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This is only the begining for Jessa. She realizes that her life is in danger a year after her sister's death. Will she live or will she end up like her sister?

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Chapter 1
Jessa? Are you there?
Pick up please! I don't know why but I have a weird feeling about this place.
I'm scared. I don't know what I have gotten myself into.
Call me back. Hurry!
I walked up to my apartment as the stairs vibrated. Once I got home I set my bag and coat over a chair next to my living room. The message light on my phone flicked annoyingly at me. You have 1 new voice message I read. I pushed down on the button. Beep! "You have 1 new voice message," It spoke to me. I walked in to the kitchen, the next room to the living room. "Well duh. I know I have one voice message," I said mockingly. I paused and listened to Addy's message. "Jessa? Are you there?" the phone said. I heard Addy's voice. But something wasn't right. I heard a tang in her voice that made me want to throw up. While listening I was making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "Pick up please! I don't know why but I have a weird feeling about this place. I'm scared," she paused.I held a jar of Strawberry Jam. "I don't know what I have gotten myself into. Call me back. Hurry!" she raised her voice. I could almost taste the fear in her voice. Smash! I had dropped the jar of jam.
That day was the last time I had heard Addy's voice. I was ashamed that I wasn't there to take the call and tell her everything was going to be okay. I had wanted to tell her that I loved her but had never gotten the chance to. Addy was found dead in Africa hours after she called me. Addy had been in Africa with an organization. Their mission was to help feed the children and families in Africa. She was staying with her friend Amelia and boyfriend, James. No one knew what exactly happened to Addy. James came back to America and sent his apologies to my parents. Amelia stayed in Africa only a few weeks more.
I had spent many hours barricading myself in my room. Crying myself to sleep for the first week. Whenever I heard my sister's name I cringed with pain. It almost seemed that I took it harder than my parents but I'm sure they were just trying to stay strong for me. Oh how every day I would wake up thinking that Addy was sleeping in the bed on the other side of our room we shared. Addy was 3 years older than me. She was in her first year of college when she died. I was a sophomore in high school.We lived together because my parents were constantly gone for work. Addy and I shared an apartment 2 blocks from my school, Dep Horton High.
It has been a year since she died. I am now a junior in high school but going to a home school. I still stay at the apartment Addy and I shared thanks to my parents. The door bell rang softly. I rushed over peeking through the hole first and saw a mailman's broad shoulders. I opened the door and looked up I saw a man's huge face. He could have been 7 feet tall. His smile was warm and big. "Hello," he said as he handed over a small letter. "Why wasn't this in my apartment's mail box?" I said curious. "I was ordered to personally bring this to room 468," he said. "Oh well thank you," I quietly said shutting the door when he turned around to leave. I walked over to the kitchen table and placed the letter on the even surface. The front where the address should be was blank except for the darkly written numbers 468. I was about to open the letter when the door bell rang again. I set it back down and walked to the door. I opened it. Nothing. No one was there. I walked farther into the hall to see if anyone was around the corner. I stepped back in my room when I heard glass crashing. I saw the waterfall of glass flowing down my living room floor. Time seemed to stand still. The shards of glass rushed toward the floor. I could hear each piece pound on the floor harder each time. Sunlight glimmered of each broken piece as I screamed. My neighbor heard and rushed into my apartment when he saw me. He called the manager. By the time I sat down the whole apartment building was in my room. "Oh my apartment!!" the manager cried. "I'm sorry Mr. Flay I will pay for the expenses," I said. "What happened?" he asked. I explained what I had seen. "But why?" he asked. "I'm not sure. I don't think it was aimed toward me personally but maybe the apartment building?" I guessed. Or was it truly aimed for me? I thought to myself.
I slept unusually well that night. The window replacement people were coming that morning at 10 o'clock. I awoke late around 9 o'clock. I walked to my kitchen and grabbed a glass of orange juice. I saw the letter laying there untouched since last night. I pulled it out and began to read.
"Addy's death wasn't a mistake and if you don't be careful your next." I starred at the note. How could anyone think this was funny, sending me prank letters? And to believe that they would bring my sister's death into this! I thought. But maybe this wasn't a prank? It was like there were voices in my head. Suddenly I had a huge headache.


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