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Divorced Woman Stalked, and Kidnapped.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Deborah Miller, Brautiful, Attractive, curly-brown hair, Blue eyed, Divorcee, she lives in a house in a small-gaited neighborhood in Lake Tahoe, Flordia, Until something happened to her.

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some S.C In It, That Might Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...



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Something is going to happen in Lake Tahoe, Florida.

Chapter 1.

Around 5:00, a black SUV truck was sitting on a parking lot of a store, unidentified man wearing blue jean pants, brown boots, long-sleeve shirt, he had short light-brown hair, and light brown eyes, he was smoking a cigarette, Until he saw a light blue 4-door car driving on the street, until it parked by the sidewalk, the driver-side door opened and Deborah Miller got out of the driver-side of her car, The Unidentified man saw her through the Truck window, and was smiling at her, Until Deborah saw someone looking at her, she smiled and waved to him, he waved back at her, Deborah started walking toward the post office, the unidentified man waited until Deborah came out of the post office, she saw the SUV truck still parked in the parking lot.

"That's Strange, that truck should've been gone by now", Deborah said to herself as she got into the driver-seat of her car, and started drive off, Until at 5:10, the unidentified man fallowed her car in his truck.

The Unidentified Man fallowed Deborah's car all the way to her own house, he watched her pull up on her drive-way, he watched her get out of her car, walked on her side-walk, he watched her go inside her house, The Unidentified man decided he should have her, Another Hour Later at 7:00 in the evening. Deborah was watching TV, not knowing that the unidentified man had pulled his SUV truck on her drive-way in front of her house, at 7:01, Deborah decided to make herself a cup of tea, she got up from her chair in the living room of her house, started walking toward the kitchen of her house, she got the tea-kettle going, got a tea-cup from the cupboard. she walked toward her tea-kettle and poured some hot tea in her cup, not knowing that the unidentified man had just sneaked into the house, and was sneaking-up behind her, About 7:04, Deborah was about to turn around and walk toward the living, when she was started by the unidentified man, he covered her mouth with his gloved hand, and put the gun to her chest.

"Don't Scream, or I'm going have to hurt you, I'm here, For You", The Unidentified man said to a startled Deborah.

At 7:06 The Unidentified man grabbed Deborah and he forced her to pour out her cup of tea, he dragged her up the stairs to her master bedroom, closed the door behind them, he took out a bottle of alcohol, he put his gloved hand away from Deborah's mouth, he forced her to drink the alcohol, Until Deborah started sobbing.

"Drink It, Drink It, That's a Girl, Drink It", The Unidentified man said as he started moving his gloved hand on Deborah's arm as he continued to force her to drink the alcohol.

After she was done, the unidentified man threw the empty alcohol bottle away, he laid a heavily-drugged Deborah on the couch, while he taped her wrists together with duck-tape, he opened the front door, he wiped off his finger-prints off of the door-knob, he picked Deborah up, he took her out of her house, toward his truck, he opened the back door of his truck, he carefully laid her on the floor-board of his truck, he closed the back door of the truck, he got in the driver-seat, he pulled out of her drive-way, drove down the road,

Meanwhile around 7:10, at another house, Deborah's Elderly Mother, Martha Larson was thinking about her grown-up daughter, Deborah, when she decided to call her on the phone. she picked-up the receiver, and Dialed Deborah's phone number, until Deborah's telephone started ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing.

"That's Funny, Deborah would never leave the house with telling any-one where she's going", Martha Larson said to herself.

Meanwhile at 7:13, at an apartment complex far from lake tahoe, Deborah was sitting on a chair, when the unidentified man came in the room, he had a crystal prisim on a gold chain.

"Now, I want you to look at this crystal prisim", The Unidentified Man said as he slowly moved the crystal prisim back and fourth in front of her eyes.

"What's Happening To Me?", Deborah asked as she started to become hypnotized.

"You are now under my control, you will do what i say, do you understand?", The Unidentified man asked to a hypnotized Deborah.

"Yes, I understand", Deborah answered in a hypnotic voice.


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