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Spunky the puppy and his brothers and sister is Kidnapped.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Spunky is a cute, adorable, labador retreiver puppy, he\'s one of the youngest puppies, he has three brothers named, Plucky, Lucky, and Gizzy, they\'re labador retreiver puppies, they have one sister named Cutie. They live in a puppy farm, until something happens to them. The Fallowing Chaper Might Have Some, Scarey, Violent, and Sexual Content, that might not be goood for small children.




At An Old House Far From The Town Of Safe-Heaven, a powerful wizard named Warlock was standing in the living room of the house, looking at a statue of a sitting demon dog, the demon dog told warlock to bring him five puppies, so that the demon dog would suck-up their souls, worlock left the old house to search for the five puppies.




Chapter 1.

Meanwhile At a Puppy Farm far from the old house, Spunky was outside with his three brothers, Plucky, Lucky, and Gizzy, and their sister Cutie, They were labador retreiver puppies, On that clear sunny day, They were playing in the front fenced-in yard of the puppy farm, they saw other puppies get adopted by loving familes.




"I wish someone would come and adopt us", Spunky said.



"I wouldn't mind getting adopted", Plucky said.



"I wouldn't mind it too", Lucky said.



"Me Too", Gizzy said.



"Don't you even know that we might be seperated to different familes?", Cutie asked.



Suddenly, Spunky, Plucky, Lucky, and Gizzy realized what their sister had said. until they decided not to talk about it, about an hour later they ate dinner, and went to bed, that night the evil wizard Warlock sneaked into the farm, he went into the barn, and saw the puppies,

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