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Police officer in for a non tax deductable ride. View table of contents...


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You have a right to remain silent, you �have the right to an attorney, blaw blaw blaw and�that's all I've been dealing with lately. I'm starting to get sick�from looking at this badge. I haven't shined it in a month now. The only reason I shined it was to look good for all�the ladies working the coffee shop. That's the only thing this hunk of medal is good for, getting free coffee and if you get lucky you �get an extra doughnut.

�Today the boss wants me to come to his office. The last time I was in his office he was throwing government documents�from city damage's at me. He was ready to putt me in a parking lot booth and assign me guard duty�in the city halls parking lot. Taking out a drug lord and his lab with the rest of his men on their way to jump a boat�at the city's docks for a flee from in the city. I followed them and along the way we exchanged expressions from out our guns. I hit their car and knocked them in to a few on coming�one's then I got lucky, put a bullet through the gas tank, and blew them in to the sky along with the side of the road making it the landing zone from three other car's in flames.�

I'm sure the boss is over that one. He gave me a investigators job after that. It was more like a crime scene clean up. I went around to the city's crime scenes and took notes then� documented them all into the system for processing. It was alright. I got a good old taste of that nine to five life.

I get to the station a few minutes early, went in to the suit section of the department and tried to fit in with all the suits standing around the elevator holding their coffee with the little bags of doughnut trying to hide the stains on the ties.

I hit the elevator for the fifth floor and got out; look around at all the fat asses in there seats and all the doughnut heads pushing pens. They were looking at me like some scum badge from on the first floor. They don't like us too much because we send them all of our paper work. Some times they wait until Thursday when there's a big pile then send it up here around three o'clock do be done by Friday. On occasion the guys from down stairs send up a box of pizza full of pizza crusts and they add a pretty neck tie in with the pizza's crusts.

I walked down the hall and I began to get the whiff, a smell from the boss's cigars, those cheap Cubans that he'll be taking to his grave. I knock on his door then he yelled for me to come in. When I opened the door there he was sitting there with that cigar in his mouth as its ashes fall of his tie. He tells me to sit down.

"How ya doing jack, you enjoying the desk job, maybe I'll move you up here and you can fetch me my doughnuts. Would you like that? I'm just fucking with ya Jack, how are ya?" I tell the old fucker that I was doing just fine. "Here is the deal jack, There's a new drug in town and its just beginning to hit our streets. Right now its flowing thru the high class costumers, all the rich folks. Their popping this stuff like hormone pills. It's a stimulant that makes you feel alive until your back on your own and fucked up. �All the rich fuckers are doing it and now this shit is hitting our streets and its worth a pretty penny. I'm sending you in Jack, and your gunner fucking end this one quick and easy, I don't want any fuck ups, no mess no press no fuckin governors sucking the shit out of my ass over this one " �

I look at him wile his ashtray was in a clouds of ash and smoke from the bullshit he was spiting on to me, then he let it out, the kind of case that �I've been weighting for since I've been putting my ass on the line for this fucked up system. "Jack your going in as a rich man that inherited his families fortunes, the government has decided that this was the best way deal with it. I chose you for the job, They have given us some big bucks to play with. Your going to be setup in a mansion on the hills and your getting a partner, she is a member of the government special services, she's going to be picking you up at your house tomorrow morning. Here is a couple of bucks for some new clothes and a clean shave you ugly fuck. If it isn't fat fucks in a mess over doughnuts it the ugly ones who don't groom them selves."�

He hands me a fat envelope of money. A stack of big bills. A few hundred thousand dollars then says "Your going to be meeting with the lab in an hour;the science guy is going to give you all the details that you'll be needing to no about this drug and our leads on to the dealer and distributor's. Now get the fuck out of my office and do not leave a trail. And Jack don't fuck this one up, I don't want the government on my ass, you scratch one side walk during this case Jack and your going to be downtown scrubbing toilets for all those city council fuckers, and you be nice to your new partner, Jack."

I told the old fuck to relax, I got it all under control, then I thanked him for choosing me and told him not to choke on his cigars. He tells me not to worry, he has an order coming in, a special one right from Cuba. He told me that he played part in the envelope too, that he had to pick my ugly mug.

I waked out of his office and he yell's at me to be in the lab in an hour. I walk on down the hall to the elevator and tried not to pay any attention to all the desk slobs looking at me like a thug from the first floor. When I got to the elevator there was already a few people waiting. I look at them looking at me like all the bad ass badges from the first floor then I go for a feel of my envelope, T try not to laugh at all the air heads staring at me. Twenty minutes ago they were creeping me out with there fat asses and all their ugly heads digging in to paper work and glued to there computer screens. Now I'm with a big fat wad of bills in my pocket while these guys are waiting for the five o'clock buzzer to let them go home to have a fresh cup of coffee.

�When I got down to the main floor I still had some time to get in some lunch before I met with the lab scientist guy. I call down and ask the scientist if he wanted some lunch before he gave me my case info. I told him that I would grab some food for us and meet him down there a few minutes early. He agrees so I'll go down the street and ordered up some meat platters and some veggie platters to go with some pasta that they're serving as the house's daily special. I add a few pops then ask this girl if she could make it an order to go.� The little cutie working the lunch shift's. All the guys from the station try getting her to go out on a date but she wouldn't go for it. She told me she could have my order ready for take out with no problems. I went for my wallet and handed her the bill with the money plus a twenty-dollar tip. She asks me if I was sure about this tip? I told her to keep smiling that today was the day, I had to share my tip with someone, and her smiles seem to fit the bill. She blush's and thanks me. The guys in here watch as I had the her blushing. They didn't say word, anything about it because they knew that I wasn't a doughnut pig or a fat ass desk jock so the order went smoothly.

She comes out with my order and tells me she added some desert pie to it, for me and that it was on the house. She thanked me again. I thanked her, took my box and left the dinner to go and eat it up with this scientist guy. �

"Hey Jack, long time no see, where ya been. I've been missing all of the excitement you used to bring around here." "You know the routine, good cop, bad cop." "Well welcome back bad cop" "Ya next time I'll ask for a desk job down here."

The guard buzzes me in and I go on down in to the lab. "Hey, I got lunch" "You must be Jack, I've heard so much about you, come on in." I sit next to him at his desk. He had all of the paper work ready for me to go over. I open the boxes of food and set it out for us to snack on.

He tells me that the drug is a wonder drug. It gets the heart revved up. Some people use it for a sex drive others use it to get them going and kids are going to be using it for thrills. It's very toxic to the human blood and its poison to the liver, very harm full. It can be used as a dry drunk if its consumed with only one shot of alcohol. This stuff is dangerous if you don't know the facts.

He asked me if I knew who my partner was going to be. I tell him to tell me about her. �"She's hot Jack. She's from south America. She trained in the big city were she joined the special service after her training in the academy. My wife was with her a few months ago; the investigation that was running in thru City Hall." "Well then I guess I'm going to be needing a clean shave."

������� I sing all my John Do's then he gives it his o.k. and sends the documents on back up to the boss. I grab myself a handful of vedge sticks and head for the door leaving the rest of the lunch for him and his men. I tell him to set a plate aside for the doorman and tell him my self on my way out. He jumped up like a cracker Jack on the fourth of July.



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