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Prime: Murder on the Eiffel Tower

Novel By: declan mckimm
Mystery and crime

Tammy Williams is taking a break from solving murders when she visits the beautiful, peaceful city of Paris. The hotel is fantastic, the fellow guests are friendly, and the Sun is shining - it's the perfect holiday.

However, things go bad one day when Tammy goes on a tour around Paris. When she gets to the Eiffel Tower, she gets more than she bargained for when a fellow guest is murdered on the second floor!

When she works out who the suspects are, she starts her investigation, but as always, there are further complications, because along the way, she discovers secrets, lies and more importantly, a deep puzzle, a puzzle that can only be solved by the master of deduction.

Join Tammy on her 6th adventure and read with her and try to solve the murder before her in this first-person narrative!

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Murder on the Eiffel Tower

Chapter 1

As the crowds came rushing through the airport, my parents and I just stood there, amazed by this beautiful sight. There were many couples together, and many families with their excited children ready to go to Disneyland. This was truly the place to be, I thought. I had never experienced such a happy atmosphere in one place. It was the perfect way to relax, following the tragic events of the previous weeks. We (or my parents) had chosen to fly here instead of getting the ferry because my father insisted that it would be much easier to do so than get into a car, drive all the way to Dover, get on the ferry, and drive through half of France. The expenses of that would have meant that the flight would not have cost much more anyway, so there we were, stood at the airport in Paris, waiting for our taxi to take us to the hotel.

"Now, promise me you're going to relax", my mother asked me, anxious about how I was feeling.

"You've asked that about six times already, Fallon", my father said to my mother.

This was their first holiday together ever since my grandmother was murdered. My mother seemed to forget about the whole thing now and move on with her life. After all, it had been four years.

"Well, Tammy has experienced a lot of stress these past few years, Joe", my mother kept saying to my father quietly, "and this last case just topped it all off!"

"I promise you I will forget about Barry Scott!" I emphasised. I did truly want to forget about the whole case back at home - that was one of the main reasons for spending five days in France. Mitchell saw the stress I was going through, and he suggested that I take a break for a few days. I reluctantly agreed, so I was there, stood in the airport, waiting for the taxi to take us to the hotel. I had to agree, I was beginning to become obsessed with catching Barry Scott for what he did, but I knew I needed to forget, and Paris was the place to make me forget.

And ever since I broke up with Danny (again), I had to come to Paris by myself. I told him I was prepared to take him back, to see if we could sort out our worries and problems, but after a couple of weeks, I decided to give up again, as he did not seem to appreciate me. I told him that we could take things slowly, although deep down, I did not think that we could get back together again after what had happened, but I still cared about him, and I could not deny that at all. So there I was, stood in the airport with my parents, waiting for the taxi to take us to the hotel.

The taxi did arrive after a few minutes.

"Here it is!" cried dad, hugging mum and half-jumping around. I just put my case into the boot of the car and jumped in without a fuss. Clearly, my parents were more excited about this trip than me, even though I was looking forward to it. We were told that the hotel itself was not in the centre of Paris - it was on the outskirts, so I was quite relieved and disappointed at the same time - I could relax properly, but I wanted to get into the city centre easily to see all of the sights, but I knew that problem could be solved.

Whilst we were loading the bags into the car and whatever else, I heard a heated conversation behind us. I could hardly make out what they were saying, so I turned around to look at them.

"Just shut up with your snide comments" cried the woman, "there's no point in trying to deny it now, Christopher!"

"Then why don't you just divorce me, you stupid woman?"

The woman gave the man a sly look. "I'm not going to let you get away that easily! I'm never going to divorce you, so when you die first, and you will because you are significantly older than me, I will be able to take all of your money and your businesses!"

The woman laughed out loud. I assumed that she had found out about an affair the man had been having, so I did not know whether to empathise with her or dislike her for her childish behaviour.

Despite the blazing hot weather, the woman was wearing a fur coat. The man was wearing business-like clothes, so I deduced that they were of a higher class. Obviously, they were. I did not want to look that much into it, because I was concentrating more on going on holiday.

We were sat in the taxi, seeing the sights of France, and a French radio was turned on. I could not believe how fast the French could speak! Neither my parents nor I could speak a word of French apart from "bonjour", so we might have been struggling. Unfortunately, the taxi driver started to speak French. I think he asked us if we had been to France before, because I heard the words, "a France" and he sounded like he was asking a question, from his tone of voice. I just said, "non", and my parents looked very confused.

"Ah", said the driver, "c'est assez dangereuse, mais c'est tres reposante et incroyablement beau!"

I only understood one word in that sentence: dangerous.

We arrived at the hotel, and it was the most stunning place I had ever been to! There were plants growing from the sides of the walls, and there was a miniature waterfall on each side of the gate. A young female servant came to the gates to greet us, and she helped with the luggage.

"Bonjour, et bienvenue a l'Hotel du Soleil!" she said.

We all looked at her, as if to say, "we don't know any other word than 'bonjour'".

"Oh, sorry", the servant replied, "hello, and welcome to the Sunshine Hotel!"

That was quite a simple name, I thought, but it did not matter. This place was clearly the best hotel I had ever stayed in, and I could not wait to get inside and start my adventure.


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