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I wanted to have this half romance, half horror but I couldn't have both so I settled for mystery and crime. This story is about an eighteen year old girl called Briar Rose. She has killed over a hundred men and when each of her vicims are dead she leaves a red lipstick mark on their cheek from where she kissed them, it's her signature mark. These killings don't seem to have a pattern but there's a reason behind all these murders...
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She heard a soft knocking on her door and tightened her silk robe around her. When she opened the door she saw a young man with a hansome face and blonde hair standing there. He was twisting his black hat nervously in his hands. "Good morning miss. I am inspector Cassen and I have some questions to ask you regarding the murder of a Mr Stephen Deen." The girls eyes widened innocently. "Of course inspector! Won't you come in?" She opened the door fully to let him in and, unknown to him she locked the door behind her and slipped the key into her pocket. She turned around to see him standing awkwardly in the middle of the lavish hotel room. Smiling sweetly at him she gestured to the bed. "Please sit down." After hesitating for a moment he walked over to the bed and perched on the edge of it looking uncomfortable. She opened a bottle of champagne and filled two glasses. "Drink?" She asked holding it out to him. "Um...No, no thank you." She shrugged and threw the glass out the window smiling as he watched in disbelief. She then proceeded to sip her champangne quietly and when she was done she turned around to face him. "Are you sure you won't have some?" "Quite sure!" He said beginning to sound annoyed. "You said somthing about questions..." She reminded him. "Yes. What is your name?" "My name? I hope all the questions are this easy. My name is Maddison Bunnee." "Maddison Bunny?" He asked sounding weary. "No no, Maddison Bun-ay." She replied sitting down on a chair across from him and crossing her legs. She gazed out the massive windows where there was a beautiful view of the sea. "Beautiful isn't it?" She sighed dreamily. He glanced breifly out the window and nodded in agreement. "Now miss, where were you last night?" He asked her directly. "That's a bit personal don't you think?" She laughed. He adverted his eyes and coughed loudly as her robe slipped. She looked down and laughed but she took her time pulling it back into place. "Miss please just answer the question." He sighed. "If you must know last night I was with a man but I don't know his name. I just met him in the hotel lobby. He must have been about your age but possibly older. Would you like to hear the details of what happened last night? But don't take my word for it, I'm pretty sure the people in the neighbouring rooms heard plenty. I can get them now for you if you..." "No! That won't be neccessary!" The man rubbed his temples slowly. "Now miss please, please just tell me what day you checked into the hotel." The girl got up and began pacing in front of the man. "Lets see... Two and two is five, no four, and multiplied by seven... Umm... Friday, yeah definatly friday!" The man groaned quietly and the girl sat down beside him. He quickly moved away from her. This time when her robe slipped she didn't fix it. "What's wrong? Don't you like me?" She asked him sadly. He turned to look at her, his eyes filled with hundreds of emotions. "If I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to seduce me." He said his voice thick. She smiled flirtatiously at him and raised one eyebrow. "Aren't I?" She stood up and let her robe drop, exposing her beautiful flawless body. His eyes widened and his heartbeat increased. She crawled up beside him on the bed and began to slowly take his coat off. She felt something heavy in it as she was about to throw it to the ground. She reached in the inside pocket and brought out a heavy, cold, metallic handgun. Gun still in hand, she brought her face so close to his that her breath tickled his ear. "Don't you trust me inspector?" He was breathing heavily now and hesitated a moment before answering her question. "No, not really..." He didn't get any further because at that moment she brought his gun directly in front of his heart and pulled the trigger. The shot was deafening and his hands had been clutching her waist but as his body went limp he lost his grip. He died within seconds. She walked slowly across the room and took a gold lipstick case from a drawer. She opened the case to reveal a dark red lipstick thar she carefully applied. She walked back to the bed where the man's blood had soaked the pure white sheets. She leaned down and softly kissed his cheek. She stood up and admired the red lipstick print she had left on his cold, dead cheek. It was her signature mark. She always kissed her male vicim's cheek with her red lipstick on after she had killed them. She knew this man was sent to stall her as soon as he had not contradicted her after she had given him her fake name. Every inspector in the world had been trained to reconise her on sight and they most certinaly knew her name. The authorities had tracked her down so they had sent the local inspector to stall her until they arrived. She gazed out the window thoughtfully. She almost regretted killing Stephen, he was very good and if the inspector had let her get the people in the neighbouring rooms they wouln't have let her down. She glanced at the clock, she had about ten minutes until the authorities showed up. She began to clean up. Of course they would know she had killed him by the lipstick mark but they would undoubtfully search the room anyways and she hated to make a mess. She took the gun from where she had left it on the bed and she threw it out the window, watching fasinated as it fell into the sea. She scanned the room quickly and decided she would only bring two things. She held the lipstick tightly in her hand and she retrevied the late inspector's black hat from the floor. She went to the window and opened it fully. Then she stepped out onto the windowsill. She clutched the lipstick in one hand and the hat in another. Then naked, Briar Rose, jumped off the windowsill and into the freezing cold sea.


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