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Shirley Jones: Teenaged detective

Novel By: Herochan1313
Mystery and crime

After young Shirlihad Johnson, slueth in the making, is sought out by a fellow student to help solve a mystey, she finds herself out of her normal innocent cases, and into her first major case: that of murder and corruption. With a ragtag group of friends beside her, can she solve this mystery before it kills her? View table of contents...


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Shirlihad Johnson: Teenaged detective

Chapter one: The start of her biggest case!

The night was hot and humid in the empty streets of Creek wood Ohio, as they always were at night. The sweet silence was soon interrupted, by a young man. He seemed to be

in a hurry as he was running down the empty streets, struggling to breathe. He was a tall boy of fifteen, dressed in the garb of a street punk, and currently running for his life.

"What the hell am I gonna do now? Those damn jerks told the cops I killed Rickey…..just cause I didn't want to axe that guy."

The youth thought this to himself as he remembered why he was here; his so-called friends had given him a gun and asked him to kill somebody. It was true he and his

"friends" were in a gang, but they'd never gone to such extremes before. Instead of complying with the orders he ran, only to hear hours later that they had killed his best friend

Rickey in an attempt to control him. Enraged, the youth stole the tainted gun and shot at one of the murderers, not killing him, but wounding him none the less. His plan

backfired however; when they lied to the police saying he had killed poor Rickey. Thus he was forced to hide in a shady neighborhood. Upon reaching a secluded, and filthy

looking ally, he paused to catch his breath before entering his hiding spot. At first, it looked the same as when he left to steal food earlier, unbeknownst to him however he had

company. It took him seconds before he heard the sound of a gun being cocked behind him. The teen froze before slowly turning around to see a police officer aiming his gun at


"Don't make a move, punk. You're going to pay for taking a life." The boy began reaching for the gun hidden in his pocket when he thought of a better idea.

"Okay officer, you got me, I'll go." Just as he saw the officer lower his gun to get handcuffs, the teen reacted at once and kneed his captor in the groin. As the officer fell to the

ground in pain, the teen ran for it, not hearing the fallen officer call for backup.

Hours later, the youth found himself running for his life once again, only this time he was being persued by the police. He was already tired from his earlier run, so he was

slowly being overtaken by the law enforcers.

"Damn….not yet. I can't get cuffed before I avenge Rickey."

The teen told himself as he forced his legs to reverse from the dead-end, only finding himself face-to-gun with the police. He was a cornered rat, and they the ever hungry tomcat

ready to pounce, but as always, the rat is much more deadly when cornered.

"If…If this is it…then I'll take these bastards with me!"

The teen thought as he drew his gun and prepared for a final stand, heart full of rage and acceptance. He shot out at once, striking his target in the chest, only for the officers to

return the favor in two-fold. As his body began to lose sensation he fell to the ground the last thing he thought before his eyes were closed by the angel of death was.

"Rickey….I'm sorry….I'll see you soon."

Many days later, in Creek wood high, news of an increase in gang violence was the talk about thing with the students. Nearly all the students were talking about it, even the

teachers to some extent, however there was one student who didn't seem to care much. She was a well know sophomore, who was rumored to be one of the smartest

students in the school, which showed with the massive amount of Mystery novels she read on a weekly basis. She was fairly tall at five foot four, fair skin that looked smooth to

the touch, and raven black hair. She wore nothing too fancy, simple jeans under a shirt, and had a stylish hat atop her brown hair. Her name was Shirlihad Johnson, or as she

was better known as Shirley Jones (much to her dismay.), and she was a detective in training. Ever since her youth, she'd been fascinated with tales of private detectives such

as Dick Tracey or Sherlock Holmes, (from which her nick name derived from), despite her being a girl. For the longest time she'd been laughed at, for indulging in such un-

feminine fantasies, yet she simply ignored them and buried herself in mystery novels. Needless to say this didn't award her with many friends; she only had two trusted allies in

a world that laughed at her dreams constantly. When news of the gang violence reached her ears, she had to force herself not to jump for joy and sing, for she was very

interested when mystery topics came about. She'd help anyone who had a problem regarding mystery for no cost at all…. Well except for the occasional soft drink, elixir of the

gods that stuff. So when her best friend of years by the name of Amika miller, a rather energetic and over the top girl, crashed into her her day got a bit better.

"Hey Shirl! You won't believe what I heard!" Amika chirped as she fell atop Shirlihad, ignoring the fact that she was crushing her friend.

"I know already, something about your dog learning a new trick, and getting the "Konichiwa Kitty" hoodie you are wearing." Shirley replied as she "gently" shoved Amika off.

Amika grinned, as she stood up and dusted herself off, showing off her slim body decked out in shorts and Otaku body wear. She then eyed Shirlihad with wonder as she

asked. "How'd you guess that? It's not what I meant but that's still amazing Shirl!"

Shirlihad grimaced; she then reached out and flicked her friend's forehead as she replied.

"Simple Ami, the only things you talk about are either about anime, or your dog. It's no wonder all the guys want you."

That was true; girls like Amika were as rare as vintage video game systems. Just as Shirlihad was going to inquire about what Amika really wanted to ask, they were interrupted

by their other friend: Molly Fairchild. Molly was considered an outsider, as she was the only student in Creek Wood high who was a Goth. Despite this fact she was quite nice

and warm towards those she met, which often surprised those people due to judging her. She was a year older than Shirlihad and Amika (who were both fifteen as opposed to

her sixteen.) and had a well curved body topped with her usual black ensemble. Her style consisted of black shirts, adored with skulls, tight black jeans or skirts, and her

cherished dragon jewel necklace and bat bone earrings. Both Shirlihad and Amika considered her an older sister of sorts and offend ask advice of her.

"Hey girls, you know lunch is almost over right? Might want to shuffle those cute little tail feathers to class before you get in trouble again!"

Molly told her young friends as she waved hello, and wondered what was up. Shirlihad sighed and began a counter argument. "I was minding my own business Molly, until

Amika started to blabber on about that news of gang violence." Amika tried to retaliate but ultimately conceived and said.

"Well, she's right! And as always our little Shirley even guessed what I had to say without me mentioning it!"

Shirlihad scowled at this and began to walk to class, saying a classic line of hers as she left.

"For the last time Amika, It's Shirlihad! "

[ Shirlihad's P.O.V]

Class often gave me time to think, seeing as I could complete my so called work in a heartbeat, but today was a tad bit different. When I sat down in waiting for the teacher to

start the day, I was surprised to see a well known ne'er-do-well in the seat next to me. I had never seen him there before hand, but from the look of him he seemed to be a

student who would give someone hell at the drop of a dime. He was overly built for a teenager, wore ill-fitting clothes that easily labeled him as a gang member, or at the very

least a trouble maker. His teeth were on the verge of yellowing, and in some cases were just straight out missing. His skin was as pale as snow, and yet despite that he spoke

to me with a stereotypical "gangster" speech.

"Ain't you that hot shot detective Chica? How 'bout you work on getting that bod sexier instead of that brain?"

I almost lost my lunch at the poor language skills from this idiot, but thankfully I managed a retort. "Firstly, get better communication skills prior to talking to me. Second, I

happen to thrive upon the fact that I'm smarter than most students."

As expected, the thug simply blinked before muttering a string of curses and glaring at me for the rest of the hour. It wasn't until a few hours later that I would learn just why he

even bothered to talk to me.

"Hey! Uh….Shirley….can I talk to you?" It was at the end of the school day when I heard this from the same punk from first hour, to my surprise. "I ….suppose so. " I said, raising

my guard in case things turned nasty. Without warning, he fell to his knees and began to sob and beg me to help him, so glad no one was around for this. "You gotta help me

Chica! My bro, my friend….he got in trouble….got deep sixed…. Word is you're a smart girl." He started to spill all this nonsense out, so I quickly calmed him by saying. "Hold up!

Calm yourself and explain everything." With that he calmed down, and explained everything: First off he introduced himself as Hue Powers, and then he explained his story. Two

of his friends had gotten involved with the turnabout gang, a mischievous yet ultimate innocent gang, some time ago. However due to the mysterious increase in gang related

crimes, the Turnabouts and several other mischief making gangs suddenly turned very violent for no good reason. Needless to say Hue's friends didn't like the transformation

, and wanted out; unfortunately the leader was forced to kill one of them by the force that had changed the city. Pinning the blame on Hue's other friend; Hue had found this

morning that his friends were now dead and he knew of my slight deducing skills and wanted my help. I was flattered, really I was, but after hearing Hue's story I failed to see

how I could assist him. Sensing this he further explained. "Ya see…. I mean you see, my bad, I heard you did some work with the cops before. You helped them with a few

burglary cases before right?"

I got a bit nervous at this point; while what he said was true I felt embarrassed at the fact that of all the police officers in Creek Wood, only I could solve the mystery of the

Chivalrous thief. I had asked the officers to keep quiet about so as to maintain normal life, but at Hue's words I realized that must have been broken a while ago. I had only just

managed to solve that case, and now Hue was asking me to participate in a murder mystery?

"W-Well I'm faltered Hue, but why can't the police help you? I'm just a kid after all."

I inquired him this, and to my shock, he got upset and replied.

"Whoever the hell messed with my boys gang already got to the cops, they just turn deaf whenever I go. You're the only other person in town I can turn to…please you gotta

help!" With that said I felt as if I couldn't say no, even though every fiber of my being was screaming to say otherwise.

"Ok…I promise to at least see what I can do, but don't expect much." I finally managed to say after pondering it for a moment. This must have been good enough for Hue,

because the next thing I knew he had me trapped in a bear hug that Grizzly Adams would be jealous of. He suddenly realized what he'd done and awkwardly released me, his

face turning a deep shade of red crimson, and apologized.

"Sorry 'bout that, sometimes I get in people's grill when I'm feeling a 'right."

That was the last straw for me, and before I knew it, I was repeatedly hitting poor Hue as I cried.

"Use proper English when you talk to me!" as I resumed drilling that life lesson into him.


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