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3-year-old Toddler Boy abducted.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Barry Coltan is a cute, adorable, 3-year-old Toddler Boy. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes. He loves to play with his toy cars, play on his favorite swing-set, and his favorite food is hot dogs, playing hide and seek with his Mommy, Miriam Coltan. They Live in a Suburban House In a Shaded Tree-Line Neighborhood in a small town called Arcadia, Until something happened to him. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: A Clear Sunny Day.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia. at a Suburban House in a shaded Tree-Line Neighborhood, 3-year-old Barry Coltan was in the front yard playing with his toy cars, While his mommy Miriam Coltan was sitting on the front porch swing working on her needlepoint, She looked-up at Little Barry, he was still playing with his toy cars. She got up from the front porch swing, She went inside the house. Leaving Barry All alone in the front yard. Meanwhile a black 4-door car was driving down the street. a man and a woman was inside the car. Until the man stopped the car in front of Miriam's House. The man and The woman saw Barry still playing in the front yard. The man that was in the driver-seat looked at the woman who was in the passenger seat. The man pointed to Barry. The woman got out of the car. She walked in front of the car, went across the street, went on the sidewalk, Until Barry saw her and was smiling at her. The woman picked-up Barry and carried him out of the front yard, across the street, in front of the car, got into the car, The man drove off, About an hour later Miriam came out of the house, She was shocked at what She had found.

"Barry!", Miriam Called but there was no answer.

"Barry!", Miriam called again no answer.

Miriam started looking all over the front yard for Barry and called his name, Still no answer. Miriam started to get worried about her son. She went back in the house. walked toward the phone and called the Police. Meanwhile on the other side of Arcadia, at a House. in a bedroom that doesn't have a bed, just a window that was locked, and a door. the woman was sitting in a rocking chair, She had Barry in her arms. Until Barry started whimpering, The Woman slowly rocked back and fourth in the rocking chair. and She started singing to him a lullabye.

"Hush-a-bye, Don't You Cry, go to sleep, Little Baby, When You Wake, You Shall Have, All The Pretty Little Ponies", The Woman sanged Until Barry calmed down.

The Woman was smiling at Barry, as she continued rocking him back and fourth, Meanwhile Back at Miriam's House The Police were at Miriam's House, They had wired the telephone. Miriam was giving a police officer a discription on what her son, Barry was wearing and what he looked-like.

"What was your son wearing when last seen and what did he looklike?", The Police Officer asked.

"He has short brown hair, hazel eyes, and was wearing a white t-shirt, red underweare, dark blue jean overalls that have a little train on both legs of the overalls, white socks, and red sneakers", Miriam answered.

"Ok, We'll put it out, and We'll see what we can do", The Police Officer said.

The Police Officer left. Miriam hoped that the police will find her son.


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