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17-year-old Teenage Boy Stalks, and Kidnaps his best friend's Mother

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Lance Anderson, Handsome, Brown Haired, Brown Eyed, 17-year-old Teenage Boy, He\'s the captain of his High School, Basketball, Football, and Volleyball Teams, He\'s also in the FFA, he\'s hoping to go to collage on a Basketball scholership, He\'s Best Friends with another 17-year-old boy named Brandon Mayfield, He lives in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood with his mother, Debbie Mayfield, she\'s beautiful, attractive, brunette haired, blue eyed, Divorcee, while Lance lived in an apartment, in a town called Rolla, Until something happened. The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children.


Something is about to happen in a town called Rolla.




Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Rolla, Debbie Mayfield was in the kitchen of her house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood washing the breakfast dishes, after putting them on the dryer to dry, She went into the living room, and looked out of the living room window, and saw her 17-year-old Teenage son, Brandon Mayfield outside of the house, talking to another 17-year-old Teenage boy, until he saw Debbie looking at them, Debbie went out of the house.



"Hi, Mom, this is Lance Anderson", Brandon said as he introduce the other teenage boy to Debbie.



"Hi, Lance", Debbie said as she looked at him.



"Hi", Lance replied shyly as he looked at her.



"Mom, we're going to see some other people", Brandon said as he decided to change the subject.



"Ok, Brandon", Debbie replied as she went inside the house.



Brandon and Lance left the house, until Lance was thinking about Brandon's mother, Debbie, About an hour later Brandon returned home, he and Debbie ate dinner and went to bed, while in his apartment, Lance was in his bedroom, he was looking at pictures of Brandon's mother, Debbie, he was smiling at her, he got grey-duck tape, rope, a bottle of chloroform, a piece of cloth, black gloves, and a ski-mask, he put them in a duffle-bag, he pulled out of the apartment parking lot, and drove off, he stopped at a sidewalk curb, a few feet from Brandon and Debbie's house, Brandon had left for High School, he saw Debbie get out of the house locked the front door, walked down the front porch, toward her car, she opened the driver-side door of her car, she got into the driver-seat of her car, she put her car key in the ignation, turned her car key, she pulled-out of the drive-way of her house, Lance saw Debbie's brunette hair blowing from an open window of her car, he fallowed her car, Lance watched her as she did her errends, Lance fallowed her back to her house, he watched her pick-up her groceries that she had bought from a local grocery store, and went inside the house, Until Lance decided to kidnap her, he put on the ski-mask, black gloves, he got the piece of cloth, the bottle of chloroform, grey-Duck tape,   Rope, he also had a gun with him too, he pulled his car up the drive-way beside Debbie's car, he got out of his car, after getting his car key out of the iganation, he closed the driver-side door behind him, he sneaked around the back of the house, Meanwhile, Debbie had just got done putting the groceries up, she started cleaning the house up, while Lance got the piece of cloth, and he started pouring the bottle of chloroform on the cloth, he put the empty bottle up, he slowly opened the door, While Debbie was looking at a picture of her and her husband, Kenneth Mayfield, it was their wedding picture, not knowing that Lance was sneaking-up behind her, Debbie was still looking at the picture, when Lance's gun was pressed to her cheek, Until Debbie stood in a frozen-state, she slowly dropped the picture on the couch, Lance's other hand had the chloroform cloth, and it pressed against Debbie's nose and mouth, Until Debbie fully and willfully submitted, until the effects of the chloroform had taken it's toil on her, until she passed-out, Lance grabbed her and he dragged her to the chair, he taped her wrists together with the grey-duck tape, he taped her mouth, and Eyes up too, he got another cloth and started putting everything back, he opened the door with the cloth again, he picked a chloroform-drugged Debbie up, he took her out of the living room, out of the house, he closed the door behind them, he took her down the front porch, toward his car, he opened the back door of his car.




"Ok, in you go, that's my girl", Lance said as he carefully laid a chloroform-drugged Debbie across the back seat of his car, he slowly moved his hand on her back, he closed the back door, got back in the car, and drove off.




About an hour later, Brandon returned home from school, he went inside the empty house.




"Mom, are you home?", Brandon asked but there was no answer, "Mom, are you home?", still no answer.




Brandon decided to call her best friend, Lori Kramer, he went to the telephone, he picked-up the Receiver, and Dialed Lori's phone number, Until Lori answered the phone.




"Lori, is my mom there?", Brandon asked hoping that Debbie was there.




"No, Brandon, I have'nt seen her", Lori answered until Brandon was sad about it, he got off the phone.




Brandon started getting worried about his mother.

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