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Prime: Unfinished Business

Novel By: declan mckimm
Mystery and crime

Tammy Williams has been back in Britain for a few weeks. She has recently got over the news of her boyfriend's sudden death, and she is determined to focus on her work again.

One night, she sees Barry Scott, the serial killer who she was unable to convict, arrogantly having a good time in a pub. Several of the victim's relatives are also there as they wanted to see him for themselves.

That night, Barry Scott is brutally murdered, so Tammy begins her investigation, even though she feel like justice has been done.

However, the tables are turned on her when she is framed for the crime. She is arrested and is refused bail. Whilst being in prison, she asks her old friend, Detective George Coarse, to help. Can he prove her innocence? Or did she actually do it?
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Chapter 6

Tammy could not get over the shock - was somebody trying to frame her? It certainly looked that way. If so, it was a race against time to catch the killer, or else Tammy could have been framed for it! She was scared now, because Mitchell thought it was her - she knew it. She was determined to prove him wrong. Nobody could prove that she did it, not yet, anyway. Was there more 'evidence' to come?

There was indeed more evidence to come. Unfortunately, later that day, more evidence came to light when the police examined the perfume bottle that Tammy had used for that night. The evidence from the perfume bottle suggested that Tammy had been near Barry Scott, or in direct contact with him. The clothes on Barry Scott had the same smell as Tammy's perfume bottle, and there were several policemen who confirmed that. This meant that Barry Scott had to come in extremely close contact with either the perfume or someone who was wearing it to carry the strong smell. There was no other apparent explanation as to why Barry Scott smelled like that, so it was assumed that Tammy had come into close contact with him. However, Tammy was not arrested yet as there was not enough evidence, although some of the police officers in the station did say themselves that they thought it was her.

Tammy was devastated. As a result of this revelation, Tammy was sent home until further notice, because she was now considered a suspect. She cried all the way home, but nothing could be done.

"Do you believe me?" Tammy asked Pam.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what to believe", was Pam's last words to Tammy on the phone.

Tammy knew that she would resurface from this. She was more determined than ever to solve the crime, even though the most ironic thing was that it was the murder of the person she hated most, but she knew that she had to do it. She was losing support quickly, and therefore, she knew that she needed to gain it again. Firstly, she had to think deeply about the killer, but there was not yet that much to go on, except for the evidence that was left to frame her. Somebody must have really had it in for her - she assumed that it was one of the five relatives of the victims, because it would be nobody else.

Suddenly, Miranda came to visit.

"Come to see how I am?" Tammy asked in a fairly bitter way.

"Hello, Tammy", said Miranda, "I'm here to search your house to gather evidence".

"Why?" asked Tammy.

"You know it's procedure", Miranda replied plainly.

"You know it's not me", Tammy protested.

"I don't know it's not you", said Miranda, "I'm not assuming anything. That's what you always taught me in every case that we have done together - it could turn out to be the person you'd least suspect, and you have to keep that in the back of your mind".

"You know fine well it's not me!" cried Tammy.

Miranda stopped talking to her, and began to focus on her work. She put some latex gloves on. Tammy hated her more than ever now. After a while, she went into Tammy's back garden, and searched the flower pots.

"What's this then?" Miranda said, pulling out a knife from one of the flower pots!

"I don't know!" screamed Tammy. But Miranda took no notice.

"Tammy Williams", Miranda begun, "I am arresting you for the murder of Barry Scott. You don't have to say anything..."

At that moment, Tammy froze. This cannot be happening! Was her life about to end in tatters?

Tammy was put into the car, and one person even took a photograph. It still hadn't sunk in yet. Tammy knew that she needed to think of ways to prove her innocence, no matter how hard that would be.


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