jumps to the side of the window and peeks out. Valentina prepares her clothes and then unwraps her burgundy towel. Revealing all her private possessions. Valentina seems to be only thirteen but her body was mostly matured. The aroused young man doesnt take his eye's off of Valentina; instead he visualizes bending her over and thrusting inside her. He reaches down and grabs his crotch, while his penis starts to rise and becomes stiff.

The voice within says "If this isnt sadistic, then what is...my friend. Look at you.....your craving to be inside her, lusting to give her your all; but might I add she's a baby compared to you! Remember when you said we're different? Well judging from you dick, Im sure we like the same things. You like fresh meat too" as he chuckles deep inside.

The young man turns away and says "Its just that, you know.......I never had sex before, let alone seen a girl nude in real life" explains the timorous young man.

"Yeah I know, you never had a piece of pussy. Because your a wimp when it comes to girls. Always shying away from them. Pitiful excuse for being a virgin at nineteen. See if you let me do the leading and you follow; you could have her and any other girl you desire. You'll die before you give me that chance though...I know" says the cunning voice within.

While taking another peek, the young man says "Everything you say is true. I cant be mad at the truth. Im tired of being an outcast towards girls. If you get me her, then your trust is earned."

"You wont even break a sweat, I promise you. And by the way, I've thought of a name for myself.......Little Rock." says the overly confident voice within.

"Where did you get that from? What does it mean?" the curious young man asks.

"Its a resemblance of your real name" answers Little Rock.

The heavy rain began to cease as the sun peaks through a cloud. Little Rock was far from joking. As soon as the last rain drop fell, he told the young man to go over to Valentina's window. He hops back out of the window of old man Perry's and made his way to Valentina's open window. By now Valentina is fully clothed.

Little Rock speaks through the young man and says "Hey whats up? I was walking by and couldnt help but notice such beauty beaming from this window."

"Awww thats very sweet......NOW GO AWAY YOU PERV!" responds Valentina.

"Im so sorry if I offended you in any way. I just seen you before and couldnt let this second oppertunity past me by again. Let me take you to the movies to show you Im not such a bad guy." pleads Little Rock.

"Wait.....isnt your name......." says Valentina but is promptly interrupted by Little Rock.

"Little Rock, call me Little Rock. Im a big role player. Dont mind me. But yeah can I be the one to put a smile upon them lips....and Im not talking about the lips on your face."

Valentina crosses her legs to prevent the creamy juices from her vagina; from streaming down her thighs. She's very aroused.

"Well....you are persistent. And I like that. Also your very blunt, not many guys would say that to me.....oh why not! Yeah, can you meet me tonight at the White Springs pier? And I can bring along a friend. Maybe you could break her shyness. Her name is Genessa" says Valentina.

Two weeks later, the devious young man invited Valentina and Genessa over to his best friends house. His parents were never really around. Inside the house the young man just begins to give Genessa oral sex. Genessa is almost twelve at the time. Genessa enjoyed the oral pleasure until Little Rock started to taste something like iron. An unsettling smell breezed behind the taste.

"PFFFTTT....Why didnt you tell me it was that time of the month." says a disgusted Little Rock as he grabs and squeezes Genessa's thighs.

"This is my first time....I swear!" says a scared Genessa.

"Be aware next time!" demands Little Rock as he then slaps her.

Valentina smirks and laughs.

"Oh you think its funny that I had to taste that Valentina" says an angry Little Rock.

He approached her and instantly slapped her. But the slap didnt harm Valentina. He then punches her in the gut. Valentina slowly rises back. Little Rock gets even more angry and tosses her against the wall. He takes advantage of her sexually and rips her skirt down.

Just as he was about to enter her, Little Rock spoke within the young man and said "See, I've given you what you wanted and more. They will forever be in your hands. You will always be the key to their bodily temples. We should name them too. I like Valentina....we should call her Strong Love and for Genessa......Conciever. Now go and enjoy the things I've given you."

YR/2034 A.O.B Marble District, Vanity City

Victor and Victoria went through hell and back to finally close the case. After two months of Raymond completely denying and claiming he was framed. Justice was met. Plenty evidence was collected, but the DNA match found at Catherine's crime scene; killed all the noise. Raymond Case went to trial and was found guilty with three counts of murder. The judge sentenced him to life in prison. Everyone attended the trial. Victor, Victoria, Alan, Marty, Julia and Ted. They all jumped with joy when they heard the sentencing. Some felt he deserved the death punishment. Alan spoke with Victor after the trial.

(Alan Sighs) "Look Victor, i apologize for the out burst the last time we spoke. I was going through alot mentally. Catherine's death was painful.........I remember a nickname she gave me when we were younger....I'll never forget it. Mr. Carrot or Carrot Top...........(Sighs) But what I wanted to say was man.....you did what you said you would do! You brought my cousins killer to justice. Your a man of your word." while Julia pulls him away.

One week later, not even able to get comfortable; Raymond Case was brutally beaten and stabbed numerous times. He later died in the prison hospital. Word got around that he was suppose to be Little Rock. The immates watched the entire trial on the television. It really bothered some of men that he tormented and overly killed the three women. He was considered a coward and plus they knew he was a wealthy snob. So now the case was completely closed.............or so we thought.<</p>

Granite District, Vanity City

A cell phone rings......"Hello who is this" says the guy who answered the phone.

The guy on the other end of the line says "I know everything. I watched you commit all three murders. I even have you video recorded. Give me the detective's son.....Do you hear me Little Rock? Like I said I know everything. Raymond case was framed by you and had major help from your friend. This plan works out for the both of you. You both got what you wanted. I have plans for the detective......he must die! Having his son will bring me much leverage. Also I want Little Rock to resurface. Maybe you can keep him occupied and off balance. You may end up killing him in the process. And If you dont cooperate I will upload the videos; they will go viral and that will be the fall of you. So whats your reply?"

"Okay......I'll cooperate" says the real Little Rock as he hesitated at first.


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