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A tragic past happened to Natasha Lock her families decided to keep it a secret from others and now eight years later she reveals the secret of her past to others.The person,who did this just Reappeared in the country and now is trying to tract down Natasha a and silence her but Natasha doesn't know it. View table of contents...


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My Day @ School

The day just kept being dragged on and on. It seemed to have gone on for ever and ever. Teacher after teacher just kept putting DVD's and educational movies on. In SOSE my absolute favourite subject , not throughout the lesson we watched a movie and got our SOSE song analysis assignment back on three songs. It was absolutely amazing I ended up getting a royal flush (in porker terms) or four A+'s whilst most of my friends got B's . Even though I did not enjoy or particularly like some of my subjects I really enjoyed school. I had absolutely awesome teacher's this term, with a really nice group of friends. SOSE was not the only subject we got our marks back for either. I found out my marks for BEC( Business Enterprise and Computing), English and Maths. Over all I was extremely pleased with the marks I had received for the term.

Later in the day, we had our finally assembly in the school hall for the term, with basically just have a safe and enjoyable holiday and come back refreshed for the new term message. Other particular notices were mentioned mainly just teachers joining, and leaving for different periods of time. One of the teacher's that has been travelling to other schools around the state had a just arrived back on the last day of school before holidays it seemed a waste for him to come back then and not next term but who knows.

The teacher who had just came back to the school was Vance Robison, he was a strange and scary teacher and crazy who knows what's going on inside his head. Mr Vance Robison was the next teacher that I had for SOSE as we rotated through teachers every term "AHHH, " new teacher every term scary thought.

When I walked out to the car after the long and dragging day of school had finally finished I noticed mother had parked as close as possible to the school and was in an over protective mood, I hoped for my own sanity it would just quickly pass own. As soon as my brother had eventually hoped in the car we were off, quickly to home for the two week vacation. Which was full packed with relaxing and a couple of different things, appointments including the day.

I start to worry as the days draw closer to the day I have been dreading for eight long years the day that my deepest and darkest secret is revealed. A panic thought crossed my mind however I want mention this though just yet, as I was terrified about what might happen.

Natasha at this stage had no idea of what was going on reality , a warning to from the government police officer's or federal agents as people call them had just issued a serious warning to parents of those families effective, eight years ago that the evil man who kidnapped and brutally tortured and treated these children eight years ago has reappeared back in the country. On the news's that night their was a warning going out to all families and people to be on the look out and have all doors locked when out, or at least shut. Unluckily Natasha did not watch or pay any attention to the news. Little did she know exactly what trouble for her was just around the corner.


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