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Little Sister, Vanished without a trace.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Tammy Dianne Crooks is a Typical 18-year-old girl, She's the captain of the cheerleading squad, captain of the girl's basketball, and volleyball teams, She's also Student Body President, She has brown hair and Hazel eyes, She lives in a house in a small town called arcadia with her parents, Helen and Jonathan Crooks, and her 6-year-old Little Sister, Zoe Crooks, 8-year-old little brother, Peter, and her 10-year-old autistic little brother, Lucas. Until something happened.

The Fallowing story might have some sexual content that might not be good for small children. View table of contents...



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On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, Tammy Crooks was walking down the sidewalk with her little sister, Zoe and her little brother Peter, They were walking home from school. Tammy looked over her shoulder to make sure her little sister and brother is walking behind her, Little did they know, a dark blue 4-door car and a registered sex offender, Darren Kenneth Webb was in the driver-seat of the car, he was watching them still walking home from school, he saw Zoe stil fallowing her big sister, Darren Webb started fallowing them from his car.


Meanwhile Tammy, Zoe, and Peter made it to their house, They went inside the house, While Darren Webb stopped and parked his car on the curb across from the house.


That Evening, The Family had just got done eating dinner, Zoe was in her bed, reading her favorote storybook, when her mother, Helen Crooks came in the bedroom.


"Ok, Zoe, Time for bed", Helen said.

"Ok, Mommy", Zoe replied.


Zoe's Mother took the book from her, tucked her into bed, and kissed her good-night, Helen Crooks left the bedroom, and turned off the light.


Meanwhile in the dark blue 4-door car, Darren Webb decided to do it, he put his pull-over shirt on, he got a bottle of cholorform, he got a piece of cloth, he got a black body-bag, he drove his car in front of the house, he turned the motor off, got out of the driver-seat, he sneaked-up toward the house, he went inside the house, he dis-armed the burgler alarm that was in the living room, he went up-stairs, he walked down the hallway, he went into Zoe's bedroom, he closed the door behind him, he took out a piece of cloth, he took out the bottle of cholorform, he opened it and poured it on the cloth, he pressed it on Zoe's nose and mouth, until she started struggling, until the effects of the cholorform started taking effect on her, Darren Webb, throw the used cholorform away, he put the black body bag down on the floor, rolled it out and opened it, he flung the bedcovers off of Zoe, He picked her up, he carefully laid her down on the black body bag, he zipped it up, he put tape on the top and bottom part, he picked it up, he carried it out of the bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, through the living room, out of the front door, off the front porch, toward his car, he opened the trunk of the car, he carefully laid her in the trunk, he closed the trunk, got into his driver-seat of the car, and drove off.



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