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I Made Bloody Mary Cross Over

Novel By: KristenLOVEStoWRIGHT
Mystery and crime

Lianne, is about the age of 16 and has the ability to see ghosts. No one believes her exept her best friend, Roxy, who also sees ghosts. Lianne soon enough comes accross Bloody Mary, or Mary Windsor and tries to stop Mary from ever killing anyone again. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1

The Mirror

I sat in my room staring at the florr. I`m holding my knees, rocking back and forth. I feel like no one understands me. Tears stream down my face. My parents think I`m nuts. So does everyone else. I`m different from everyone else. I see things no one else can. What do I see? you ask. I see ghosts. I can see their problems. I can see why they died. It scares me. They show me to much. I can feel their emotions. I try to tell them that I`m only a 16 year old girl and that I cant do anything, but they still come. I look at them and most of the time, I see blood. I see bodies of people with blood all over. I`ll scream and hide, but they fallow me anyway. Where ever I am, they are their too.

My parents look at me in discuse. My mother cries when ever I tell her about a ghost I saw. My father gets ep and walks away.

At school everyone stares at me when I walk down the hall. I have 1 friend. Her name is Roxy. Roxy sees ghosts too. Her grandmother can see them and Roxy learned what to do about ghosts. Roxy tried to help me, but I get scared even talking to them. My teachers think I`m strange. They never talk to me or call on me. I can see a ghost fallowing my history teacher, but I guess it makes sence.

I let go of my knees and looked around my room. I than lied down and my least scary ghost came over and sat down next to me on my bed."Hello" she said calmly. "how did you die?" I asked quietly. "I died in a way you will never understand." She told me. "Can`t you tell me?" I asked. "I guess I will. It was a normal day up till around 10 O`clock. I was taking my everyday strole through the park." She started to show me. "I heard some noises, so I looked back. My heart started to race, faster and faster as the noises got louder and louder. I started running and than I tripped." She showed me what was going on. "I looked back and saw a man standing behind me. He was wearing all black and he had a knife cluched in his other hand." I started crying. "I felt so scared, I started to cry.'Dony kill me, Please!' I cried. but the man didn`t listen. He took my arm and dragged me to a van. He through me in the back and tied me up. He drove to this ld broken down, abandoned house. He untied me and took me inside with a firm hold of my arm. He took me inside and tied me to a chair. I was there for a couple hours. He then came back with a sharper, bigger knife. He strook me in the arm, knocking my hand off. I screamed and cried all at the same time. I didnt know why he did it. After that he chopped my legs off. Then he left. I sat there in pur pain. It wasn`t till about, 7am that I died. I know I look like nothing happened. I look like I`m fine, but I showed you my proof." She started to vanish. I whiped my tears and looked at the ground. The ghost disapeared, leaving me alone.

I got up and walked outsite my room into the hall way. I went downstairs and than into the livingroom. I walked past my parents into the kitchen and than I opened the door. I went outside and kept walking. I went to my backyard and went to the short cut that takes me to the park. I looked around and saw that ghost that I was just talking to, standing in the middle of the sidewalk. "Its not fair." She cried looking at the ground. "Is this the place you died?" I stepped closer to her. "Not exactly. I`ll show you, fallow me." she started walking and I fallowed.

We kept going till it got dark. Sonn eanough we got to an old building. We went inside and I looked around. There was alot of spider webs and we ented a room. The floor had blood stairs and a chair with bloody ropes and bloody bones. I started crying and I felt weak and fell to the ground. The site was terriflying. "you see my pain?" She said as she stood over her body. "I do." I cried.

She looked at me and than disappeared leaving me to cry.

I looked around and than I heard foot steps. I got up and ran to the next room, hiding from my doom. I peeked through the crack in the door and saw a man put a mirror on a wall. He sighed and looked around. He looked into the mirror. "Bloody mary, bloody mary... bloody mary." He said frightend. He started breathing deep. I saw blood all over the walls. The man screamed and I looked quikly at the mirror. I saw a hand with no finger nails and blood pooring. The hand took ahold of him and another hand came through. "AHHH!" the man cried in fear. Both hands wrapped around the mans neck as if to choke him. The mans face turned purple and than he fell to the ground. I than say her come out of the mirror and stand over the mans body. Then I saw the man`s spirit come out of his body and them disappeared. Bloody mary stood there and looked right at me. I hid behind the wall, breathing deep. "I can see you." Bloody mary said as she appeared next to me. "There`s no where you can hide." She said solfly as she placed her hand on my sholder. "Why do you murder people?" I asked as a tear fall down my face and onto mary`s hand. "I murder because my parents killed me. So I let them suffer like I did. But they called me. So it was their fault."

I looked at her and she looked very calm. She looked like a normal girl. Her hair is black and sliky. Her clothes were ripped and torn. She was wearing a white night gown, soaked with blood. Her voice is solfly calm.

" But why must they suffer from your fait?" I asked her. "That is for you to find out and me to know." She started to face away. "But why must you keep this from someone who cares?" "Goodbye." "Dont leave!" I screamed as she faded away, off to the mirrors of the world.


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