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The Depressed Lady

Novel By: declan mckimm
Mystery and crime

"I was intrigued the whole way through"
"This is a first-rate murder mystery"
"This is bloody brilliant!"

In my fourth (and personal favourite) whodunit, two students crash their car and are forced to stay in the mansion of an extremely wealthy woman. Then, the woman is murdered, and it is up to the students to figure out who the murderer is before they strike again. However, it is not as simple as that as they uncover some terrible secrets...
If you are interested in murder, and you love a mind-boggling puzzle, this novel is the mystery for you! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 25, 2012    Reads: 24    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Chapter 11

He was just lying there, dead. At first, I thought he had been murdered too, but then there was no blood or anything to suggest he had been murdered. I noticed a note on the floor and read it out:

"This is my final note. I know what you are all thinking, but I did not kill anybody and I did not hit that man. I have been very ill recently, and I said earlier that it has been a life well spent. I died a quick and painless death, and I know that I have died a happy person. I can see where this was going to go. I know that you thought that I was the killer, but I swear to God, I could do no such thing. I do not know how the knife got from my cabin to the back of that woman, because nobody had entered my cabin that night. Of that I am certain, as I did not leave the cabin at all. I do not know how the knife left my cabin. For that, you'll have to figure out yourself. I know that I may have been acting suspiscious lately, but as I said before, I did not have long left anyway, and I only kept looking in the house out of curiosity. I have no idea who would want to frame me of murder, or why. I have one more thing to say to you: that woman was not the woman you thought she was".

To me, that was an emotional, but more importantly, convincing letter of Amos' innocence. The letter was the final piece of the puzzle, as I slowly began to realise things. Piece by piece, things started to make a little bit more sense with the letter, but there were still some things unanswered. I went into the house after that to announce the death.

I found it strange, because some people, espescially Mary, seemed glad that Amos was dead. From the murder, Amos was the prime suspect, but now that I was convinced of his innocence, I turned to the second person on the list: Mary.

"I've had enough of this drama!" she yelled, "when are these things going to stop?"
"Soon enough, I promise I am getting closer", I told her.

"Who do you think did it?"
"I don't know yet".

I stood there, and suddenly, I remembered something that was said to me earlier, and I thought that it might crack the entire case if I proved it to be wrong. I did not know where it came from; I just remembered the conversation that I had with this person, and if I managed to prove that what they said was a lie, I would find the murderer.

"To help me, there is something that you can do. I need Miss Douthwaite to drive me into town, so you can come with me if you want to make sure that we do not run away".

Mary agreed, and called Miss Douthwaite to take us into town.

On the way there, I was desperate for my theory to be true. I was sat in the car for the twenty minutes that it took, thinking, "what if this is true? What then?" The wait to get there was agonising, and there was very little said in the car, apart from mary talking to me.

"So, what is it that you need to do in town?"
"I just need to make a phone call to my parents at home", I lied, "I haven't spoken to them yet since I got here, and I just thought I'd let them know I'm alright".

"What's this got to do with the investigation?"
"Nothing. I just remembered that it is a Monday, and Miss Douthwaite needs to go into town for the shopping, and you can help her".

"Fair enough".

The conversation stopped there. When we got to town, I went into a cafe where there was a telephone. I paid for the phone call, and I telephoned who I needed to telephone. Miss Douthwaite and Mary were in the next shop getting the groceries, and Mary kept peering in suspisciously. I felt relief when I put the phone down, as my random thought turned out to be what solved the case. The lie was proven to be false, and the murder was solved.


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