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So, you can still smile?

Novel By: eludingdarling
Mystery and crime

If you look closely its there. If you look closely its not there. We see what we think, not necessarily what is actually there. Its hard to see whats there, yet sometimes its just as hard to see whats not there. What can we do? Nothing. We can never be sure what is reality and what isn't. We can only move along and hope we truly saw it. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 24, 2011    Reads: 21    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

o//o--o//o--A wavering truth--o//o--o//o

smile has logged on

there_was_me is online

smile: Hey, did you hear what happened?

there_was_me: umm, alot of things happen

smile: well, yeah...But dude...whoa, just whoa

there_was_me: what?

not_right has logged on

not_right: ....its not right...At.All

there_was_me: What happened?

smile: I was trying to tell you

not_right: he didn't do it. I know it.

smile: Thats great. Would you like to tell that to the evidence?

there_was_me: WHAT!?

not_right: You don't know anything. Hell, you don't even know HIM.

smile: I know he did it. I know it was bloody. I know HE is " not right" in the head.

not_right: SHUT UP!!!

there_was_me: WHAT!? People this isn't some cliche movie. What did " HE" do? who is HE?

free_him has logged on

there_was_me: You've got to be kidding me.

free_him: Free him!

smile: You guys are crazy. And apperantly blind aswell because the evidence was EVERYWHERE.

free_him: screw you!

there_was_me: STOP with the drama guys and EXPLAIN!

unicornheadache has logged on

unicornheadache: oh. my. gosh.

there_was_me: not funny!

appluad_for_me has logged on

unicornheadache: what did i say? O.o

smile: I get it he was your friend, but want to know what else he was? Crazy!

appluad_for_me: You think you know but you don't

free_him: He must be so scared...

not_right:i know :(


applaud_for_me: Did you make the evidence?

there_was_me: I'd like to know what we're talking about now.

unicornheadache: i dont think hed do something like that...

smile: No, Ronnie has that covered

not_right: INCORRECT!

appluad_for_me: Your an idiot and I don't have time to deal with you. Bye.

appluad_for_me has logged off

unicornheadache: i'd actually think he cares for Ronnie if he wasn't, well, him

free_him: He does care!

there_was_me: What did Ronnie do (or not do)?

unicornheadache: I don't know. You know how he likes to mess with people.

smile: He committed murder. Killed off his old man, his mom, and his sister.

not_right: LIES!!!

there_was_me: Your jokeing right?

smile: no

not_right: Don't listen to him! He DIDN'T DO IT!!!

smile: He did.

unicornheadache: I don't think he did....

not_right: THANK YOU!

there_was_me: This isnt funny guys.

free_him: I know :(

smile: No, its not funny. Its murder.

free_him: It's a lie!

smile: Just accept it. He was screwed up in the head and he finally cracked.

there_was_me: If this is ATUALLY true, then why would he do it?

smile: Come on, it wasn't a secret he got beat. He cracked one day and went on a killing spree.

unicornheadache: Ronnie didn't do it. I know it.

smile: Then who did?

free_him: Thank you, indeed.

unicornheadhache: I'm sure it was Vegas

smile: ?

free_him: i hat you

free_him: *hate

unicornheadache: Well think about it! He likes to "experiment" and doesn't this seem like the perfect experiment?

not_right: NO!

unicornheadache: Well he could test if he'd be able to get Ronnie off the hook, even if he WAS guilty.

not_right: He's not guilty!

unicornheadache: I'm serious. I was thinking about it and..it makes sense. Nobody knows Ronnie better than Vegas, so it wouldn't be that hard for him to predict how Ronnie would react to certain situations, thus being able to push him to kill.

free_him: I though you said you didn't think that he did it!?


unicornheadache: i don't think he'd do it on his OWN. Pushed to do it? sure. He was fragile as it was, breaking him wouldn't be that hard.

smile has logged off

free_him: Good ridance

not_right: Yout stating to make it sound like YOU did it.

free_him: I mean planned it.

unicornheadache: I'm just trying to think like Vegas. I'm not dumb so ofcorse I think that.

free_him: Are you calling us dumb!?

unicornheadache: You know what I meant.

unicornheadache: It does sound like him. If anything, it makes the most sense.

not_right: Your onto something there....

free_him: WHAT! TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!

not_right: no, no..think about it...Ronnie WAS fragile...ANYONE could break him...

unicornheadache: Yeah, thats true...Ronnie wasn't exactly loved by everyone.

free_him: you guys are crazy! Ronnie DID NOT kill. period.

not_right: We're going to find out.

free_him: O.o

unicornheadache: O.o

not_right: We're going to dig deeper into this. Screw the cops. All they see is a crazy kid that can kill. We know the REAL Ronnie. We WILL find out the truth.

free_ronnie: FREE RONNIE!!!!!!!!!

unicornheadache: I'm in.

not_right: ...yeah...we need someone who wasn't close to him so we could have an unbiased opion on things.

free_ronnie: What are we waiting for!? Come on!

free_ronnie has logged off


not_right has logged off

unicornheahache has logged off

there_was_me: so did he kill or did'nt he?

there_was_me has logged off


Ronnie Daire Allibi, age 17 and adopted son, was convicted of murder on 8/20/11. He was found on the crime scene covered in his victims blood, and attempting to hang himself. Due to the hanging he is incapable to communicate and has yet to comment on the case. Due to the circimstances, the brutallity of the murder and his record of an unstable mind set, he was sent to jail for the time being and is currently in isolation to insure the safety of the other prisoners. The evidence leads no doubt that Ronnie was the perpetraitor, yet the case regarding if he will recieve the death penalty is being prolonged since Ronnie could plead on insanity and since Ronnie was allegadlly recieving beatings from his father, he can also plead, to some extent and if so will not be excused for going beyond what he had to, self defense. The victims consisted of Charles Allibi, age 47, his wife, Amber Ivory Allibi, age 42, and their younge adopted daughter Claire Amy Allibi, age 16. All brutilly murdered by puncture wounds dealt by a pocket knife. The knife was found in the crime scene, and it has been confirmed that it is indeed Ronnie's and that Ronnie never let it out of his sight. There were two survivers who, luckily, were not at the crime scene when the murder occured. Damien Bryan Allibi, bilogical son of Amber, but not Charles, age 14 and Vegas Scene Allibi, also an adopted son, age 17. Both sons are living in a hotel until the paper work to send Vegas back to the adoption home is completed or until one of Charles' or Amner's family members claim ownership of the two children.


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