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Nightmares are Dreams

Novel By: Howlingwolf214
Mystery and crime

The story follows the life of Eric Fielding, released as innocent after charges of murder, whose world is being turned upside down. Every day things seem to get stranger until he loses his grip on reality.

Throughout the days, however, one thing remains the same. A man in a Doctor's uniform. It's the only part of the world that isn't collapsing leading Eric into a struggle to save either the world, or his mind.

(Roughly inspired by Inception) View table of contents...



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"They've promised that dreams can come true - but forget to mention that nightmares are dreams, too."
Oscar Wilde
Day 1
7:30 am
I was woken up by the sharp beeping of my alarm clock on the desk next to my head. Looking back that should've given me the first clue that something was wrong, seeing as I didn't remember going to sleep the night before. Everything seemed normal at this point though so I got up and went through my usual Pre-Work routine. First thing I did was go downstairs and put a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. Then, still half asleep, I poured myself out a glass of orange juice. I casually raised the glass to my lips and drank but a second later spat it out. For some reason it tasted revolting, although it had tasted fine yesterday morning. To make sure I took a sip from the carton, but to no avail. Wondering if something had somehow gotten mixed in with it I threw the carton in the bin and waited for my toast. As it popped up, I quickly grabbed it and buttered it. Sitting down at my kitchen table to eat my toast I cast my eye over a newspaper lying nearby. It was dated almost a month ago and my face was plastered all over the front page. The story it told was of my release from jail after having been found innocent on charges of murder. I finished off my toast and dumped the plate in the sink before rushing upstairs to get dressed.
After getting changed into my usual jacket, shirt, trousers and tie I went on a hunt for my badge. Work insisted that we had to all wear name badges or risk getting fired. After a quick search I located my badge and pinned it to the front of my jacket. I grabbed my keys and left my house. As I left I saw a dog playing in my neighbour's garden. I thought this rather odd, as they already had a cat. In the process of locking my door I saw my neighbour, Mark, come out of his house carrying a pair of shears. He wished me Good Morning and I returned the favour. "Nice Dog", I said, "How's your Cat?" There was a short pause during which Mark's face adopted a look of confusion. "What Cat?" He said, giving me a strange look. Now it was my turn to look confused, but before I could say anything more Mark had turned away and begun to trim his hedge. I stared back at his dog for a little while before locking my door and continuing on my way to work. A quick look at my watch told me I'd have to hurry if I didn't want to miss my train.
9:07 am
After a pretty uneventful train journey I arrived at my place of work. It was supposed to be a temporary job, some desk job at a faceless insurance company, but that didn't stop it being boring. I got through the front doors and was just about to get into the lift when I hear someone calling my name. "Eric!" the voice called and, turning, I found it belonged to my manager. I never remembered my manager's name; he was always 'The Manager' in my mind. He went on about how I'd been late a few days before and how I'd need to step up my game if I wanted to continue being a part of this company. Secretly I would've loved to have been fired but I needed the money, so I kept my mouth shut. He soon finished with me and went away to do his own work so I took the lift up to my floor. I walked to my office at the end of a nearby hallway but stopped, just as I was reaching out for the door handle. My name wasn't on the front of the office door.
Instead, it read: Rosemary Davies. I paused for a while looking at the name embossed in bronze letters. I looked around at the other office doors and spotted one on my left which bore the name: Eric Fielding. My name. My office had always been the one at the end of the hallway though, since I'd started working here. I knocked on the door bearing Rosemary's name and opened it. Sure enough Rosemary was sitting at her desk. She looked up as I entered and, not knowing quite how to phrase it, I asked "Why have our offices been swapped?" She raised one of her eyebrows to indicate her bemusement. "Excuse me?" She said, in her haughty voice, "My office has always been here." She returned to her work, obviously a signal for me to leave. I slowly closed the door and gazed for a while at her name on the front of it. I shook myself and pushed open the door to what was now my office. It was laid out just like my office had been. It even has as many screwed up bits of paper in the bin. I slowly went over and sat behind my desk and, with a moment's hesitation, began to work.
12:33 pm
On my lunch break I decided to get out of here and go to a local fast-food place to grab a burger. I never liked eating lunch in my office, it was much nicer to go out and get something to eat. I left work by a back door, they always complained when I went out through the front door for lunch, and went across the street to the shop. It was some small company, but they did great food there. I was just about to enter when someone bumped into me, almost knocking me off my feet. "Watch it!" I said angrily but the guy didn't even turn. He was dressed strangely, wearing the white coat of a doctor. I watched him until he turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Wondering if this day could get any weirder, I went inside.

I went there everyday, at the same time, so they already had my usual laid out for me. I paid them, thanked them and then went to the park to eat it. I glanced around the park for a while before unwrapping my burger and taking a bite. It tasted a bit strange, but then there were often days where their burgers tasted different. It wasn't unpleasant tasting so I finished the rest of it and chucked the wrapper in the bin. I got up and brushed myself down, scattering a few crumbs on to the ground. It was at this point that I realised something. There were no birds in the park at all. This was really weird; they'd usually be trying to snatch the burger from out of my hands. This day seemed to be getting odder and odder. I pushed it to the back of my mind and, after a quick straighten of my tie, went back in to work.
5:24 pm
I packed away all the things I had been working on into my desk and locked it. Today hadn't been a very productive day for me, too many interruptions. My Ceiling Fan, which is the companies alternative to Air Conditioning, had broken once again so most of my time was spent staring hatefully at the thermometer. Anyway I got my stuff all packed away and left the building. I began to walk towards the train station. My train left at Six so I wasn't in any particular hurry.
I began walking down the nearby street. It was still fairly light, it was in the middle of summer after all, but no one seemed to be on the pavement. It was very hot though and most people were probably still stuck inside, worshipping their fans. I wiped a few beads of sweat from my forehead and sighed. I hadn't got the money to spare to go out and buy a fan so I had to make do with opening every window in my house. I glanced down at my watch and it told me it was Quarter-to. I was going to be a bit early for my train so I decided to buy a drink from a vending machine I knew was around here. I just decided that, in this heat, I'd like a bottle of water when I noticed that they had put the price up again. Grumbling, I counted out my change. I quickly opened the lid of the bottle and drank half of it in one go. I shoved the bottle in my pocket, intending to save it for later.
I reached the station with almost ten minutes to spare. I found my platform, sat down, and waited. The minutes ticked by and before I knew it the time was ten past six. My train still hadn't come. I waited another five minutes before going and talking to the man selling the tickets. I asked how come the train hadn't arrived but he didn't seem to know what I was talking about. I said that the train usually arrived at Six, but it hadn't got here yet. He said there wasn't a train that arrived at Six, only one that arrived at Half Five. Confused I showed him my ticket. He still maintained that the train came at Half Five and, what's more, had already come and left. There weren't any more trains going my way until early in the morning so I had to face up to the prospect of sleeping in the station. I found myself a relatively clean bench and awkwardly laid down on it. I figured that I had nothing else to do now and, as the train was coming quite early in the morning, I might as well try and get some sleep. I sat up and took off my jacket, draping it over me, before closing my eyes. It took me a while but I finally drifted off to sleep.


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