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Deputy Prison Warden's Wife Abducted by a Prison Convict.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Lynette Anderson, Beautiful, Attractive, Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Married Woman, she works at a local bank, she's also married to her high school sweetheart Michael Anderson, who's a Deputy Prison Warden at a Prison, They live in a house in a shaded tree line neighborhood in a town called Salem, until a Prison Convict named Anthony Dean Gorman, he had been in the Salem Prison for kidnaping and sexually assaulting women, until he kidnapped Lynette.

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Children. View table of contents...



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Something is about to happen in a small town of Salem.

Chapter 1.

Around 5:00 in the morning, the sun was shining on the town of Salem, at a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, Lynette Anderson was in the kitchen, She was thinking about what to tell her Husband, Michael, when her husband, Michael Anderson came in the kitchen.

"Michael, I have to tell you something", Lynette said as she looked at her husband.

"Can It wait, Lynette, I'm running a little late", Michael replied as he was getting his things together.

"But Michael, I would like to tell you something", Lynette said as she looked at him.

"Oh, I've got to go, Bye", Michael replied as he went out of the house.

"Michael, I would like to have a baby", Lynette said as she finished her sentence.

But it was too late, Michael had left to work at the Prison. Meanwhile at 6:00, at The Salem Prison, Prison Convict Anthony Dean Gorman was in the prison and saw Michael Anderson go in the Prison, Anthony Gorman looked at some of the other Prison convicts, until the other Prison Convicts were starting a fight, While at 6:01 The other Prison Guards were breaking-up the fight, Anthony Gorman had sneaked out of the Prison and was headed for Michael and Lynette's House.

About 7:00, Lynette returned home from her work at the Bank, when She had just got out of her car, started walking toward the front porch, she opened the door and went inside the house, she closed the door behind her, she deactivated the burglar alarm, not knowing that someone was sneaking-up behind her. at 7:10, Prison Convict Anthony Dean Gorman grabbed her and covered her mouth up, with his gloved hand.

"Don't Scream Or I'm going have to use this gun on you, do you understand?", Anthony Gorman said as he slowly moved the side of his gun on a scared Lynette's arm, until she started shaking and whimpering, Until she slowly nodded her head.

"Good Girl, Now Let's go", Anthony Gorman said as he dragged Lynette up the stairs, and into the master bedroom, he told her to change into her clothes, as he got some money. he grabbed her and took her down the stairs, and he forced her to get into her own car, while he sat on the floorboard of Lynette's car.

"Ok, now drive or don't do anything foolish, or I'm going have to do this to you", Anthony Gorman said as he slowly moved the side of his gun on the back of Lynette's leg.

"Ok, Ok, just don't hurt me", Lynette replied as she started her car and drove off.

"Do what I say and I won't", Anthony Gorman replied as Lynette continued driving out of the drive-way of her house, and continued driving down the street.

Meanwhile About 7:30, Michael was working in his deputy prison warden's office, when he looked at a picture of Lynette, he decided to call her on the phone, he picked-up the receiver, he dialed the phone number to the house, and the phone kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing.

"That's Strange, Lynette would never leave the house, without telling me first", Michael said to himself.

Michael started getting worried about his wife, Until he decided to call one of his fellow Prison Guards to check on Anthony Gorman, he got off the phone, About 7:40, The Prison Guard called Michael back, and told him that Anthony Gorman wasn't in his prison cell, Michael was surprise about what he had heard, The Prison Guard also told Michael that they've found some stuff in Anthony Gorman's Prison Cell, Michael told the prison guard that he would like to see it, Meanwhile at 7:50, Lynette continued driving down the interstate, while Anthony Gorman was sitting on the floor-board of the car, She was trying to figure out a way to get away from him.

"Look, you can have my car, I won't tell anyone", Lynette said as she had thought of a way to get away.

"That's Not An Option, Pull Over, I've got to change these Plates", Anthony replied as Lynette pulled over at a rest stop.

Around 7:53, Anthony Gorman forced Lynette out of her car, he made her stand at the front of the car, while he switched the plates to a car that was parked beside theirs, he did the same to the back ones too, Until Lynette saw a couple walking toward them, She was about to walk toward them, when Anthony Gorman grabbed her, and put his arms around her, until she started whimpering.

"shh, shh, just relax, just hug me, just hug me", Anthony Gorman whispered as the couple got into the car that was beside their's, and started to drive off, until Anthony Gorman opened the trunk of Lynette's car, and he positioned Lynette in front of the trunk.

"Get In The Trunk", Anthony Gorman said as he looked at Lynette.

"What?", Lynette asked until she realized what he's going to do to her.

"Get In The Trunk, Now", Anthony Gorman answered as he started forcing Lynette in the trunk of the car.

"No, Please, No, Please, No", Lynette said as she started sobbing as Anthony Gorman forced her in the trunk, he closed the trunk door.

Anothony Gorman got in the driver-seat of Lynette's car, and he started driving off, while inside the trunk, Lynette was looking for something to use as a weapon, until she didn't find nothing, Lynette started sobbing again. Meanwhile at 7:56 at the Salem Prison, Lynette's Husband Michael was in his Deputy Prison Warden's Office, when a Prison Guard walked into the Office with a box full of Anthony Gorman's things.

"Deputy Anderson, here's the things we found in Prison Convict Anthony Gorman's Cell", The Prison Guard said as he laid the box on Michael's Desk.

"Thanks", Michael replied as the Prison Guard left the office.

At 8:00, Michael was surprised at what he had seen in the box, there was pictures of Lynette, there was a picture of her, watering her flowers, a picture of her in her swim-suit laying on a fold-out lawn-chair taking a sun-tan, Michael looked at some more pictures of Lynette, he also read some of Anthony Gorman's notebooks too, Michael read in one of Anthony Gorman's notebook about his fantasy's about Lynette, Michael put Anthony Gorman's things, and The Prison Guard took them away, Michael Hoped that they'll find his wife, Lynette, soon.

Meanwhile at 8:01, Anthony Gorman was driving the car, until he pulled-up at a gas-station, he got out of the car, and started pumping gas in the gas tank of the car, after he was done, he put the gas hose back, put the gas tank top back, closed the small door, he started walking toward the gas station, after he was gone, in the trunk, Lynette started calling for help.

"Hello?, Somebody, Help Me, Help Me I'm In The Trunk, Help Me, Somebody, Help Me", Lynette called but her call's for help was overlapped by the sound of a construction site.

About 8:02, Anthony Gorman walked out of the gas station, he started walking toward the car, he put his hand on the trunk of the car, and slowly moved it, he got in the driver-side of the car, and drove away from the gas station, and was on the interstate, he was taking Lynette out of the state.

Meanwhile at 8:09, back at Lynette and Michael's house, Michael was still worried about his wife, Lynette, when Lynette's elderly mother, Helen Anderson went to the house.

"Helen, what are you doing here?", Michael asked as Helen went in the house.

"I just couldn't stay at my house, I was wondering has the police found her yet", Helen answered as she looked at her son-in-law.

"They haven't found her yet, but they're keeping an eye on all the roads, bus stops, and train stations", Michael said.

"Oh, I'm just so worried about Lynette, Oh, Michael have the Police interviewed any witnesses?", Helen asked.

"Yeah, but They haven't seen her, and they've also looked at every single registered sex offender too, and Nothing", Michael answered.

"Oh, I see", Helen said.

Helen and Michael started to get worried about Lynette, Meanwhile at 8:10, in another no-name town, at a gas station, a man was pumping gas in the gas tank of his car, when he saw a truck drove-up to a gas tank right by his, he saw two men and one woman in the trunk, the first man that was in the driver-seat, got out of the truck, and started pumping gas in the gas tank of the truck, While the second man stayed in the truck with the woman, the man that was beside his car, saw that the woman was heavily-drugged, until the woman looked-up and saw the man that was beside the car, and was about to say something, when the second man slowly moved his hand on her leg, until the woman put her head down, the man that was beside his car went into the gas station to pay for the gas, when he came back out, the truck was gone, the man got into his car and drove off.


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