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Married Wife kidnapped by escaped prison convict.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Lynette Ritter, beautiful, attractive, blonde haired, blue eyed, married woman, married to her high school sweetheart Andrew Ritter, they live in a house in a city called Portland, until a resgistered sex offender Bryan Darren Greene is about to escape from prison and is about to kidnapped Lynette.

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...


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Lynette Quinn Ritter is leading a charmed life, she's married to her high school sweetheart Andrew Ritter, they've met when they were in high school, Andrew was the captain of the basketball team, and Lynette was on the pep squad, they've met, and from then on, they fell in love, after graduation, they were married, until something happened, that will change their lives, forever.

Chapter 1.

Registered Sex Offender Bryan Darren Greene had just escaped from Prison, he started heading toward Portland. Meanwhile at a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, Lynette was in the kitchen washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, when her husband, Andrew came into the kitchen.

"Lynette, I'm just worried about that escaped prison convict", Andrew said.

"Andrew, I'm going to be ok, don't worry about me", Lynette replied.

"How can I be worried leaving you here alone, when there's an escaped convict on the loose", Andrew said.

"Andrew, don't worry about me, I'll be fine, you just go and have a great time, and don't worry about me", Lynette replied.

"Ok, Lynette", Andrew said.

About an hour later, Andrew kissed Lynette good-bye and left, another hour later, Lynette left the house, to do her errands, not knowing that Bryan Greene was watching her, after she was gone, Bryan Greene sneaked to the back of her house, he went inside the house, he was wearing, white socks, black boots, blue jeans, long-sleeve shirt, he was wearing a hoodie over the shirt, inside the pocket of the hoodie was a knife and a hand-gun, he waited until he heard Lynette's car drove up in front of the house, he saw her get out of her car, after getting her keys from the ignition, after turning the car motor off, she closed the driver-side door, walked toward the front porch, walked on the front porch, opened the storm-door, she opened the front door of the house, she closed the door, put her purse on the coat hanger, she turned around and saw Bryan Greene looking at her.

"Who are you?, what do you want?", Lynette asked.

"I'm here, for you", Bryan Greene answered until Lynette made a dash toward the telephone, just when she was about to pick-up the receiver, Bryan grabbed her, covered her mouth up with his hand.

"Now, don't scream or don't do anything foolish, or I'm going have to hurt you real bad", Bryan said as he took out his knife and showed it to a scared Lynette.

"Please, don't hurt me", Lynette said.

"Do what i say and I won't", Bryan replied.

"Ok", Lynette said.

"Good Girl", Bryan replied.

Bryan forced Lynette to get her purse, he forced her to take her cell phone, her license, out of her purse, he forced her to take her money, he forced her out of the house, into her car, he forced her to drive down the street. he continued telling her which street to take, he also warned her not to call for help, or make eye-contact with anyone as well, Lynette was starting to get scared, and thought that he was going to rape or hurt her in some way, Bryan continued telling Lynette to keep driving, until they were on the interstate out of Portland, while they were driving on the interstate, Lynette was thinking of a plan to free herself from Bryan Greene.

"Look, you can take my money and my car, and let me go, i won't tell anyone, just let me go", Lynette said.

"That's Not an option, pull over, I've to change these plates", Bryan replied as Lynette pulled over at a rest area.

Bryan forced her to get out of her car, and stand in the front of her car, while he changed the plates on her car, he did the same to the back ones, Lynette saw another couple walking toward them, Lynette decided to get their attention, just as She was about to get their attention, Bryan Greene grabbed her, they pretended to be hugging each-other, Until Lynette started whimpering.

"It's ok, shhhh, It's ok, just hug me, Just hug me, It's ok", Bryan whispered into Lynette's ear as the other couple got into the car that was parked beside theirs pulled out of the parking lot and drove off.

About an hour later after they were gone, Bryan Greene opened the trunk of Lynette's car.

"Get in the Trunk", Bryan said.

"What?", Lynette asked.

"Get In the trunk, I'm not going to say it again", Bryan answered.

"No, Please, Noooooo", Lynette sobbed as Bryan forced her in the trunk of the car, closed the trunk door.

Bryan got in the driver-seat and he pulled out of the parking lot, after putting the key in the ignition, and drove off, While inside the Trunk, Lynette was looking for something to use, when she didn't find anything, she started sobbing again.


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