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Ghostly -The Damien Russel story

Novel By: GiggleMonster2
Mystery and crime

This is a story about a serial killer. He feeds on many women by day. He's been murdering women for several years now and still walks the streets as a free man. He's wanted in seven states and officers are always on the lookout. After a kill, he leaves his signature marks on all of his victims. He's handsome, intelligent, and most importantly, he's ghostly.

*Inspired by the one and only Ted Bundy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 11, 2012    Reads: 27    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

One: Ghostly

He walked the streets on a crisp, cool night. A black hoody covered his torso and he could still taste the bland, metallic blood. By accident, the stream of thick, red liquid seeped into his mouth after his recent actions. He was seemingly calm but his mind was reeling. A devious smile replaced the frown that hung upon his lips as he strode down the white pavement.

He was a very intelligent man and he had done this many times before. Surely there will be a day when all of this comes to an end but he was certain that today was not that day. He was excited and felt very pleased. Adrenaline coursed through his veins as he craved more action. He didn't often drink one's blood, he was not a vampire but simply another human being. However, it wasn't a rare occasion when he would go out for a kill. He had learned to limit himself though, and decided against making it a daily act.

Days would pass and he would happily watch the bodies pile up. One. Two. Three. Four. Officers were completely astonished by his criminal actions as fury and rage coursed through them. They wanted to put an end to it all. The man that they were desperately chasing had no face, but he had a name. To the many officers of the cities and previous states, he was a ghost but was also a criminal mastermind. Unsure of how to find him, the search went on.

His work was known by many but many did not know him. They could decipher the crimes as his but they could not put a name to a face. Reports of him have been heard but they concluded none. Officers often commented on the "Ghost" in hopes that the face would soon follow the crime until he was put behind bars.

In a few swift movements, he walked through the wooden door and entered his quiet home. He flipped a small, white switch and a soft yellow light illuminated his home. He walked over to his bathroom, letting his fingers graze over the furniture on the way there. He stood in front of the opaque mirror and smiled at himself.

He had scruffy black hair that fit him well and piercing blue eyes. His smile was very charming and one could be fooled by his appearance. He walked towards the bathtub and turned on the faucet. He undressed himself and stepped into the hot shower. He let the water run down his body, his dry hair becoming soaked with water. He smoothed back his black hair with his blood crusted fingers. He lightly poured shampoo on his hand and rubbed it in. The hot water burned against his skin but it pleased him greatly.

Hot steam filled the air and clouded the square bathroom as he turned off the shower faucet. He grabbed the light blue towel off of the towel rack and ran the towel across his head, leaving small, damp curls hanging in every direction. He wrapped the towel around his waste until it was wrapped perfectly. Stepping out of the tub, he walked over to the mirror and swiped his hand across the surface.

He smiled at himself deviously, thinking of his future plans. He wasn't unstoppable but he certainly came close to it. The thrill of a kill excited him but he didn't know what he liked most. Was it the face that his captives made after the discovered his betrayal? Was it their cries for mercy that pleased him? Or was it the screams that always pierced his ears when he'd plunge into them with a sharp object? He certainly didn't know but somehow it did not matter to him. At the end of the day it always ended the same way and that wouldn't change anytime soon, for he was Damien Russel and he was Ghostly.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this! Are you interested in what happens next? Do you want to know what his next move is? Does this man intrigue you? I hope so! PLEASE leave your thoughts! I would appreciate greatly! I'm excited for what you all will think, good or bad, so please don't refrain from saying what's on your mind! :) Oh and don't worry, this isn't a novel. It's shorter than a novel but longer than a short story. Basically it's a novella! So yes, you don't have to read 30 chapters! :)


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