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Infant Baby Boy Kidnapped.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

A Distrought Woman named Anna Simms, couldn't except that her bilogical newborn baby boy, had sadly passed away during childbirth, is about to kidnap another woman named Hannah Mayfields's infant baby boy named Billy, They live in two seperate house's in a town called Arcadia. View table of contents...



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A Distraught Woman is about to kidnap another Woman's Infant Baby Boy.

Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, at a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, an infant baby boy named Billy woke-up in his crib, he looked around his nursery, until he started crying a little, suddenly footsteps were coming from outside, the nursery door opened, his mother, Hannah went in the nursery, she walked toward the crib, she picked him up and held him in her arms, until baby Billy started cooing at her, Hannah carried him to a diaper-changing table, she took off his dirty sleeper, and put it in the laundry hamper, she took his dirty diaper off and threw it away, she laid him on his little tummy, until baby Billy started pulling himself up, until he laid back down when his mother, Hannah slowly moved her finger on his little bottom, she put a clean diaper on, she got his clothes on, she held him in her arms, Baby Billy started cooing at her, Meanwhile at Arcadia Hospital, a woman named Anna was laying in a hospital bed, she had just gave birth to a newborn baby boy, and was waiting for the nurse to bring the baby, Until her Doctor came in her hospital room.

"Doctor, is something wrong?", Anna asked.

"Anna, I've something to tell you", Anna's Doctor answered.

"Oh, what is it, where's my baby, where is he?", Anna asked.

"I'm so sorry, we did everything we could", Anna's Doctor answered.

"Doctor, where's my baby, where is he?", Anna asked.

"Anna, I'm sorry, but your baby died", Anna's Doctor answered.

"No!!!!!", Anna cried as she started sobbing.

Until her doctor decided to sedate her, Meanwhile back at Hannah's house, Hannah was getting ready to take baby Billy to the park, she put a red-striped shirt with a little teddy bear stenciled on it, and Tan shorts, green tennis shoes, she put him in a baby carriage, Anna pushed the baby carriage out of the living room, down the front porch, down the sidewalk, and started going toward a park, Meanwhile, Anna had just been released from Arcadia Hospital, she started walking toward the park as well, About an hour later, Hannah and Baby Billy arrived at the park, Hannah parked the baby carriage by a park bench, she looked into the baby carriage and saw her infant son, sleeping, Hannah decided to use the park rest-room, she walked over toward a rest-room, and left baby Billy by himself, another hour later, Anna arrived at the park, she started watching the other children playing on the playground equipment, until she saw the baby carriage, she started walking toward it, and saw baby Billy.

"he looks just like my own newborn infant son", Anna said to herself as she unbuckled his harness, picked him up, held him in her arms.

Anna started walking away from the baby carriage, until baby Billy started to cry, she had to think of something to calm him down.

"It's ok, Samuel, it's ok, Mommy's here, Mommy's here, It's ok", Anna said as she continued walking out of the park with baby Billy.

Another hour later, Hannah returned from the rest-room, until she looked in the baby carriage, she was shocked that Baby Billy was gone, Hannah started looking around, and asking anyone if they had seen him, she decided to call the police, Meanwhile back at Anna's House, Anna was sitting on a bed, she laid Baby Billy/Samuel on the bed, she had just changed his clothes, and changed his diaper, she covered his belly-button up, she looked at him and smiled at him, until Baby Billy/Samuel looked at her and smiled back at her. until Baby Billy/Samuel started to whimper, until Anna decided to sing to him to calm him down.

"Hush-a-Bye, Don't You Cry, Go to sleepy, Little Baby, when you wake, you shall have, all the pretty little horses", Anna singed until baby Billy/Samuel calmed down.

Anna was glad that it worked, Meanwhile back at the park, Hannah was talking to a police officer, she gave the police officer a description on what Baby Billy looked like and what he was wearing, the police officer told her that they've put out an Amber Alert on baby Billy, Hannah hoped that the police will find her infant son in time.

Two Years Later, a 3-year-old toddler was playing in the backyard of Anna's house, when Anna came out of the back-door of the house.

"Samuel, time to come inside, sweetie", Anna said.

"Ok, Mommy", Samuel/Billy replied as he ran up the stairs and in the house.

Anna closed the door behind them, Meanwhile back at Hannah's house, Hannah was in Billy/Samuel's bedroom, she sat down on his bed and was thinking about him, when her best friend, Karen Anderson came in the bedroom.

"Karen, it's been two weeks, my sweet little boy is now 3-years-old, I've missed it all, I've missed seeing him taking his first step, and everything", Hannah said.

"Hannah, I think it's time that you accept the fact that your baby is gone", Karen replied.

"No, I won't Karen", Hannah said.

Meanwhile Anna took Billy/Samuel to the park, Until that same morning, Hannah was also walking toward the park, About an hour later, Anna and Billy/Samuel.

"Ok, Samuel, go off and play", Anna said.

"Ok, Mommy", Billy/Samuel replied.

Billy/Samuel started walking toward the slide, on that same day, Hannah arrived at the park, She saw Anna talking to some other mother's, Until she saw Billy/Samuel.

"He looks like my own son Billy", Hannah said to herself.

She started walking toward him, she saw him climbing up the stairs, she saw him sliding down toward her, until he saw her.

"Hi, cutie", Hannah said as she knelt down to him.

"Hi", Billy/Samuel replied.

"you look like my own little boy", Hannah said.

"Oh really?", Billy/Samuel asked.

"Yeah, Really", Hannah answered as she was about to tell him his real name.

"Samuel, sweetie, time to go home", Anna called.

"Ok, Mommy", Billy/Samuel replied as he started running toward Anna.

Hannah watched as Anna took her son, Billy/Samuel away, She went back to her house, she called Karen on the phone, and told her to come over to her house, she has something that she wants to say to her, About an hour later, Karen arrived at Hannah's house, she went inside her house.

"Ok, Hannah, what could be so important that you couldn't say over the phone?", Karen asked as she walked into the living room.

"Karen, I know this might sound a little far-fetched, but I saw my son, Billy", Hannah answered.

"What?", Karen asked as she looked at Hannah.

"Karen, look there's the age-progress photo of what would Billy look-like at 3-years-old, so I've found him", Hannah answered.

"Hannah, do you think that Little boy is him?", Karen asked.

"Yes, I sure do", Hannah answered.

"Oh, I see", Karen said.

Meanwhile back at Anna's House, Billy/Samuel was thinking about the woman that he had seen.

"I think that she was my biological mother", Billy/Samuel said to himself.

While Billy/Samuel was thinking about the woman that he had seen, Anna walked into his bedroom.

"Hi, Samuel, sweetie", Anna said.

"Hi, Mommy", Billy/Samuel replied.

"Samuel, i love you so much", Anna said.

"I love you too, Mommy", Billy/Samuel replied.

They hugged each-other, Anna looked down at him, she smiled at her, he looked-up at her, he smiled at her.

"Samuel, why don't you take a nap?", Anna asked.

"Ok, Mommy", Billy/Samuel answered.

Billy/Samuel laid down on top of his bed, while Anna sat down beside him, she hummed a lullaby to him, while caressing his short blonde hair, until Billy/Samuel fell asleep, Anna got up from his bed, she tip-toed out of his bedroom, She went down the hallway, She went down the stairs, she was scared that the police would come, and take her son away from her, they'll take her to jail, She decided to move away from Arcadia.

"They're not going to take my son away from me, they're not", Anna said to herself.


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