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Single Mom, Chloroformed and Abducted.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Delia Hanson is a beautiful, atractive, Single Woman, She has dark red hair (which she always wears it in a low pony-tail) and Blue Eyes. She Lives In a Suburban House in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a small town called Arcadia with her toddler son, Tyler Hanson. Delia's Husband has walked-out on her and baby tyler. She's been trying to make a living for herself and for her son. Until Something happened to her. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: A Sunny Day.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, in a black 4-door car was in the parking lot of a local grocery store. registered sex offender Dennis Randolph Dial was sitting in the driver-seat of the car. he was drinking a can of beer and looking out of the front window. watching the people go into the grocery store. Until he saw Delia Hanson coming out of the grocery store with a shopping cart full of grocery's. and her 3-year-old son, Tyler Hanson was sitting in the seat of the shopping cart. He was babbling and laughing and swinging his little legs.

"Ok, Tyler were at our car, I'll just put you in first then I'll put our grocery's in", Delia said as she opened the back door of her car. Lifted Tyler out of the shopping cart seat. She put him in his Car-seat. She closed the back-car door.

Meanwhile Back In The Black 4-door Car, Dennis Randolph Dial watched Delia Hanson put her grocery's in her car that was parked a few feet away from his, Until she looked-up and saw Dennis Randolph Dial looking at her. She smiled and waved at him. He waved back at her. Until Delia was done putting the last grocery bag in her car. She closed the other-side car door. put her empty shopping cart up. got into her car. She drove off. Until Dennis Randolph Dial fallowed far behind her. he fallowed her down the road toward her house. Until Delia pulled up on her Drive-way in front of her and Tyler's house. Dennis Randolph Dial watched Delia get out of the driver-seat of her car, and opened the back-door of her car. She saw her sleeping little boy, Tyler. she unbuckled him from his car-seat. She carried him in the house. She came out of the house and got her grocery's out of the car. Dennis Randolph Dial decided that he has to have her. he put his black gloves on his hands, he put his black ski mask. he got a pad-cloth. he got a bottle of chloroformed. he got his hand gun. he drove his car in front of Delia's House. he got out of the car.

Meanwhile inside Delia's House. Delia was busy putting her grocery's away. while Tyler was taking his nap. after she was done. She was looking at a Picture of Herself and Tyler. While Outside of Delia's House. Dennis Randolph Dial got the pad of cloth. he opened the bottle of chloroformed. he poured it on the pad of cloth. he took out his handgun and went inside the house. Meanwhile Delia was still looking at the picture. when Dennis Randolph Dial sneaked-up behind her. he put the handgun on the side of Delia's cheek. Until Delia Froze in terror. She was too scared to move or even fight back. Until Dennis Randolph Dial slowly put the chloroformed pad of cloth on Delia's nose and mouth. Until She fully and willfully submitted. Delia made little gulps in her throat for the effects of the Chloroformed was taken control over her. Until she felt a little-bit drowsy. She fell unconscious. Dennis Randolph Dial thrown the used-up chloroformed pad of cloth away. he carried Delia's Lifeless body to the couch. he got out some grey duck-tape. he taped-up her wrists. her mouth and her eyes. He opened the front door. wiped his fingerprints on the door knob. He picked-up Delia's Lifeless Body. He took her out of her house. down the front porch toward his car. he went toward his trunk of his car. he opened his trunk of his car. and he carefully laid Delia in the trunk of his car. he slowly caressed her cheek. he closed the trunk. got back in the driver-seat. he drove away from her house. down the street. around the corner. he got back on the main road. and took another road. started driving away from Arcadia.

About an hour later, Little Tyler woke-up from his nap. he got out of his bed in his bedroom. he started looking for his Mommy, Delia.

"Mommy, where are you?', Tyler asked.

Tyler continued looking for his Mommy. he thought that She might be playing Hide and Seek with him. He thought that maybe She was hiding in her bedroom. he went toward Delia's Master Bedroom. he started looking around for her.

"Mommy, are you in here?", Tyler asked.

Tyler left Delia's Master Bedroom, Continued searching for her everywhere. Until he saw the front door opened.

"I'm not susposed to go outside, unless my Mommy is with me", Tyler said to himself.

Tyler started to get worried about his Mommy. Delia.


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