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Prime: Unfinished Business

Novel By: declan mckimm
Mystery and crime

Tammy Williams has been back in Britain for a few weeks. She has recently got over the news of her boyfriend's sudden death, and she is determined to focus on her work again.

One night, she sees Barry Scott, the serial killer who she was unable to convict, arrogantly having a good time in a pub. Several of the victim's relatives are also there as they wanted to see him for themselves.

That night, Barry Scott is brutally murdered, so Tammy begins her investigation, even though she feel like justice has been done.

However, the tables are turned on her when she is framed for the crime. She is arrested and is refused bail. Whilst being in prison, she asks her old friend, Detective George Coarse, to help. Can he prove her innocence? Or did she actually do it?
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Chapter 11

He rushed back to the police station to deliver the important news, carrying the evidence with him. He now knew without a doubt who the killer was, and he had evidence of that. He was ready to explain how and why the murderer did what they did.

"Ladies and gentlemen", begun Coarse.

Miranda was quick to interupt. "Here we go, another one of Tammy's master revelations!" she said, jokingly.

"Please, hush!" he said seriously. "I am here to announce who the real killer of Barry Scott is. I missed it, and surprisingly, so did Tammy. I bet the thought had not crossed her mind, for once. Anyway, I am not going to make things tense. The murderer is in this very room. Isn't that right, Miranda?"

Everyone looked at Miranda.

"You must be mad!" she cried.

"No, I am not mad. In fact, you are the one who is mad, isn't that right?"

"Hang on a minute!" cried the boss.

"Allow me to explain everything", said Coarse. "Let's think back to the night of the murder, shall we? On the night of the murder, Miranda had asked Angela what perfume she was wearing. Angela replied with the name of her perfume. I have Angela's signature to prove that. Anyway, now that Miranda had Angela's perfume, all that she needed to do was mix Tammy's with it. Miranda knew what perfume Tammy used because she had previously asked her. Now, Miranda had mixed Angela's perfume with Tammy's behind Angela's back, while Angela was flirting with Barry, of course, and then Miranda also mixed Angela's perfume with Tammy's. When Angela approached Barry Scott and kissed him, her scent would travel on to him, yes? But then when he was murdered, the police would identify a certain smell. This was exactly the same smell as in Tammy's perfume bottle, which had been mixed with Angela's. This gave the police the impression that Tammy had been extremely close to Barry".

"I am so confused!" said Mitchell.

"Take one moment to think over what I had said, and it will become clear to you. Next, one of the murder weapons, a metal crowbar, was found in Tammy's car. Confusion was created because she had left her keys on a table for five minutes when she went to the toilet. However, nobody had left the table, although they had all seen the keys. Actually, Miranda had stolen Tammy's keys after the murder, when everybody was distracted staring at the body. Therefore, Miranda was able to make it look impossible that nobody else could take the keys from Tammy, but Tammy".

"You're crazy!" Miranda protested.

Coarse continued. "Miranda said she saw a murder weapon in Tammy's front garden, in a bush. Miranda put gloves on. Actually, she had the sharp knife concealed in her sleeve, so when it came to picking it out of the bush, there were no fingerprints of hers on the knife. Nobody had went to Tammy's house in between the murder and the discovery of the knife, so nobody else could have possibly put the knife there, other than the murderer. It is easy to see that this murderer was Miranda".

The others looked around at Miranda, who was shaking.

"You hated Tammy, didn't you?" asked Coarse.

Miranda nodded, before breaking down. Coarse thought that it was easier than he thought, getting her to confess.

"I can't believe this!" screamed Pam.

"But you believed that Tammy could do this. When Tammy is released later today, you owe her one big apology".

Pam nodded, before taking Miranda into questioning.

An hour later, Tammy returned to the police station a free woman. She wanted to see Miranda being taken away for good.

Miranda left the station in handcuffs.

"You bitch!" she cried to Tammy, before being escorted into the police van. "You won't get away with this! You will live to regret this, Tammy Williams!"

Tammy still had one more person to thank - Coarse. As they left the station, they had a little chat.

"I still can't believe she had not crossed my mind", said Tammy. "It was screaming at me in the face the whole time".

"Well, it's all over now", said Coarse. "Are you going back to work here?"

"No", Tammy abruptly replied. "I can't work here after what happened. I can find somewhere else, somewhere".

Before they left each other, they took a second to look at each other. They then did something completely shocking: they kissed.

But Tammy stopped. "Goodbye, George", she said, "and I'll make sure the papers remember you for what you did for me".

That was Tammy's last words to Coarse, before she departed into the sunset, not knowing what her next adventure would be.


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