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The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

Novel By: Dolphin198818
Mystery and crime

A rookie police officer, Sam Huntington, who just moved to New York City with his newly wife Chelsea. They seemed to have it all, until one day, when he gets a call that changed everything. Now that his wife has been murdered, will he find out who the killer is and get revenge....more importantly...will he ever find the murder weapon that killed his wife to help him catch the killer? View table of contents...


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It was the year of 1998 when the accident happened. My wife Chelsea Huntington was at home in our apartment, which was located in New York City. I was at work, which was my first week, so they called me a rookie.

I was a policeman, and always wanted to be a police officer, since my dad was one. My mom always told me 'I don't understand why you want to be a police officer, after what happened to your father.' Don't get me wrong, I loved my mother. I was the baby and my brother John, was the oldest. My mom was the sweetest woman that you would ever meet. And I could see the look of sadness in her eyes that night that two police officer's knocked on the front door, and told my mom that our dad had been shot and killed.

Of course they found the shooter and arrested him, and he got life in prison, but my family had never been the same since. My mother began to work two jobs, and we never gotten to really see our mother since then. So, when my brother John was old enough, he moved out and gotten married and had a couple kids; he was a truck driver now.

Anyways, back to my story. I was at work, riding around with my partner Mr. O'Neil. I was working the night shift my third night in, when I got the call. I answered my cell phone, and it was our dispatcher, Patty. She had been working there forever, and was one month from retirement. Patty never called police officer's on their cell phones, so I was a little confused when she called mine.

'Sam,' said Patty. That was my name, Sam, Sam Huntington.

'Yeah Patty; why are you calling on my cell phone?' I asked confusedly as my partner quickly looked at me, then back at the road.

'Well, I have a call here and it's from your address,' Patty began, but paused before going again. 'I'm afraid it's Chelsea, and Sam, someone has murdered her.' I heard the sadness in Patty's voice. She had never met Chelsea, but I would always talk about her.

'What?' was all I could get out. I was feeling a whole lot of emotions when Patty told me the news. I was angry, confused, and sad.

'I'm afraid it's true. Everyone is there right now trying to figure out what happened,' said Patty on the verge of tears. I could barely talk, because I was mad and sad at the same time. They had killed my wife? I thought to myself. Who would do such a thing to a very nice woman.

I tell Patty thank you for letting me know and hung up the phone, and began bashing the dashboard of my partner's cop car, and making dents. 'Hey hey calm down! What is it?' Mr. O'Neil asked knowing that something was wrong. I looked at my partner with tears in my eyes.

'They got to my wife! They killed my wife!' I say angrily as tears where now streaming down my cheeks.

'Oh my God! I'll take you to your place, where do you live?' asked Brian quickly. I told him where I live and he must have been going a hundred miles an hour, because I look out at the buildings, and they were just a blur.


When we got to my apartment, everyone just seemed to be standing around doing nothing. So, I quickly got of the car, slamming the door, and running up to my apartment. I was crying as I pushed through the crowd of people heading to the room, which was on the third floor. As soon as I reached the doorway of my apartment, I just stood there.

There she was, my wife lying on the floor, motionless. She was lying on her back, looking up at the ceiling. So, I run over to her, and grab her in my arms as I cried. Why did this have to happen to her? She was the sweetest and nicest girl you could ever meet. Her nice straightened, blonde hair, with red streaks, was now in knots and covered with blood. 'Sam, I'm so sorry about your loss, but you have to let her go, so we can get the evidence,' says the captain as he tried to pull me away from her. I finally let her go, and just stand there as the C.S.I. team began to look for evidence.

'The blow to the head appears to look like it was done with an axe, but where is it?' asks one of the C.S.I. team into a tape recorder. She continued to talk into the recorder as she scanned the body. She found a note, lying beside the body on the floor and picked it up to read. It had a little bit of blood splatter across the note. 'We also found a note by our victim, but it's not a suicide note. The note reads, 'You have taken away what I love; now I take away what you love. We have to figure out what that means.' She then turned the recorder off, as she put the note in the evidence bag, ceiled it, and wrote something on the bag.

I take a look at the C.S.I. person who is recording, and seen that she was very thin, had short blonde hair with red streaks. She was wearing cover alls with the C.S.I. logo on the back, and little booties so she wouldn't comprise the evidence. Come to think about it, she looks a lot like Chelsea.

As I was standing there watching her look over my wife, I began to hear a loud beeping noise. All of a sudden, I was awoken in my bed, sweating and yelling, before turning off my alarm clock. 'It was just a dream.' I say to myself as I laid back down with sweat still rolling down my face. At least that's what I thought, till I looked over.

N/A: There you have it...the prologue to my new book "The Axe." I hope that you guys enjoyed it and that I explained enough of what was going on. Don't forget to leave a message or hit the I like button if you liked it...and as always...thank you for reading!!!!


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