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Mystery in Moscow

Novel By: Delilah Judd
Mystery and crime

'Charlotte looked along the river, knowing she was being watched. Feeling a presence behind her, it was too late to look, she had to focus on escaping.'

Charlotte Alekseev decides to go to Moscow to revisit her past. A lot of things happened there that she doesn't quite understand. Her travels begin when, sadly, her parent's die and she takes a look round the house to gather her belongings. Whilst looking, she comes upon an interesting letter. When her parent's lived there, her father had fought in the war and came upon a rather valuable necklace.
The note tells Charlotte to find this piece of jewellery with some clues as to where it is.
What adventures will Charlotte embark upon? Does she know what dangers she is putting herself into? Read on to find out... View table of contents...



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"It's been a long time since I've seen you." A very feeble man with a brawny Russian accent stood up from his seat, barely touching the ground, as if he were drifting.

"Me? Or the-" A younger man with a strong London accent sat opposite him, with an anxious look spread across his face.

"Of course not you. You dim-witted child. I'm talking about this little beauty." The old man took his eyes off the object he was handling and focused his attention on the young man in front of him, sitting behind a desk. His dark, brown, messy hair cut off the light from the window behind him, trying to break through the room. His twitchy eyes looked scared, worried. His tall posture slumped down on the seat and his arms impatiently rested on the arms of the chair.

"Is that it? Have I got the right thing?" The young man asked, looking warily at the tall men hovering around him. All dressed in matching grey suits and grey-tinted sunglasses. The young man thought bodyguards wore all black. He shrugged the thought off his mind.

"Well of course you bloody have. Would I be this ecstatic?" The man rose on his tiptoes with every word he shouted. He glanced at the three bodyguards in the room. They nodded. They took the young man by his shoulders and lifted him off his seat. He was much taller than the men, although he had no intention on resisting from the grip. "Take Mr Ink away. I don't care what you do with him." He spoke calmly. As Mr Ink left the room, the old man gave him a sarcastic wave. He laughed to himself. He placed the object onto his desk with great care. "Me and you are going to make a wonderful team."

Chapter 1

Charlotte Alekseev was saddened at the thought of not being able to winge down the phone to her mother when she wasn't getting enough pay from work, or cooking her father's favourite Paskha dish at Easter. But what devastated her the most, was not being able to have her parent's around anymore. The thought of not having another home to go to when she was bored of her flat. The thought of her parent's not being able to give her hugs anymore. Her father didn't even get the chance to walk her down the aisle.

Charlotte's parent's died yesterday. They were both very old. Charlotte found out straight away in the morning after they'd passed away in the night. Yakov and Betty, her father and mother, had a very good friend - Lily. She lived just opposite their house, and that morning when she came round to eat with them for breakfast, she managed to get into the house with her spare key and find them. There was nothing paramedics could do. They had died from old age. Lily called Charlotte straight away.

Today, Charlotte was going to the house to gather her things. She felt too upset to do anything but cry yesterday. Today was a new day. She wasn't going to cry. She was going to get her stuff and celebrate her parent's life. She would plan the funeral with Lily. See, Charlotte is a very stubborn girl. When she sets her mind to something, she won't turn back for anyone or anything.

Charlotte set to leaving her flat now. She drove to her parent's house. She'd usually have the radio on and kind of sing along, she didn't want drivers to think she was talking to herself, but today she felt miserable. She didn't wear any make-up. Her mousey-coloured hair hung lifelessly in a loose ponytail and her glasses were almost lopsided. She pulled into the driveway and saw in her mirror Lily emerging from her house. She walked slowly towards Charlotte with a despondent look on her face, but she was like another mum to Charlotte, so she changed her face into a reassuring yet sympathetic smile. Her white hair was not in her usual condition: set in place with her neat curls. It was messy. Her usual unusual patterned dresses were not being worn. She wore a plain dark blue dress with an apron on top. Everyone seemed out of place and distraught.

Yakov is Russian. He met Betty here, in England, when they were teenagers. Yakov came to England in search for work. They became each other's sweethearts. They did everything together. They visited Moscow alot, and a after a lot of years, they finally realised that they loved it there. They decided to stay longer than expected. They gave birth to Charlotte there. But they had to move back to England quickly. Charlotte has never known why. She does know that her father fought in the Russian war though. Charlotte is a little curious, but she is more focused on spending the day at her parent's house and looking through old family photos.That would bring many happy memories back.


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