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White Fairy Fox

By: JudyFengLiu

Chapter 10,

Chapter 6





DAVID AND RACHEL WENT into the centre of the town.

They were shocked when they passed several blocks. There were four police cars parked not far in front of them. And there were a lot of people who were standing outside the police cordon.

David and Rachel went towards the crowd of people while two police vehicles were driving away.

 “What’s going on?” Rachel asked a woman, who looked as if she was in her early thirties.

 “It seems as if the curio dealer has been murdered.” She replied without turning around her head.

 David said to Rachel, “You wait here. I’ll go and find out what has happened.”


 David walked towards a policewoman with a tall figure. Her head was down, her blond hair hanging in front of her eyes as she talked on her phone.

 David said to her, “Hey, Helen!”

 “Hey!” the policewoman gestured to David to wait for her finish the call.

 She hung up her phone soon and went towards David, said, “When did you come to the town?”

 “Just two days ago. I was planning to visit you as soon as I was settled in, but I haven’t had the chance yet.”

 “Ah, well, you lost your chance.” Helen smiled.

 “What has happened over there?” David motioned with his head towards the house were cordoned by the police.

 “That curio dealer we met last time has been murdered.”

 “What? Really? How? Why?”

 “We don’t know yet. We are still working on it.”

 “That’s it?”

 “That’s it. Look, David, I can’t tell you more, you know that. I’m sorry.”

 “I AM not a journalist. You can tell me, come on Helen!”

“Sorry, I really can’t. I have to go, David, sorry.”

The policewoman wanted to go inside.

 David said to her, “Wait Helen, come on, you know me, I won’t tell anybody. I just want to know just because I knew him. You know that, come on!”

Helen was silent for a while, moved closer to David, whispered, “Until now, it seems like that someone wanted something in his safe, and they murdered him for it.”

“The safe was opened?”

“Yes, but the money and the valuables are still there. Only that diamond was gone.”

“What’s the hell! Poor guy!”

“Yes, it’s horrible. I have to go now.”

“Okay, thank you Helen!”

David said goodbye to the policewoman and went back to the group of the people, but he couldn’t find Rachel. She was gone!

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