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Prime: Unfinished Business

Novel By: declan mckimm
Mystery and crime

Tammy Williams has been back in Britain for a few weeks. She has recently got over the news of her boyfriend's sudden death, and she is determined to focus on her work again.

One night, she sees Barry Scott, the serial killer who she was unable to convict, arrogantly having a good time in a pub. Several of the victim's relatives are also there as they wanted to see him for themselves.

That night, Barry Scott is brutally murdered, so Tammy begins her investigation, even though she feel like justice has been done.

However, the tables are turned on her when she is framed for the crime. She is arrested and is refused bail. Whilst being in prison, she asks her old friend, Detective George Coarse, to help. Can he prove her innocence? Or did she actually do it?
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Chapter 10

Coarse paid a visit to Tammy the following day. In the visiting room, a few of the women glared at her. She tried to ignore it, but it was no use. Coarse entered the room, and he told her about his news.

"It's early days, yet, Tammy", he said to her, trying to comfort her.

Tammy felt let down.

"But I want to get out of here now!" she cried helplessly, impatiently.

"I will get to the bottom of this!" he cried, determined to solve the murder before the end. "But there us one thing that you can do to help me - can you go through the entire night with me, remembering every single last detail?"

Tammy explained everything that she could remember about that night. Every detail was mentioned, including what had happened after the murder. It had gone through her mind several times before, so she did a good job of remembering everything.

After that, it was time to go. Coarse left the building, thinking through what Tammy had said. Just then, an idea came into his head - was this the moment of truth? Had he figured out the killer? It was doubtful, but perhaps one thing, one tiny thing, could solve the case.

Firstly, he needed to visit the police station. He quickly visited a few police officers downstairs to talk to them about a specific thing that they had witnessed on the night of the murder - it was minor, but important. Coarse then had a quick discussion with the rest of the team. He talked to Miranda first.

"Do you really think she did it?" asked Coarse.

"I think it's certainly possible", replied Miranda, grinning slightly. "Anyway, I did not really like Tammy that much, anyway, so I hope she gets sent down for life if she gets found guilty".

"And what about you...Pam?" he asked.

"I don't know", Pam replied, "I don't know what to think".

Coarse then went on to ask them one thing.

"Later, I would like to ask you to gather round, while I explain something to you. I just want to hear your thoughts".

"Why not now?" asked Pam.

"Later", Coarse replied, rather firmly.

He rushed out, thanking the police officers who had helped him identify something.

His final journey was to a woman's house. Coarse knew this woman from before, and he asked her if he could go into her bathroom, explaining everything. He then went into her bathroom, and found what he was looking for - he had solved the murder.


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