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a distraught woman kidnaps an infant baby boy.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

A Distraut Woman named Alice that had just been told that her bilogical newborn son had passed away, is about to kidnap an infant baby boy. the fallowing chapter might have some sexual content that might not be good for small children. View table of contents...



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Someone is about to kidnap an infant baby boy.

Chapter 1.

At a Hospital, in a Hospital Room, a woman named Alice, was laying in her hospital bed, she had just gave birth to a newborn infant baby boy, and was about to meet him for the first time, when her doctor came into her hospital room.

"Doctor, why are you here?", Alice asked as she pulled her bed up to see him.

"Alice, there's something I have to tell you", Alice's Doctor answered with a concerned look on his face.

"Doctor, where's my baby?, where is he?, why isn't the nurse bringing him in here?", Alice asked as she looked behind the doctor to search for the nurse.

"Alice, There's been a problem", Alice's Doctor answered trying to find the words to tell her about her baby boy.

"What is it, where's my baby?", Alice asked as her voice was getting scared.

"Alice, I'm sorry, we did all we could, but", Alice's Doctor answered trying to fight back his guilt.

"Doctor, where's my baby?, where is he?", Alice asked as she started getting angry.

"Alice, I'm sorry but your newborn son had passed away", Alice's Doctor answered until Alice was shocked to hear the news, she told her doctor that she would like to see her newborn son to say good-bye to him and also to baptize him too, the doctor agreed to it.

About an hour later, Alice got to see her dead newborn son, another hour later a priest arrived in Alice's hospital room, she told the priest, she would like to name her dead newborn son, Billy, the priest baptized him and left.

Meanwhile, a Single Woman Named Laura Mayfield was taking care of her newborn infant son named James Mayfield, she put him in a baby carriage, and started taking him for a walk toward a park, About an hour later, Alice had just got discharged and was walking to the park also, Another Hour later, Laura and Baby James had arrived at the park, Laura parked the baby carriage by a park bench, she looked in the carriage, she saw her newborn son Baby James, sleeping, she decided not to bother him, she went over to talk to some other mothers, after Laura had left, Alice was walking toward the park bench, she looked in the baby carriage, and saw Baby James still sleeping.

"he's just so cute", Alice said to herself.

Alice looked around to see if no-one was watching, she unstrapped Baby James from his baby carriage, she carefully picked him up and held him in her arms, she looked at him with her loving eyes, She walked away from the baby carriage, and out of the park, Another hour later, Laura returned to the baby carriage, she looked in the baby carriage, She was shocked to find the baby carriage was empty, she started looking all over for her newborn son, she decided to call the police, she took out her cell-phone from her purse, and called 911, Meanwhile Alice took Baby James to a house, she took him into her master bedroom, and she laid him down on top of the bed, she laid down beside him, she looked at him with love in her eyes, she took off his clothes, and was still looking at him, with lovein her eyes, until Baby James started whimpering softly, until Alice decided to name him and helped him to calm down.

"Don't worry, Connor, Don't Worry, Mommy's Here, Mommy's right here, sweetie", Alice said as she moved her finger on Baby James/Connor's chest, until he calmed down.

Alice started smiling at him, Meanwhile the police arrived at the park, Laura was talking to a Police Officer.

"What does your baby look-like when last seen?", The Police Officer asked Laura.

"He was wearing a white baby body-suit, a sleeper that has a baby bottle and a rattle on it, a blue hat", Laura answered until the police officer finished writing it down.

"Ok, we'll put out an Amber Alert, and we'll see what we could do", The Police Officer said until he left.

Laura was wondering where her newborn son is, or who could've taken him.


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