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mkaw and hoplessromantic are writing a story together. and this is what it is. :)
it may be weird but we can only fix it if you read or comment on it.
btw ( by the way ) we wrote 2 sentences each. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 2, 2012    Reads: 44    Comments: 4    Likes: 7   

She ran, not looking behind her. Afraid for her life. As she was running she came across something. Something glistening. With her heart pounding in her ears and her breath coming in ragged gasps, she stopped cautiously. Glancing behind her, she decided that it was safe to look at what this, thing, was. Suddenly it moved, but not in a way you would expect. It looked as though it had taken a very deep breath. The place where its chest should have been sunk in then expanded. Tiarn gasped and stumbled backwards, hitting a tree. Then she feels herself fall. She see the tree fly past her, in the corner of her eye, and hits the ground with thump, grazing her palms. With blood dripping from her hands she staggers to her feet, still looking at the creature ahead.

Without warning the bird-like creature lunged at her. Letting out a shriek she raised her hands to protect herself. Before she knew it the creature had itself latched onto her arms and its strange, long, flicking tounge started licking up the blood on her palms. Shaking her arms she tried to get the thing of her, letting out a final scream she swung her arms and the beast let go of her.

After bulldozing a tree with its massive horns the beast lay still for a moment and this is when she took this chance to run, but something stopped her in her tracks. The beast had transformed into someone she once knew. She grabbed at her chest as all the memories flooded her mind, trying to get rid of them she ran away from the person she once loved. No, she thought, it couldn't have been him, he had died months ago. But he was there, it was him. She looked back and broke down in tears. As the tears streamed down her cheeks she saw her loved one slowly approach her. She whimpered as he got closer and wrapped her in his arms. As more tears ran down her face she looked up at the one person she thought she would never see again.

Wanting to tell him about their unborn child she remembered the expression on his lifeless body at the funeral. It was angry. She let go and pushed him away letting the memory be erased from her mind. Struggling to escape his arms she kicked him in the shin. To her luck he had winced and loosened his grip on her, taking this as her chance to run she bolted from his grasp and into the trees.

Hearing his feet crushing the forest floor, she kept running. Running from what was her worst nightmare. Running with the only thought in her mind being 'I have to get away'. Her breath was now coming out in short gasps and her legs were feeling jelly like from all the running. Suddenly, her legs fell from underneath her, making her crash on the ground and landing with a thud ,hitting her head against a rock. As she groans and starts to black out, the last thing she sees is a tall dark figure over her body.


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