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The Secret Revealed

By: ponyandhorserule

Chapter 1, A tragic past happened to Natasha Lock her families decided to keep it a secret from others and now eight years later she reveals the secret of her past to others.The person,who did this just Reappeared in the country and now is trying to tract down Natasha a and silence her but Natasha doesn\'t know it.

The Secret Revealed 


Must keep running, keep running until I get to the safe room, I thought to myself.
Natasha Lock was desperate to get to the safe room as the monster who attacked and kidnapped her  eight year's ago is back in the country to desperate to silence Natasha before the day of which she will reveal her secret, of what happened in her past.
"NO! Let go." Natasha was struggling desperately as he, the monster, had hold of her and was trying to silence her.
"Sush,SHHH, be quite now" deeply  and silently growled Vance.
Finally Natasha had reached the alarm on the ground buried under the grass after a struggle, she was on the ground. Burly security guards and cops come running with their guns drew. Shouts come from the distance of the cops and security guards.
"Let go of her, step away from the girl, put the knife down on the ground now, lie down with your arms spread wide apart" Yelled the police officer in charge.
The next minute she laid motionless on the ground, from just being chloroformed and that was the last Natasha remembered and saw.
Vance thought he had just succeeded in chloroform Natasha little did he know that it was just a rouse, a simple but clever act. Suddenly he dropped his knife on the ground next to him nearly missing Natasha, as she moves ever so slightly to the side. He leans down to pick his knife up and that was the signal for the cops to close in. Next minute Vance knew he was surrounded, in a swift but steady and sneaky motion he moves his foot backwards to the secret escape, trap door and he disappears in to thin air just like magic.
One week earlier.

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