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When Skye mysteriously goes missing during a normal school day, no one thinks too much of it to begin with. Everyone but her boyfriend, Oliver and while he is looking for her, he stumbles across a scene that will make him more paniced than ever.

Allie has been shot. Found by Oliver. Laying in Kyle’s arms.

This leads to an array of questions and suspicions. Are Allie’s shooting and Skye’s disappearance linked and who is behind it all? Nobody can figure it out, nobody can keep calm. Now Skye is still missing and Allie is in a coma.

One thing has become apparent, however. No one is safe.
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Oliver's POV-

Oliver Thomas Jales sighed and stared blankly out of the classroom window and watched as the clouds rolled by. He could see the mist creeping over the mountains in the distance and hear the carefree birds chirping outside. The only other sound inside the classroom was the soft scrapping of chalk on the chalk-board as Mrs Fletcher wrote and a loud tapping sound that came from someone's desk across the classroom.

Time seemed to be going extremely slowly today and it was getting extremely tedious and frustrating. In the corner of the room, the small red clock ticked and tocked; each second seemed to drag on and on.
Today was Valentines Day and it was the one day of the year Olly would normally want to be over as quickly as possible, for the simple reason that being alone is not enjoyable. This year however, he had a reason to be excited about it.

This could possibly be one of the best days of my life, Olly thought, smiling to himself. He let his eyes wander across the classroom and beamed at her, his reason for existence. Skye Ashley Williams: the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world. Well, she was in Olly's opinion.

He could look into her eyes forever and never want to leave them and he could listen to her words, and she never bore him. He would never want her to change and could never ask her to either. She smiled widely back at him.
He watched her as she looked away from him, spun her pen around between her fingers, and then absent-mindedly flicked it against her desk. A look of boredom crossed her face, as she bit her lip slightly, looking from the assignment written upon the chalkboard and to the paper which sat on her desk. She leaned down over her desk and wrote what was needed in their assignment.
Oliver glanced up at the board; their English assignment was to look into Shakespeare's story, 'Romeo and Juliet' and to write three pages on what he thought the characters and Shakespeare himself, would have been thinking at the time when Romeo found Juliet 'dead'.

He carefully wrote down an outline of what he was going to write in his assignment and then put down his pen. The assignment was due in a weeks time, so there was really no rush. He wouldn't have a problem with it at all, so he could do it over the coming weekend and not have to worry.

Glancing over at the clock once again, he realised that only ten minutes remained in the lesson and then he would be free to go. Then, just as he was about to look back down to his work, something hit the back of his head and dropped to the floor. He looked across at Allison May Rotes, his friend and grinned. While watching out for his eagle-eyed teacher, he reached down and quickly snatched up the crumpled piece of paper.
Smoothing it out on his desk, he quickly read what was written, 'Hey, you ready for tonight? ;) -A'.
He picked up his pen, and in his scruffy handwriting wrote, 'Yes, I can't wait. I hope Skye enjoys it! What about you, have you got any plans? -O'.
Allie was looking away so he threw the paper towards her and just as it had with him; it hit her head and fell to the floor by her side. He watched her as she bent down and picked the paper up and scribbled a reply. 'She will enjoy it! Forever alone, remember?' She sighed and passed the piece of paper back to Olly.
Oliver groaned as he read Allie's words. 'You will find someone!' He wrote. 'Then you will be as happy as me and Skye are (: What about Kyle?' He finished and this time passed the paper, instead of throwing it, to Allie. She answered quickly and then threw the paper at his head.
'Way to rub it in Olly! And as far as I'm aware he hardly knows that I exist.' Olly looked over at Allie to see a look of pain cross her features.
'Sorry, and that's not what I've heard.' He replied, passing the paper back to Allie, just as the teacher turned around from the board and faced the class.
"Okay everyone! I hope you've got the assignment written down and I hope you all know how you are going to write it." Mrs Fletcher spoke to class, and like Oliver, kept looking over at the clock, which promised escape in less that two minutes. "You can all pack you things away now, and then you can go."
The classroom was then filled with the scrapping of chairs on the laminated flooring and the sighs and shouts of happiness as people began to leave the classroom. Oliver then packed away his own books and stood up, smoothing down his shirt and closing his bag which was overflowing with books.

Olly then spotted Skye, Allie, Violet Banner and Charlotte Yates waiting in the wide doorway for him and grinned. When he arrived by their sides, they were all in deep conversation so after he took Skye's hand in his own, he joined in.
"So, have any of you made any plans for tonight?" Charlotte asked, her voice full of interest. She smiled at Skye and Olly before continuing, "I'm guessing you two love birds have, am I right?"
Skye looked down grinning, as her blonde curls fell over her shoulders and covered her rapidly reddening cheeks. Oliver looked down at her, a look adoration on his face as he smiled, "Of course we do," he said, "we're going to go to Undersea Gardens tonight." He then pulled Skye in for a hug and kissed her nose. "It's going to be great," he finished, his eyes shining.
A chorus of playful sighs followed Olly's words and then everyone looked a slight bit more downcast. "Why can't we all be so lucky?" Allie asked and then laughed lightly to herself. "Oh wait, because the world isn't perfect." She said grinning and even though everyone could tell the grin was forced, nobody mentioned it.
"Anyway, moving on," Violet said, her tone lightening more as she spoke, "what are you all going to write the English assignment?" She looked at each of them in turn, and chuckled at Allie's clueless expression. Why even bother asking Allie? Not once in this school year had she completed a piece of homework or an assignment on time. And it was simply shocking how she got away with it, not without at least getting a detention every now and again.

"I'm thinking of mainly focusing on the feelings Shakespeare would or might have been feeling when he created this event. I'm going to try and put myself inside Shakespeare's mind and try and imagine what his motives were to write just a tragic, yet beautiful story. I will then also bring in the fact that how Shakespeare was feeling must tie in with how the characters would have been feeling as well." Charlotte finished and took a deep breath for dramatic effect. We all stood in awe.
"Well that's me screwed then isn't it!?" Olly said and everyone laughed. Normally everybody out shone him in English anyway, but this time he felt this sinking feeling in his chest and he knew he had no chance at all. He just prayed to God that somehow he could get out of writing this assignment, because he honestly had no chance to write it well at all.
Charlotte's phone suddenly went off and everyone jumped as, 'Break Your Heart' sounded as her ringtone. Everyone began to laugh, but Charlotte cut them off with a wave of her hand and a hard stare and then they were in silence until Charlotte spoke to, who Olly assumed was her Mum.
For five minutes everyone listened to the one side of Charlotte's conversation that they could hear and whispered pointlessly between themselves. That was until Charlotte ended the called and announced that she and Violet were going to go home now because her Mum could give Violet a ride home.
Everyone then hugged and said goodbye, telling Skye and Olly to have a good Valentine's Day. Then, as soon as they were gone Skye, Olly and Allie fell into line and made their way into the school library, so that they could get out a copy of Romeo and Juliet each.
While Olly was finding the books, he could faintly hear Skye and Allie talk avidly about many different things, including Kyle, Oliver himself and their plans for the summer, which seemed so far away. Olly returned holding the books and tapped Allie lightly on the head with them.
"Are these the right versions?" He asked Skye and Allie. They both nodded unconvincingly, but Olly went along and got them out from the library anyway. The librarian took five minutes to check the books out and by the time they were done Kyle appeared in the doorway and called Olly over.
"How are you?" Kyle asked, eyeing Olly, looking for anything that he could pounce on him for. Unfortunately for Ky, Olly was genuinely happy and there wasn't even a slight falter in his smile.
"I'm good thanks, you?" Olly replied. Olly thought about how Allie really liked Ky even after only knowing him for five months and wondered whether he liked her at all. Sometimes Olly would catch him gazing at her in maths or science and he would only look away if someone spoke to him directly, it made him wonder.

When Olly and Ky had finished catching up on what they had missed of each other's day, they returned to the girls who were sat on the bean bags in the furthest corner of the library. It was obvious to Olly that Allie had already seen Ky because she had let her fringe slide forward to cover part of her face, something she only did when she was feeling miserable or when she was feeling shy.
Olly then held out his hand to Skye, who gladly took it and she smiled as he helped her up from the bean bag she had dumped herself in. Then they waited as Allie got up and joined them, smiling a tiny smile and then letting her eyes wander for a bit.
As they were walking, Olly observed as Ky came up to Allie's side and nudged her slightly. "Hey, are you okay? You seem a little, down." He asked with a look of general concern of his face. She tried to smile back at him, but her smile was very shaky.
"Yeah, I'm fine I guess. Just tired is all." She sighed and tried to gather herself up and her smile grew a little more. "What about you?" She asked. "Are you okay?"
Ky shrugged in reply and sighed in a way that revealed how exactly he was feeling. Desperate, it seemed he was, but what for she didn't know.
Once they had left the library, they made their way across the freshly mown grass and onto the paths that twisted all over school but eventually led to the school's exits. They looked across towards the school tennis courts and noticed a group of boys that looked as if they were in year 8, playing basketball.
It took them all about three minutes to reach the school exits, but once they reached them Skye said sheepishly, "Olly, do you mind waiting for me? I need the toilet." She then blushed again and as soon as Olly replied she sped off down the paths and back towards the school.
Olly turned to Allie and Ky and said, "Are you two going to head off now?" He looked at them in an almost pleading way. If he was being honest with himself, he wanted it to be just him waiting for Skye when she returned. Ky and Allie looked at each other and laughed.
"As long as you're all right waiting on your own" Allie said, smirking. She looked over at Ky and indicated towards the exit. "Shall we go?" She asked.
"Sure. Lead the way." Ky said, smiling and then asked. "Do you want to go through the forest?"
"I don't mind." Allie replied and then she and Ky promptly set off. Olly watched as they set off across the road and into the green field beyond it. Then after a minute he watched them disappear from sight into the mystical forest.
Olly waited as the minutes went by, thinking about how tonight was going to be and how much Skye would hopefully enjoy it. He had it all planned out, nothing too big, but his surprise wasn't at all small. Not even near.
Slowly as the minutes ticked by Olly got more and more anxious, what was taking her so long? He decided to go back to look for her in school.
Only to find that she wasn't there.


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