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The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (Teasers Package)

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

Running from your past doesn't solve anything, hiding things in the past doesn't make things better; But whats inside of you has to perish! The choices we make are the ultimate tools to forming one's destiny. This is a complex story about fate and its consequences. Choose your path! You may have a second chance at life!(WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) View table of contents...


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The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (Book 1)

Chapter 9: Double "Cross"ed----Little Rock Revisited

YR/2034 Onyx District, Vanity City

Now that Victor and Victoria felt settled and at ease; about solving the Little Rock case and putting Raymond behind bars. They laughed when he was killed in prison; showing no compassion. That feeling was only for the moment, because Nevin was never found. This motivated Victor to finally move all his belongings from his place in Autumn Leaf. The last place that he made sweet love to Catherine in. The very last place he held her, while she passed over into eternal darkness. It was a tremendous task for Victor to place Catherine's things into storage. Catherine's heavy boxes and bins didnt compare to the desperate weight of the hunt and rescue of his one year old son Nevin.

Victoria easily convinced Victor to move into the penthouse across from her. Thats where he will transfer his things to. Moving wasnt his first priority but it was more of a moving forward and facing his demons type of thing. Now he only dedicates his time to finding his son. Finding his son was left up to him and him only. Well of course his new permanent partner; Detective Victoria Green volunteered to accompany her intimate partner on his quest. Their precinct recieved a few calls on false sightings and false locations. Victor was surely determined to search every nook and cranny throughout all the districts within the city.

"Grab the door for me....its about to close" says Victor as he carries a box full of belongings.

"I got you, no worries, just hurry up inside....its freezing out here" replies Victoria.

Victor hurries inside the building to his penthouse. He carried the box to an elevator as he huffed for air. His arms drew weary; due to the heavy box. Every step he took, a piece of paper at the bottom of the box slips out inch by inch. Victor doesnt feel or notice the paper.

"Yeah, waiting on the next elevator makes your head itch. Takes forever. You'll get use to it though.....Oh well here it is; it must have heard me" says Victoria as she smile.

"I guess so.....go ahead....you first" says Victor; while he checks out Victoria's rear. It was perfectly plump and formed like a tear drop as it rested in tight black denim jeans.

They both get inside the elevator and stand side by side, while Victor tightens his grip on the box.

"Why look at it, when you could caress and squeeze it" says Victoria, looking directly at Victor.

"Huh...the box right?" Responds Victor as he stares back at Victoria with a smirk.

Victoria turns her attention back in front of her; while she folds her arms across her breast and then sarcastically says "Im not repeating myself...(smiling)....you know what I meant."

The elevator reached the top floor and opened up to let the flirticious detective's out. They walked all the way down the narrow hallway, until they came upon two doors. One door slanted to the right and the other is slanted to the left. Victor puts the box on the floor, so he could unlock and open the door; that was on the right side. PH-2 was labeled on his door. Victoria goes to the door on the left and easily lets herself inside her pent house; which was labeled PH-1. Victor finally opens his door, picks up the box full of stuff and goes through the threshold of the door. From Victors view, the penthouse was so immensed and spacious. Boxes were scattered throughout the living room and trailed to the kitchen. While Victor shuffles to get through the path of boxes; that same loose paper under the bottom of the box he was carrying, begins to fully slip out. Again Victor doesnt notice the sheet of paper as it floats below and lands in the midst of boxes. The paper seems to have something written on it.

He sits the box down and beholds a heavenly view. A large window portrayed the vibrant city as a beautiful painting that was framed. Victor thinks of Nevin as he looks upon the marble stoned city.

"Nevin, hang in there....I will find you son. I know your out there; alive...(sighs). I need to stop stalling and get to work. I must keep my promise of finding you" says Victor as he collects his gear for finding Nevin. He filled a mid-sized duffel bag and storms across the hallway into Victoria's place.

"Im ready to go....I been wasting too much time. Come on! Get your gear!" says Victor with authority.

"My things are packed, Im ready to go. I was just listening to a voicemail from Officer Cross....You know the captains son? He seems to have a great lead on his case. Im just concerned for him. All he wants to do is prove his father wrong and show that he's not a waste of life....Im sorry for the hesitation. I just dont want him to pursue the case and something happens to him." says Victoria as she picks up her gear and heads towards the door.

Victor replies "Officer Cross is a great cop. Im sure he has it under control" as he follows Victoria out the door to search for Nevin.



Officer Cross scurries through a shadowy alley; while it lightly snows. Tiny snow flakes land upon his thick police jacket. Once the flakes make impact, they become liquidfied and begin to trinkle down his black police jacket. He also wore the pants; that had a white vertical stripe and the hat; with a white horizontal stripe above his brim to complete his full police uniform. Officer Cross halts at a blue dumpster and kneels down next to the side of the dumpster. He taps the bottom right side of the dumpster. The tap reveals a small trap door that contains a package that says theTRIOS written across the front in squiggly letters. Officer Cross grabs the package, taps the trap door for it to close and quickly retreats back to his squad car.

Officer Cross has been on the force for four years now. He joined the force to try in succeed in the same field as his father. Well he had no choice, his life was in a downward spiral. He had a serious drug addiction, a chronic sex addiction; which led to him spending out on sleazy prostitutes. Before his fall, he had an internship at Vanity City General; as a surgeons assistance. Until he attended a surgery one day; while heavily influenced on meth. His peers noticed he wasnt stable. He collasped on the scene. After rehab, the only place he could get a job at; was his fathers precinct. Captain Cross only hired his son, because his wife insisted. They're father and son relationship crumbled once officer Cross went into rehab. Captain Cross calls him a worthless tweeker(Meth Addict). Now officer Cross strives for his father's respect. And by solving this Trios case; he felt he could win him over and show him, he's a new person. All he wants is his father's love back.

"Ok lets just see what these tactical robbers are all about." says Officer Cross as he sits in his squad car; while opening the package.

The package was left by a well known informant; the streets call him "The Rat". The Rat is very good at his job and whatever he says, is most likely the truth. No one has ever seen The Rat. The package opens after a few rips on the side. Inside the package was a red folder. Officer Cross anxiously pulls the red folder out and opens it; to reveal its contents. Inside the folder were pictures and a sheet of paper. A few pictures were of three masked men. Each of the men mask were a different color. Black, red and sky blue. These masks werent your ordinary type of ski mask. The masked completely covers their heads. Giving them a bald look. The material was a more comfortable spandex. Black goggles crossed their eyes. They also wore light weight tactical gear. The other pictures showed some of the destruction they caused and some of the places they robbed. Officer Cross reads the paper, it reads:


"Hopefully I can get a lead on the identities of this so called Trios. This should be enough info though. There's no way Dad can turn this down." says Officer Cross as he peels out and heads toward the precinct.

Eight minutes later, Officer Cross arrives at precinct 17 and goes directly to the Captains office. He barges in on three other cops in uniform; officer Mason, Morales and Willis. Most of the cops didnt like Officer Cross, due to his known past.

"Cap, may I have a word with you? I have much intel on a case of vigilantes. You might want to take a look at." says Officer Cross as he puts the red folder on his father's desk.

"Well damn excuse you Cross! Dont you have any respect? And if that case is the band of thieves running loose; you wont get near solving it." says Officer Mason

"Ok! Cool it, Mason what did I tell you...stop attacking my son......you know that he's weak and a non threat." says Captain Cross as he integanized his son and quickly scanned through the folder.

Captain Cross immediately says "Whose working on this case with you?" Speaking to officer Cross.

"No one sir. I feel I can put a stop to em." responds Officer Cross.

"Like you put a stop to your habits!" remarks officer Mason as he speaks under his breath.

"Fuck off Mason!" demands Officer Kyle Cross.

"HEY! I wont have that type of language used directly in front of me Kyle." screams Captain Cross.

"This case is too advanced and dangerous for you; back off of it. The intel is valuable but I will have someone else lead the case." says Captain Cross.

Officer Cross gathers the content and retrieves the red folder. Then he storms out and says "To whom? This ass kisser, Mason. Watch you'll all see that I will crack this case and have all of you looking ridiculous....Dad that includes you too." Then he slams the door behind him.

A very annoyed Officer Cross takes the elevator up to the second floor; to pay a visit the Detective's unit. Once he's up there, he greets detective's Bailey, Battle, McVay and forensics detective Starks. They all get along very well. The group converses about Victor and Victoria's case. Some stating their opinion. Officer Cross slightly brings up the case he's working on. A few of the detectives look shocked because they heard of the case; and heard it can be a difficult case. They cant believe that the Captain gave him the high profile case. Officer Cross explains that he is doing it on his own strength.

Detective Bailey says "Man you should just let it be. Dont pursue it...I'd hate it if something happened to you....plus your father said leave it be."

"Yea bruh, just drop it." detective Battle agrees.

Officer Cross felt more determined to bring the Trios to an end and an end to the doubters at this precinct. He says his farewell's for today and leaves the precinct with tremendous confidence.

Right before Officer Cross steps out the building, his dear friend and colleague; Det. McVay approaches him and says "Dude be careful out there, if you need me....im only a call away. But knowing how you feel right now, I know you want to do this on your own. Good luck dude."

The Next Night

Officer Cross patrols the Granite District; and for now the streets are super quiet. He didnt know for sure, where the Trios was going to attack. He didnt even spot the convoy. Some time later, a huge crashing sound eruptes; followed by extreme gunfire two blocks over from Officer Cross. After hearing the ruckus, he zooms over to the warzone. While he pulls up, his squad car instantly gets riddled with bullets. It was a shootout between the russians that protected the Felix Emerald and the Trios; whose mission was to obtain and steal the emerald. A timid Officer Cross, opens his car door for cover and begins to let off some shots. (PLOP) (PLOP) (PLOP) (PLOP) Two of the four bullets makes contact with two russians. Hitting one in the neck and one in the back of the head. The Trios finishes the russian protectors off. Dead bodies only lie in between Officer Cross and the Trios.

"VCPD...PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN AND SURRENDER....NOW!" yells a frantic Officer Cross.

The Trios hesitates to shoot and decides to grab the Felix Emerald and retreat. The black masked vigilante ducks and rolls till he safely picks up the briefcase. The red and sky blue masked men provided coverage fire. After successfully grabbing the briefcase, they try in make a run for their getaway car, that sat idle in the alley. Officer Cross has one last oppertunity to take one of the men down. He steadies himself as he aims and (PLOP) (PLOP). The sky blue masked man drops in the alley. The other men try in pick him up, to carry him the rest of the way. But they see Officer Cross gaining on them. They dropped the man and continued to vanish into the darkness. Officer Cross rushes over to the downed sky blue masked man. He kicks the gun away from the body. Officer Cross knelt down and started to lift the mask. His heart stopped and then pounded like a drum when he seen the face underneath the mask. It was his dear friend and colleague; Det. McVay.

A few minutes later, dozens of cops in uniform finally arrive for back up. Officer Cross regretted taking a shot at McVay. But how was he suppose to know who the masked man really was. Detective's Bailey, Battle and Starks arrive at the scene.

"Are you okay Kyle? We heard what happened." said Det. Bailey.

Officer Cross answers "Im straight fella's. Thanks for your concern.

"Damn! So McVay was dirty....I never would have known he was capable of doing this. Thats crazy.....Was he dead when you approached him? Basically did he tell you who else was working with him?" says Det. Battle.

"Yeah he was dead before I could ask questions." says Officer Cross with a down spirit.

Det. Starks says "Did you have to kill him or you had no choice?"

"I felt I had no choice Starks, they were getting away." says Officer Cross.

"I guess our salary isnt enough, thats the only thing to push him to the edge. A lack of money." says Det. Battle.

(Bailey chuckles) "Yeah that would be my only reason; because the pay isnt that good." Jokes Det. Bailey; while trying to brighten up Officer Cross.

Officer Cross doesnt even smile. He excuses himself and goes home. On his way home, something dawns on him. But he'll just wait till tomorrow morning to deal with it. He makes it home and flops on the sofa. Soon after he falls asleep. The very next morning, we find Officer Cross tailing a vehicle to an unknown place. The car parks in the back of a house. Officer Cross parks in the front but on the opposite side of the street. He swiftly exits his vehicle and goes directly to the front door. He knocks on the door and was answered by Det. Bailey.

"Oh, Cross!.....why are you here?" says Det. Bailey as he hides behind the door.

"I have something on my chest, I have to get off! I only feel comfotable talking to you." Officer Cross answers.

The skeptic Det. Bailey lets Officer Cross inside and shuts the door.

Soon as Officer Cross gets inside he says "Bailey why are you doing this? Now I never thought you would be behind the Trios heists." As he looks at the large duffel bag on the ground. It has to be filled with money.

(Bailey sighs deeply)...."Look Kyle, things are hard for me and my family right now. You know that my little girl Kylie is going through kemo! I cant pay those hospital bills; let alone hold up my mortgage on our home. Our salaries arent getting things done.....everyone didnt grow up in a wealthy family like you. Why are you doing this? Bringing me in isnt going to make things better between you and your father. So why dont you put your gun down and share the wealth with us. $100,000 just for you to keep your mouth shut."

"Im better than that Bailey and you know it. Whats important right now is putting an end to your schemes. Game over Bailey. I WIN, you unloyal basterd! Your desk is waiting for me back at the precinct. SO put your pistol on the ground and slide the bag towards me....DO IT NOW!" Officer Cross demands.

The corrupt detective does so. Officer Cross in a distracted way; squatted down and reached for the bag. Suddenly Det. Bailey reaches for his spare revolver and shoots. (BLOOM) The bullet pierced Officer Cross chest. He falls down very hard. Bailey stands over him and nudges him with his foot; to make sure he was lifeless.

"Things could have went differently....but now you'll never see life again. Im sorry.....you shouldnt have took the case." says a remorseful Det. Bailey.

He started to pace as he makes a call on his cell. He tells the person on the phone to hurry over; Cross is dead. Not even fifteen minutes later, someone enters the house through the back door.

"Is that you?" asks Det. Bailey

"Yea bruh its me....what the fuck happened here?" says a worried Det. Battle.

"He must have figured us out some how. And I had to shoot him." says Det. Bailey

"Fuck, this aint good at all. We're surely go down now....also I kinda liked the kid." says Det. Battle.

"Listen im going to hide the money and you go back to doing what you were doing at work. Act completely normal....I have to piss.....I'll be right back." says Det. Bailey.

Detective Battle doesnt like the sound of Bailey's plan. He felt Bailey was going to leave him in the loop and flee with the money. Battle picks up Cross's gun, after he puts on his gloves. Battle waited patiently for Bailey as he was coming out of the bathroom. Soon as Bailey enters the room (PLOP) (PLOP). The edgey Detective Battle shoots Bailey dead, right in the chest. The crafty detective Battle sets the scene up like Bailey and Cross fought over the money and killed each other. It was perfect because Cross killed Det. McVay. So it looks like Cross tried turning on his partners in crime. As if he was apart of the Trios. Battle opens the duffel bag and seperates $1 million to scatter across the room. He took the other $9 million and hid it in his trunk. Sirens screamed in the distance, while Det. Battle peels out and drives around the corner. He joins the police cars that were in route to the Trios hideout. Shots were reported. Numerous of squad cars stop in front of the house. Det.Battle gets out of his car and leads the rest of the policemen inside.

Twenty minutes later, the captain arrives on the scene. He rarely comes to crime scenes but this crime scene contained the body of his son; Officer Cross. He runs inside the house and immediately fell upon his son. Heavy tears rolled down his face as he cried out hysterically.

"Im so sorry son.....I should have really gave an ear to your thoughts.......I never hated you.....I jus wanted more from you....and now I'll never have the chance to show you im truly sorry for turning my back on you." cries Captain Cross.

The entire house was in complete silence; except for the wails of the captain. Det. Battle pays his respects and walks out to his car. He gets into the car, looks in the rearview mirror as if he could see the money through the back seat. A sinister smirk forms on his face as he drives off; because he has big plans ahead of him.

Staron District, Vanity City

Later that night, Victor and Victoria are searching a underground tunnel. Which use to be the old subway passage. The tunnel was dark; the only lights were single lanterns along the walls and the detective's flash lights. The smell was so over bearing; it resembled the smell of vomit and strong urine. They searched every part of the tunnel and still no Nevin. The detective's should have known; because the last few locations were dead ends as well. The tandem of detective's decides to call it a night and head back to their hotel room.

After both of them are fully refreshed and clean; they relax on the suede sofa. Extremely tired from a day of searching for Nevin. The two begin to get a little closer as Victoria asks to be held. Of course Victor doesnt say no. He gently wraps his arms around Victoria. The warmth of his bronze flesh; soothes Victoria's body. Tingly sensations start to stream through her body. Victor rests his chin on her shoulder. They're cheeks slight brush each other.

In a calm and smooth voice, Victor says "Victoria, I cant thank you enough for really being here for me. I really needed someone in my time of depression. When I called first called you; the night of Catherines murder. I didnt think you would truly come and very quickly. Right away when I seen you glowing as you walked up the driveway, I immediately felt a strong surge of love pass through my body. Thanks for being here." He ends his speech with a kiss on the cheek.

"I love being here.......right here in your arms Victor. There is something very unique about you. Plus your a very sweet man and growing to be a fantastic father. Im deeply attracted to you and envy Catherine for beating me to your love." says Victoria as she slightly turns and kisses Victor tenderly and passionately upon the lips.

Vibrant surges of lust and passion flow through them both. True love is slowly evolving. They make out as if they had all the time in the world. Until Victoria's cell rings.

(Victoria clears her throat) While looking deeply and seductively into Victor's eyes as she answers her cell.

"Hello....oh hey Det. Starks how are you?....................WHAT! How was he killed?........He was corrupt? I dont believe that one bit. I dont care what you or the evidence says..........(Gasps, then looks at Victor).......Noooo It cant be! I will tell him. We'll be there as soon as possible." says a very shocked Victoria.

"What is it Victoria? What did Det. Starks say?....VICTORIA!" says Victor.

She responds sadly "Officer Cross...he was......he was killed earlier today. (Tears roll down her face) Word is that he was apart of this heist team called Trios. Him, Det. McVay and your former partner Det. Bailey. All three are dead."

"Damn....not Bailey....I knew he was struggling but......Damn! Im sorry about Officer Cross. I know yall was cool. Come here." says Victor.

Victoria falls in his arms and says "That's not it......we have to go now. There has been another murder." As she looks up at Victor.

"Ok, why cant Starks handle it?" asks Victor.

Victoria looks worried and says "Because it was a woman and she has the word "DEFINE" carved across her breast. Starks says it looks like a Little Rock copycat.

Victor stares into the abyss and has a chilling cold feeling; that this isnt a copycat.


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