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Little Boy Abducted.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Barry Hanson is a cute 3-year-old Toddler Boy. he has short brown hair, hazel eyes. he lives in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborbood in a small town called Salem, with his Single Mother, Lynette Hanson. Until Little Barry is about to be abducted by a Troubled 17-year-old Teenager named Kyle Boggs. he has short browwn hair, blue eyes. He lives in a house across from Barry and Lynette's House with his Mom, Helen Boggs and his Dad, Lance Boggs. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1- Kyle Boggs saw Little Barry Hanson playing in the front yard.

On a clear sunny day in Salem. Kyle Boggs was sitting on the front porch steps of his house. when he looked at the house across the street from his house. and Saw Barry Hanson playing in the front yard of his house across from Kyle's. Kyle knew that Barry's Mother, Lynette was inside the house talking on the telephone. and His parents were out for the day. Until Kyle Decided to have some fun with the little Toddler. Kyle got up went inside the house, got some car keys. went out of the house. looked both ways to see if any cars or trucks were coming and to see if no-one was looking. he went across the street. walked toward Little Barry. Until Little Barry saw him.

"Hi", Little Barry said.

"Hi, do you want to go for a ride with me?", Kyle asked.

"Hu-Uh", Little Barry answered.

"Ok, Come on", Kyle said as he took Little Barry by the hand. they both looked both ways, they went across the street toward Kyle's House. they walked toward Kyle's car. Kyle opened the passenger-side door. Little Barry hopped in the front seat. Kyle put the seatbelt on him. closed the door. got into the driver-seat. Kyle got the car running. pulled-out of the drive-way of the house. and drove off. About an hour Later, Little Barry's Mother, Lynette came out of the house. She was shocked that her son was gone.

"Barry, where are you?", Lynette called but there was no answer.

Lynette started searching for her Little Boy. But she couldn't find him. She decided to call the police. Meanwhile Kyle was driving his car down the road. while Little Barry was looking out of the car window. Until Kyle saw him looking out of the window.

"I think i'm going to take good care of him, If anyone asked. I'll just say he's my Little Brother. and I'll also say that our parents has passed away last month. So I steped-in and was awarded custody of him. so that We wouldn't have to be placed in the Foster-Care System. and we'll live in a town where people don't even know who we are", Kyle said to himself as he drove his car toward another town far from Salem.


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