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The Secret Revealed

By: ponyandhorserule

Chapter 2,



Natasha Lock had just woken up again from the nightmare that won't go away, her past. In a modern and extricate mansion, in a lush blue room with a private ensuite, sitting area, veranda, and fire place. I mean like seriously who has a fire place in their bedroom besides really rich families. Natasha awoke with a start, her long dark blonde hair flowing down being her back; sweating and shaking Natasha abruptly sat up in her latex queen size bed.


Thinking back Natasha still clearly remembers what happened eight years ago.


Eight Years Earlier


Jumping on the trampoline, mother calls out that it is time to go over to the park. I race into the house, grab my water bottle of the dining table and I raced down to the car.


Five minutes later we arrive at the park, the next minute I knew I was struggling to get free from the ropes that bound me to the lumpy and extremely uncomfortable mattress. With gleams of light coming through the old, grey rusty window, with bars so escape would be almost or literally impossible.


Voices came from outside the door; I strained to hear what they were saying. I became his slave from that day on. Being beaten every day, with whips, chained up to the mattress, when I wasn't required.


I thought hard what it would be like to be out there in the free world without constant violence. Many days past on and I lost hope of being rescued, many of the other victims of the master mind behind all this had been their twice as long, as me.  I noted that all of the other victims were the same age as me which was a strange consequence well at least that was what I thought then.


The day of which I was rescued along with the other four victims, eventually came after what seemed like months but in actuality it was only three weeks. I heard whispers from coming outside of my window then a crash as the front door was banged down. I huddled in the dusty corner hoping that it would all be over soon, a vase came crashing down outside my door. I smelt chloroform being released into my room at that was the last I remembered until three days later in the hospital.




Furthermore, I climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower and to get ready of the day’s events, including high school luckily it was the last day of first term cause I desperately needed a holiday after one term of year ten.

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