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Jed is dead

By: maystar

Chapter 1, A girl tries to discover the mystrey behind her brothers death


It was weird.

Jed had just died. Everyone was remorsed. My mum she had been crying alot, so much that under her eyes were baggy, her eyes were red and she couldn’t cry any more. My older sister Meg and brother Tim were quite like me. They were upset but they didn’t cry. They just sat in the room waiting. My dad he paced round the room. He was uncertian of what to say.

I wasn’t sure whether I could go. No of us had talked for ages. It was un sure of what to say know. I began to think, How did he die? It was a severe case of tonsilitus but I knew for a fact that tonsilitus could only kill adults. And he wasn’t doing that poorly either, until he just passed. It made me think somemore. Maybe it was murder, between when he staying in his bed room and dying someone might had killed him. I wasn’t certian but it was an explaination. The death came as a shock to the hospital. They said natural causes. Yeah right, it all made sense in a weird way.

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