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Teenage Boy Witnesses His Mom being Abducted by Three Strange Men wearing black Robes.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Kyle Palmer is just an avarage 17-year-old short brunette haired, light brown eyed, Teenage Boy, he's captain of the high school basketball, football, and volleyball, and swim teams, he's hoping to go to collage on a basketball scholership, he lives in a house in a friendly neighborhood with his Divorcee Mother, Sally Palmer, she was Beautiful, Attractive, Brunette Haired, Hazel Eyed, Woman, Kyle's Father had walked out on them when Kyle was a baby, Now Sally is working part-time as a bank-teller at a local bank in a town called Deluth, and trying to make a living for herself and Kyle, She has a deep-Secret, until something happened.

The Fallowering Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...



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Kyle Palmer is about to witness something strange, when three strange men wearing black robes, kidnaps his mother, Sally Palmer.

Chapter 1.

Kyle Palmer was sitting in the passenger-seat of the car, while his mother, Sally Palmer was driving the car down the street to their house, they were driving home from high school in a town called Decatur, Kyle looked at his angry mother, and decided to say something.

"Mom, you haven't said a word since we left the principles office", Kyle said until his mother, Sally Palmer kept on Driving.

About an hour later Sally pulled the car up on the drive-way in front of their house, she turned the ignition off, She gave a long sigh.

"Kyle, I have to tell you something", Sally said.

"Ok, what is it, Mom?", Kyle asked.

"Not in here, let's go in the house", Sally answered as she pulled the car-key out of the ignition.

"Ok, Mom", Kyle replied.

They got out of the car, walked-up on the sidewalk, on the front porch, they went inside the house, Sally closed the door behind them.

"Ok, what are you going to tell me, Mom?", Kyle asked.

"Well, Kyle, before I met your father, I was in an Evil Cult, and the leader of the cult wanted me to be his bride, but i refused, so i escaped, and I'm not going back", Sally answered.

"Wow, that's awful, Mom", Kyle said.

"So, I don't want you to tell no-one about it", Sally said.

"Ok, Mom", Kyle replied.

Kyle and Sally ate Dinner, after Dinner they went to bed, that night Three Strange Men wearing long black robes were walking down the sidewalk toward Kyle and Sally's house, as they walked, a strange white mist was underneath their feet, until they were up on the front porch. one of the three strange men wearing a long black robe rang the doorbell, Until Sally woke-up in her bed in the master bedroom, she got up out of bed, walked toward the master bedroom door, she walked down the hallway, past Kyle's closed bedroom door, until Kyle opened the door, he saw his mother walk down the stairs, he fallowed behind her, and watched what was going on from the top of the stairs behind a corner that led to the down-stairs steps, Sally walked toward the front door of the house, she opened the door, she was startled to see the three strange men wearing long black robes.

"What are you doing here?, what do you want?", Sally asked until one of the three strange men starred at her.

"You must be tired now, why don't you sleep", The first of the three strange men said as he put his hand out in front of Sally's Face and moved it back and fourth until she became hypnotized.

"Yes, I must sleep", Sally replied in a hypnotic voice.

Just when she was about to fall, another one of the three strange men grabbed, they started walking off, taking a hypnotized Sally with them, while her son, Kyle was shocked about what he had just seen, he went down from his hiding place, went out of the door, being careful not to step on anything, he started looking up the sidewalk and down the sidewalk, but he didn't see no-one there. Kyle was getting a little worried, he was thinking about calling the police, he thought about how they would react, when he tells them that his mother had been taken away by someone, he decided to take the chance, he went back in the house, got on the phone, and started calling the police.

Meanwhile Kyle's mother, Sally was in a deep sleep, she was levitating above the ground, suddenly the door opened, a man wearing a long black robe walked into the room, he saw her, he started smiling at her, He started walking toward her, he started moving his hand on her brunette hair.


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