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"The storyline was amazing"
"I never would have worked it out"

Hinbird Valley is a peaceful place where most of its residents are wealthy. Tammy Williams has just moved into a circle of six houses with her boyfriend, and all the neighbours seem to be very friendly.

However, one day, Rupert Christen returns after 26 years of been locked up for the murder of his first wife. He has just remarried a woman named Alesha. Alesha is despised by all of her neighbours, and they all have motives to murder her. Everybody hates Rupert, too, because many of the residents remember his first wife.

Then Alesha is murdered, and all of the neighbours instantly point the finger at Rupert as the murderer. All of the evidence also points to Rupert. However, Tammy suspects that there may be something fishy going on, and she then starts to think that Rupert may have been framed for the murder. Although there are many arguments to suggest that Rupert is the murderer, did he really do it?
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Chapter 5

Alesha and Rupert returned home that night rather early, since there was hardly anyone left in the pub after Alesha had finished with them all.

"Did you see the look on Imelda's face?" cried Alesha, "I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my whole entire life!"
"I think that's a little bit over the top", replied Rupert, "what has she ever done to you?"
"It's just that look she gives me. Anyway, I thought you despised her".

"I don't know if I do anymore. I cannot blame her for hating me the way she does - the same goes with Vera".

"Vera? You understand Vera's actions?!"
"But you understand mine?"
Alesha was suddenly interupted by Craig entering the room to get his coat.

"And where do you think you're going?" Alesha asked him.

"I'm going home", replied Craig, pointing at the clock.

Alesha looked at the clock, which said 9:58.

"You cheating conman!" yelled Alesha.

"What? I go home at this time".

"You certainly do not! You go home at 10:00. You lazy freak!"

"Come on, Alesha", said Rupert, "I think we can let him off with two minutes early. He has no work left!"

"That's hardly my point! I don't want a lazy person working for me as my servant. There are plenty of people who would kill for his job. No, I will simply not allow it. Craig, you're fired!"

"You heard me. Get out of my house right now!"

Craig left, before Rupert even got the chance to save his job.

"What have you done that for?" asked Rupert.

Alesha did not reply, and Rupert left her on her own.

When Craig left the house, he got into his car, and when he started the engine, he saw a figure standing outside number 4. They wore extremely bright yellow clothes, like the ones Rupert had worn the very same night.

"Is that Rupert?" Craig asked himself.

The figure seemed to be peeping into the windows. Craig just thought to himself, "well, if Alesha has a stalker, she deserves it!" and he then drove off.

Ten minutes later, as Tammy prepared to go to bed, she opened the living room window to let some air in. She looked out, and looked into number 4's living room window, where she saw Rupert arguing with someone, presumably Alesha. Their window was also open, but she could not hear anything, only muffled sound. Rupert looked fairly angry, and he turned round and looked at Tammy, who quickly jumped back from her window. Five seconds later, she heard a very loud shot, coming from the direction of number 4!

"What was that?" asked Danny, who was sat in the living room.

"I think we just heard a shot!" cried Tammy.

"Come on, let's go and see what's happened", said Danny, taking Tammy with him.

Tammy ran up towards number 4, and she saw that the door had been beaten down. Tammy jumped through the large hole in the door, careful not to get any spelks. When she entered the living room, she instantly saw Alesha's dead body. Next to her hand was a shattered glass. The window in the living room was now closed, but Tammy decided to worry about that later. Alesha had been shot in the back of the head, but there was not a gun in sight. Rupert was stood over the dead body of Alesha, wearing his pyjamas. Imelda Stratton stood behind him, with a face which showed absoloutely no emotions at all. Alesha had been murdered, and Tammy knew that she had to solve it.


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