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Rapeing Women with blonde hair and blue eyes.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Someone has been stalking, kidnapping, and rapeing blonde haired women with blue eyes. The Fallowing chapter might have some sexual content that might not be good for small children.


Someone has been stalking, kidnapping, and rapeing blonde haired women with blue eyes, the stalker/rapist is about to get it's first victim.

Chapter 1.

A Beautiful Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Model named Tracey, had just got done with her photo-shoot, she started walking in the parking lot garage that was by the place where her photo-shoot was at, toward her car, not knowing that someone was stalking far behind her, another hour later, Tracey saw her car, she was getting her car keys from her purse, She stood by her car and was fumbling around in her purse to look for her car keys, While Tracey's back was turned, the stalker/rapist sneaked-up behind her, He grabbed her and covered her mouth up, Until a scared Tracey started screaming, struggling, and crying.

"Don't make any moves, or i'll have to hurt you, do you understand, nod if you understand", The Stalker/Rapist said until a scared Tracey slowly nodded her head after she saw his gun.

"Good Girl", The Stalker/Rapist said.

He dragged Tracey away from her car, and into his black van, he forced her in the back of the van, he injected her with some drug that'll knock her out cold, until Tracey became drugged-out, The Stalker/Rapist taped her wrists and legs up, he ripped out her clothes, he started moving his hands all over her body, he started caressing her breast, her stomache, her arms, legs, and her face, after he was done, he looked at Tracey, he kissed her cheek, he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"You're so beautiful", The Stalker/Rapist whispered he put Tracey back in her car and left her there.

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