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Raincoat and an Orchid

Novel By: Kairi
Mystery and crime

When a shy and misunderstood girl crosses paths with a completely lost boy; she falls head over heels for him. Although, she doesn't exactly know why he is the way he seems to be. There is something about them being together that just draws her into a familiar place. She must seek the answers no matter how dark or wonderful they might be. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 29, 2009    Reads: 94    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

The spotlight shined on to my face as I said the line from my script. To my own surprise, I had not stuttered once through the words in the thick packet my teacher had written. The next line, however, was a tongue twister. I really couldn't figure out what it was saying, even though I was the lead role. My job was to understand the words, and characters completely, despite I was the shyest girl in the play; which explained why I had private rehearsals.

"Orchid," I stopped in the middle of an exhausted-exhale and looked to my teacher, "very good today, I will see you tomorrow after school." she smiled and walked out of the auditorium.

I rolled my eyes up to the ceiling until the double doors smacked shut; zapping me back to the sad reality I live through called life. Once my head met a straight view that overlooked the ruby seats, I saw a young adult, probably around my age, sitting in the furthest seat in the back. He was in a bright yellow raincoat that reflected on the windows that were splashed with clear water droplets.

"Who," I stumbled over my words, "who are you?"

"I'm Nathan," his voice sounded weak and as if his vocal cords were being pulled and strained.

"I'm Orchid," I responded.

He didn't say anything after I told him my name but he looked up and his eyes that coughed out tears filled with happiness. I began to walk towards him as if I were being magnetically pulled. He stood up and smiled.

"Have you ever lost the love of your life?" I nodded no, "Well, I knew who she was, but then, she disappeared, and she's just..." he trailed off and sighed, "in a different world,"

"What do you mean?" my sweet voice cracked and echoed.

"I cannot say, but nevertheless, I will assure seeing you in the future. Everything will be okay, and I will explain later Orchid, but for now, I must go." he ran out of the theatre and I followed with curiosity itching at me.

"Wait!" I cried out.

He ran around the corner and I followed his action only to be suddenly surprised, considering he wasn't there anymore. I panted deeply and hastily went back into the empty theatre to go to the other side of the building. I opened the door and he was there. I smacked my head into his chest and hugged him in a tight embrace; refraining from letting him go.

"Please," I looked up to him.

His hazel eyes ached with pain and a hurting love.

"What world is she in?" I could feel the tingles in my nose, signaling I was going to tear or cry.

I was misunderstanding myself and pictures I've never seen before flooded into my mind.

"Yours," he responded and broke free.

I let go and somewhere deep down, I understood clearly why this was the way it had to be.


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