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Married Wife/Mother kidnapped in broad daylight.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Denise Amber Mayfield is a beautiful, attractive, married woman, She has shoulder-length dark brown hair and blue eyes, She works as a bank teller at a local bank, She's married to her high school sweetheart, John Mayfield, and they have three children, a 4-year-old son, Andrew Mayfield, a 6-year-old son, Simon Mayfield, and a 7-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Mayfield, The Family live in a house with a white-picket fence around the house, a detaiched-two car garage on the outside of the white picket-fence, In a small town called Arcadia, Until Something Happened To Denise Mayfield.

The Fallowering Might Have Some Sexual Content In It, That May Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...



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On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, Denise Amber Mayfield was doing her morning jogging before going to work at the local bank as a bank teller, She didn't even realize that a black 4-door car, with four unknown men inside the car, they was fallowing her, When Denise looked over her shoulder and saw the car fallowing her, She got out her cell-phone and started dialing her own home phone number, Meanwhile at Denise and John's House, John heard the phone ringing, he picked-up the receiver.

"Hello?", John asked.

"Hi, John, I think I'm being fallowed", Denise answered.

"Oh, who is it?", John asked.

"I don't know, it's a black 4-door car", Denise answered.

"Are there any people in the car?", John asked.

"There's 4 people in the car", Denise answered until the black 4-door car drove up beside her.

"Denise, what is it?", John asked.

"I don't know", Denise answered until one of the four men got out of the backseat of the car.

"Who Are You, What Do You Want?", Denise asked while John was listening on the phone.

"We're here for you", one of the four men answered while the second of the four men was sneaking behind her.

"What are you talking about?", Denise asked until the second of the four men grabbed her.

On the otherside of the phone, John was hearing his wife, Denise screaming and struggling,

"Let me go, Let Me go, Let me go", Denise said.

John could hear a third of the four men opend the back door, and he could hear the other two men dragged Denise in the back of the car, her cell-phone went dead, He was shocked about what had happened, and what he had heard. until their three children, Andrew, Simon, and Elizabeth saw their daddy standing by the phone.

"Daddy, what happened?", Andrew asked.

"Nothing Happened, I just got done talking Mommy on the phone", John answered.

"What did Mommy say?", Simon asked.

"She'll be home soon", John answered.

"Ok", Elizabeth said.

John decided to keep lieing to them, Until his wife is found alive.

Meanwhile Denise's kidnappers took her across the railroad tracks, and into a house across from Arcadia, and put her in a room, and left her there, Denise looked around in the room to use as a weapon, but She didn't find anything, Her room had a bed, a boarded-up window, and a bathroom, She went into the bathroom, and took a shower, another hour later, Denise went out of her shower, she got a towel, She started brushing her shoulder-length brown hair, she didn't realized that someone was watching her, Denise wipped the steam off of the bathroom mirror, She saw the fourth of her kidnappers, watching her, She dropped her hairbrush and grabbed her towel.

"Don't you even knock?", Denise asked.

Her kidnapper didn't answer her, Denise slowly moved her hand over her brown hair over her ear, as she walked past her kidnapped, and she stopped by her bed.

"Aren't you going to let me get dressed?", Denise asked but her kidnapper didn't answer her.

He slowly walked up behind her, while Denise looked down and she looked up, he slowly moved his hand on her back, until Denise started shaking, he leaned his head close to her shoulder and started kissing it, he slowly moved his hand on her wrists, he slowly grabbed the towel, he slowly removed the towel from her body, the towel fell to the ground, he slowly turned Denise around, he started kissing her, while pushing her down on the bed, he continued moving his hands all over her body, while Denise was still shaking, She slowly turned her head, he started kissing her cheek, after he was done, he looked at her, he slowly moved his hand on her brown hair, he slowly moved his hand on her cheek, he slowly moved his finger on her nose, he got up from the bed and left the bedroom.while Denise was still laying on the bed.

Meanwhile back at Denise and John's House, John was thinking about what his wife had last told him, Until he decided to call the police.


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