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Two Sisters is about to attend High School, one is 17-years-old and one is 16-years-old, until the youngest sister is kidnapped in the middle of the night from her own home that she lived with her sister, her older sister and their new friends are trying to find her.

the fallowing might have some violent, sexual, content that might not be good for small children, mature readers only. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: meeting a homeless man named Malcom Fletcher.

Elizabeth Sanderson and her big sister Jessica Sanderson were walking toward the high school in Pendleton, Jessica was 17-years-old, short blonde hair, green eyed, 5'10, average height, Teenage Girl, she was wearing unmentionable, shirt, shorts, socks and shoes, Elizabeth was 16-years-old, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'10'', Beautiful, Attractive, Average Teenage Girl, she was wearing unmentionable, shirt, shorts, socks and shoes, they had just moved to Pendleton, and was living in a house in a shaded, gaited neighborhood, While they were walking, they saw a homeless man named Malcom Fletcher, he was 5'11'', short black hair, hazel eyes, he was wearing unmentionable, shirt, pants, socks, and boots, he was standing against a brick wall of a store, and was asking people for hand-outs, Until he saw the two girls walking toward him,

"Excuse me, girls, would either of you could spare a dime?", Malcom asked as Elizabeth and Jessica approached him.

"Ok, Here you go", Elizabeth said as she gave him a dollar bill.

"Lisa?", Jessica asked as she looked at her sister.

"Thank you, Miss", Malcom said.

"You're welcome", Elizabeth replied as she and Jessica continued on.

"Liz, what were you thinking?", Jessica asked as they were a few feet away from him.

"I'm just being a good samaritan", Elizabeth answered not knowing that Malcom Fletcher was watching them.

what they don't know that Malcom Fletcher's real name was Gregory Allan Asberry, he was a registered sex offender, and he even has a female acomplice, her name was Lauren Hannah Mallory-Asberry, that was at a campsite deep in the woods far from Pendleton, Malcom/Gregory started watching the two girls as they continued walking, He started watching Elizabeth, Meanwhile Elizabeth and Jessica arrived at Pendleton High School, they went on to their class, another hour later The two girls were at the local Teen Hang-Out with their Friends, Ken Mitchell, Sarah Webster, Michael Lawson (who was Elizabeth's Boyfriend), and Tanya Sharp, They started eating french frise and drinking milkshakes, talking about the events of the day, Another hour later they parted ways, The two girl's went to their house, not knowing that they were being fallowed, that night Elizabeth and Jessica were having dinner, after Dinner they watched some TV, another hour later they went to bed, Outside the house, a grey silver 4-door Toyota car, Malcom/Gregory was in the driver-seat, he got out of the driver-seat, he started walking on the front porch, in his pocket it was a pocketknife, he got a front door key out of an empty small flower pot, he put the key in the keyhole, he turned the doorknob, he started walking up the stairs, down the hallway, passed Jessica's closed bedroom, until he approached Elizabeth closed bedroom door, Malcom/Gregory opened the closed bedroom door, he looked inside the bedroom, He saw Elizabeth still sleeping underneath the covers, He slowly sneaked-up toward her bed, he took out his gloved hand and took out his pocketknife and opened it, He put his gloved hand on Elizabeth's mouth, until she woke-up and saw him looking at her, She was about to scream, when Malcom/Gregory started to keep her quiet.

"Don't scream or I'm going have to hurt you, do you understand, nod if you understand?", Malcom/Gregory asked until a frightened Elizabeth slowly nodded her head with a look of fear in her eyes.

"Good Girl", Malcom/Gregory said.

Malcom/Gregory started putting grey duck-tape on a frightened Elizabeth's mouth, he taped her wrists together with grey duck-tape, he grabbed her, took her out of her bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, through the living room, on the front porch steps, down the sidewalk, Malcom/Gregory opened the trunk, he put Elizabeth in the trunk and closed the trunk, He went in the driver-seat and drove off, While in the trunk, Elizabeth could feel the car moving, she started wondering what he's going to do to her, she hoped if she'll ever see her big sister and her friends, and also her boyfriend Michael Lawson again, Suddenly Elizabeth could feel the car stopped, she could hear footsteps coming from outside the car, the trunk opened, Malcom/Gregory got Elizabeth out of the Trunk, he forced her to walk with him into the woods, leaving the car behind, as they were walking Malcom/Gregory told Elizabeth not to scream or even try to escape, he'll find her and kill her and her sister, another hour later they've arrived at the secret campground, His acomplice Lauren saw them, She hugged Elizabeth, and took her inside a tent, and made her sit down on a bed, and left, Meanwhile Back at Elizabeth and Jessica's house, Jessica woke-up, Until she realized that her little sister was gone, Jessica decided to call the police,


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