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Murdering Women and Sexually Assaulting Children.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Someone has been, Stalking, Strangling, and Murdering Women, and Sexually Assaulting Children. The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children.



Someone has been stalking, strangling, and murdering women, and sexually assaulting children, the first attack started in a town called Arcadia,




Chapter 1.

A Beautiful Attractive Ballerina Dancer, was in a Ballet Studio alone, Practicing for a Ballet, not knowing that someone was watching her, after she was done, she started getting her street clothes on, until the stalker/murderer started sneaking-up behind her, Until the beautiful, attractive Ballerina Dancer turned around and saw him, She started to scream, as the stalker/murderer started strangling her, with his glove hands, about an hour later, the stalker/murderer carefully laid the dead ballerina dancer on the floor, he slowly moved his gloved hand on her cheek, and left.

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