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An Unexpected Journey

Novel By: o0lostlove0o
Mystery and crime

A popular skater boy, intelligent as well as wanted by majority of the girls in his grade. He easily balances his grades with his reputation, but holds several secrets.

When he meets a girl who plays the piano almost expertly, his life changes.

Just as they get to know each other, a mystery arises. They have to solve the case by helping each other, with the assistance of her younger brother and his best friend. Together, they stray behind the backs of everyone to protect them. Will they be able to fix the problem before getting caught? View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 27, 2009    Reads: 161    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

"What I've done…I'll face myself…To cross out what I've become…Erase myself…and let go of what I've done…"

Music blasted in my ears as I waited impatiently for the school day to end. It was a lazy Friday afternoon, the taste of the weekned atmosphere hovering above us. I leaned back on the bleachers, letting the music of Linkin Park drown out the chatter around me. Mr. Greene, the PE teacher, usually gave us Fridays off to just hang out in the school gymnasium. Whether to make him one of the more popular teachers among the students or out of plain laziness, I didn't particular care. But, as it turns out, everyone was taking advantage of this opportunity. And I mean everyone.

Some girls were gossipping and giggling as they flirted with the jocks nearby. Those who were supposedly labelled as "nerds" were taking this time to finish off their weekend homework. That would have been a good thing to do for me, considering the pile of homework I would have to tackle this weekend. Semesters were coming up, and the project load was overvwhelming. I groaned softly to myself. I wasn't in the mood to do anything school-related. Agh. An 80-minute class of free time never seems to end...

As if some unknown force has acknowledged me, the bell gave a shrill ring. Students began to file out, hurrying to greet the weekend. I grabbed my backpack and followed, not sure whether to be happy or distressed at the weekend.

I felt a nudge in my ribs, and I yanked out my earphones and jammed my iPod into my backpack before turning to give Jarred a look.

Jarred grinned, flipping his pale brown hair back before asking, "What're you doing this weekend?" He smirked a little as we passed a group of girls. He ran his hair through his hair, his red highlights more visible. He actually had the nerve to get blood red highlights, much to his parents' demise. But, he became more popular with the girls, so he was happy...Even though he had to face about a month of being grounded for getting highlights without his parents' permission.

I rolled my eyes and decided to ignore him, just for the sake of it. He returned the look, and I grinned and added, "Nothing, really...Probably going to the skate park or...catch up on some homework..."

"Homework?" Jarred chortled. "Alexander Royalton, the best skater in the freshman class, doing homework on such a perfect weekend? The skater boy who all the girls are falling for? Never thought I'd see the day..."

I punched his shoulder and retorted, "I, unlike you, don't want to fail freshman year..."

Jarred laughed and shook his head in disbelief. "Still, dude...homework... Might as well go to the skate park with me, then..."

I shrugged casually and dropped my skateboard to the pavement.

"Hey Alex!" a voice called me. I turned. Jarred gave me a smirk and waited. It was one of the girls Jarred had labeled as "stalkers". I gave them a good-natured wave.

"Are you going to Sam's party this Saturday?" One of them asked me, smiling sweetly.

I smiled back, trying to ignore Jarred's cough of amusement. "I'll try..." With that, I skated away with Jarred.

"You're not going, are you?" Jarred asked me when we were just out of earshot.

I grinned impishly. "Nope..."

Jarred chuckled. I looked at him curiously, but he shook his head.

I shrugged and pushed the board forward. Suddenly, I stopped.

Jarred saw and turned. "What's up, dude?"

I frowned. "Did I go to my locker?"

Jarred shook his head and added, "You came straight out from gym..."

I frowned again and fumbled around my pockets. "Here...meet me at my house, K?"

Jarred shrugged and skated off, and I headed in the opposite direction.


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