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Prime:Over the Hills

Novel By: declan mckimm
Mystery and crime

After solving her recent case, Tammy Williams is quite well-known in Manchester, and she is the envy of the rest of her colleagues. So, it is no surprise when the boss asks her to invesigate a cold case.
The rotten body of an unknown woman has been found in a field behind an abandoned house. There are no leads, and nothing to help Tammy with her enquiries. She thinks she is coming to a dead end already, but a last-minute piece of evidence leads Tammy to discover the identity of this mysterious woman.
As Tammy closes in on a suspect, she thinks she has the man. However, her excitement is short-lived when another seven corpses are found...
Join Tammy on her fifth adventure as she works through what's possibly her most difficult case yet. Read through the horror, suspense and mystery as you will lead to an ending you won't believe...
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Chapter 1

June, 1974

The Glow family were similair to any typical family living on a rough council estate in the city of Manchester. They were unemployed, had very little money and overall, were experiencing a tough time of economic depression. During this time, many people turned to alcohol, and nobody cared about anybody else but themselves and their own families. Times were hard, and many did not see a way out of it. Nobody knew if they were ever going to experience happiness again. The country was in such a terrible state at this time, and that was that.

Ian Glow was like any other child going through these times. He was eight years of age, and often had little to eat outside of school hours. He was an innocent child, who was always making people laugh. He had no idea of the situation the country was in, as he was too young to understand, and was too occupied with his own childhood to even try to. He had grown up in one house on a council estate, as did his elder sister and elder brother. His brother, Ernest, was six years of age, while his sister, Hannah, was almost seventeen.

Ernest was known as a geek, or a nerd. He wore square glasses, and had two teeth at the front of his mouth that stuck out. Very few people talked to him in those days. He was always in the background, though a target for bullies, and Ian could not do anything but sit back and watch, as he was powerless against large groups of them. Ernest did not fit in at all with the rest of the family - he was too intelligent, though none of the other members of the family seemed to notice.

Hannah, on the other hand, was a typical teenage girl. She was the complete opposite of Ernest in some ways, as she spent most of her time going out and dressing her hair.

One night, on the afternoon of 1984, it was a completely typical night. It was quite quiet outside, and there was nobody around, nobody except the entire Glow family, excluding the one who did not bother to speak to any of them.

"Bitch, I asked for a steak pie, not a pork one!" cried Trevor, the patriarch of the family.

"Do I care?" asked Iris, drinking a large glass of wine. Iris was the matriarch of the family, and most of the time, she did not care about anything.

"You will do in a moment if you don't keep your trap shut!" screamed an enraged Trevor.

The entire family was watching in the background of the living room, knowing what was about to happen next. Iris' parents, Margaret and Fred, who lived next door to the family, were watching, not caring much, while all three children were there. The two boys watched in fear, while Hannah did not care at all. Instead, she was too busy putting on some make-up for her night out. Iris' sister, Alison, was also there. Alison and Iris were nothing at all alike; Iris had short, brown hair, and she was a plump woman, while Alison was a skinny blonde.

"Here they go again!" laughed Margaret. Fred laughed with her.

"And if you don't shut up I'll ram your head into that door!" yelled Trevor, even more angry. Those threats were not at all empty, as the entire family knew the extent of his violent behaviour.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Iris cried, getting up to attack Trevor. She stood up, but could barely walk. She was obviously drunk, as usual. The rest of the family had no idea where she got those amount of alcohol from. Maybe there was a secret supplier, they thought. Iris half-limped over to Trevor, and as she tried to hit him, Trevor jumped up and punched her repeatedly in the mouth. Two of her teeth fell out, and her face turned red. She screamed to stop, but he didn't listen, and neither did anybody. Nobody cared anymore.

"You go girl!" cried Iris' father, enjoying the action.

Iris then picked up a knife and cut into Trevor's hand. Trevor then screamed.

"I'm gonna kill you!" he cried.

Iris tried to run away, but he grabbed her hair and yanked it. She screamed for somebody to help her.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ian got up heroically, and tried to stop the fight. He could not bare to see his mother abused like this; it was becoming more and more frequent.

"Let go of her now!" Ian cried.

Everyone in the room was bewildered by this. Trevor let go of his wife.

"What did you just say?" he said, in complete shock.

"I hate you! I'm gonna tell the police!"

This made Trevor even more angry. He grabbed hold of little Ian and smacked his head against the wall. He forced him on to the wall, and then repeatedly punched Ian in the stomach. Poor little Ernest was screaming in fear, but Hannah was laughing, crying, "go on, dad! Kick the shit out of him!"

Trevor eventually finished beating his child. He collapsed to the floor, covered in bruises, bleeding in places. He was almost coughing up blood.

"And don't you ever, ever stand up to me again!" he screamed, kicking the child a few more times.

Alison, who was still there in the background, stood next to her parents who were watching this like they were watching a television programme, decided enough was enough.

"Right, I'd best be off", she said, her voice trembling.

"See ya, love!" said Margaret, kissing her on the hand. Alison left, telling herself that she had not witnessed any of what she had just seen.

Hannah then got up.

"Right, I'm ready", she said.

"And where are you going?" Trevor asked.

"I'm going to my friend's party", she replied. "Isn't it obvious? I'm wearing a pink dress!"

"Well go on then", said Trevor.

Hannah left, leaving the rest of the house in tatters. Ernest was hiding under a table, while Ian was still in shock about the whole thing. He was still in agony. He had been hit a couple of times before, but this was the worst, by far. Iris carried on drinking, and Trevor sat down to eat his pork pie.

It was a cold night, actually early hours in the morning, and there was a person, out in the middle of a field, digging. They dug a hole, and they placed something into that hole. That thing was a person. A woman. A young woman. A young woman wearing a pink dress.


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