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Karen Larson and her Boyfriend, Keith Hanson, are two teenagers who have fallen in love, dispite of what Karen's Mother Marilyn Larson saids, She Threw Karen out of the house, when Karen told her that She was pregnant, and that Keith was the father, and They've just got married, Now Karen and Keith are on their own, and They're Living in a house in a town called Springfield, and They're now the parents of a handsome, cute, 10-month-old Baby Boy named Trey, and Karen is working at a Local McDonald's, and Keith is a Stay-at-home Dad. Until something happened to them. View table of contents...



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They thought They were safe from The Mother, They thought they had seen the last of her, But They've haven't.

Chapter 1.

The sun was shining down on the window of the master bedroom, The alarm clock that was sitting beside a Baby Monitor started ringing, Karen Hanson rolled over, she looked at the clock, It was about 5:30, She stopped the alarm clock. She saw her husband, Keith waking up too.

"Good-Morning, Keith", Karen said.

"Good-Morning, Karen", Keith replied.

Karen and Keith startd kissing each-other, Until they heard their 10-month-old son Trey crying over the baby monitor.

"I better go to him", Karen said.

"I think you should too", Keith replied.

Karen got up out of bed, went out of the master bedroom, down the hallway, into the nursery, she walked up to the crib, and picked-up Baby Trey, Until he stopped crying. she carried him over to the diaper changing table, and took off his dirty sleeper, put it in the dirty laundry, She took off his dirty diaper, throw it away, She put a clean diaper on, and got him dressed, while keith was downstairs in the kitchen cooking breakfast. About an hour later, Karen and Baby Trey came down the stairs, They had breakfast together.

Meanwhile in another Town called Ironton, Karen's mother, Marilyn Larson was putting her suitcase in the trunk of her car, She had already had a Baby Carseat in the front seat of her car, She was outside of her house, and had just locked the front andback door of her house, and locked them too,She got in the driver-side of the car, started driving toward Springfield.

Meanwhile Back at Karen and Keith's House, Karen was getting ready to go to work at the local McDonald's, While Keith would be staying at home with Baby Trey.

"Ok, Keith, Don't forget to call me in case something might happen", Karen said.

"Ok I won't", Keith replied.

" Don't Forget to give Baby Trey his lunch, and make sure he takes his nap". Karen said

"Karen, Don't worry, We'll be fine", Keith replied.

"Oh, Ok, I got to go, Bye", Karen said.

Karen went outside fallowed by Keith and Baby Trey, Karen got into the driver-seat of her car, and She turned the car on, pulled out of the drive-way, She waved Good-Bye to Keith an Baby Trey, as She drove off. Keith took Baby Trey back inside the house. Meanwhile Marilyn was driving her car down their street, when She stopped at their house, she turned the car off, and got out of her car, started walking toward the front door, ringed the doorbell, and Keith answered the door.

"Marilyn, what are you doing here?", Keith asked.

"I've just come here to see my beautiful grand-son", Marilyn answered.

"Ok, He's right in here watching Sesame Street", Keith said.

"Ok", Marilyn replied as she went inside the house.

Marilyn saw Baby Trey still watching TV, about that same time the telephone ringed, Keith excused himself to get the phone, while Keith was talking on the phone, Marilyn went up to Baby Trey, until Baby Trey looked-up at her, Marilyn looked to see if Keith wasn't looking, She picked-up Baby Trey, she carried him out of the front door, down the sidewalk, toward her car, she walked in front of her car, opened the passenger-side door of her car, and She placed Baby Trey in the carseat on the front seat of her car, she closed the passenger-side door of her car, She got in the driver-seat, and drove off, Another Hour later, Keith was done talking on the phone, as soon as he walked back into the living room, He realized that Baby Trey was gone. Keith franticly started searching for his 10-month-old son, He looked everywhere but couldn't find him, until he realized that the front door was opened, He rushed outside to look for him, but he didn't find him, He decided to call the police.

About an hour later, Karen was driving home from work, when she saw a police car in her driveway, She parked her car in the front of her house, she turned of the ignition, she got her car keys, got out of her car, She rushed inside her house, and saw some police officersinside her house, some of them were talking to each-other and some were dusting for fingerprints, Until Karen saw Keith in the living room talking to a Police Sargent, She rushed to him.

"Keith, what happened, where's our baby?", Karen asked.

"Karen, I think you need to sit down", Keith answered as the police sargent left them alone.

"Keith, tell me what's wrong, where's our baby?", Karen asked as Keith sat her down on the couch.

"Well, Karen, something happened", Keith answered.

"Keith, what is it?", Karen asked.

"Karen, your mother was here, and She wanted to see Trey", Keith answered taking a deep breath.

"Keith what happened?", Karen asked.

"And The telephone ringed, I went to get it, an hour later, Trey was gone, your mother must've kidnapped him", Keith answered.

"Oh No, Not my baby!", Karen shouted as she started sobbing, Until keith hold her in his loving arms.

"Karen, it's going to be ok, I've talked to the police sargent just before you came home, they've put out an Amber Alert on Baby Trey too", Keith said.

"Ok", Karen said.

Karen and Keith hoped that the police will find their infant son, before it's too late.


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