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Two Best Friends Is Kidnapped and Cholorformed.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, April Mayfield, Beautiful, Attractive, Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Single Woman, she works at a bank, and is best friends with, Lynette Anderson, she\'s beautiful, attractive, brunettie haired, hazel eyed, single woman, they live in suburban houses in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, in a town called Arcadia, Until something happened. The Fallowing Chapter Might Have some violent and sexual content that might not be good for small children.


Something is about to happen to two best friends, in a town called Arcadia.

Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, April Mayfield was going for a drive with her best friend, Lynette Anderson, they were driving in April's car, Until Lynette noticed a man trying to load something in his van.

"April, I think he needs some help", Lynette said as she pointed to the man.

"Ok, I'll pull over", April replied as she pulled her car over to the side of the road, they both got out of the car, walked toward the man.

"Hi, do you need any help?", Lynette asked as the man looked at them.

"Oh, Yes, I just can't get this thing to get in here", The man replied as April and Lynette approached him.

"ok", April said as she and Lynette helped the man out.

"Thanks, I really appreciated it", The man said as he put his hand behind his back to get his shot-gun.

"No, Problem", Lynette said as the man had the shot-gun in his hand.

"We're just happy to help", April replied as she and Lynette were walking toward their car, when the man pulled out his shot-gun at them.

"You two aren't going no-where", The man said as he pointed the gun at a scared April and Lynette.

he forced them to get in the back of the van, he closed the van door, he drove off, while he was driving, April and Lynette was in the back of the van, their hands holding each-other.

"What do you think He'll do to us?", Lynette asked as she whispered to April.

"I don't know", April answered as she whispered to Lynette.

The two women wondered where the man is taking them, about an hour later the man drove the van to an oldwarehouse far from Arcadia, he took April and Lynette in the warehouse, and put them in a small room, he left them, they started wondering what he's going to do to them, they laid down on a mattress, and fell asleep, Suddenly April and Lynette woke-up when they heard footsteps coming from outside the closed door, they held on to each-other as the doorknob suddenly rattled and turned, the door opened, Their kidnapper came in the room, he had another man with him, they looked at April and Lynette.

"Take her away", Their kidnapper said as he pointed to Lynette, the second man grabbed Lynette and took her out of the room.

"Where are you taking her?", April asked as their kidnapper left.

"None of your Business", Their Kidnapper answered as he closed the door behind her.

April started getting worried about her best friend, Meanwhile Lynette was being put in another small room, she was made to sit on on a floor, she was tied with a neck-collar and chain, and was left there. Lynette wondered why she was separated from April, suddenly she heard some footsteps from outside the door, she saw the doorknob rattled and turned, the door opened, She saw a woman coming into the room, the woman closed the door behind her, she started walking toward Lynette, she turned away from the woman, Until the woman knelt down beside Lynette, the woman slowly moved her hand on Lynette's Brunette hair.

"Oh, Don't Worry, Little One, by then you won't even remember a thing", The woman said as she got a small cloth and a small vile of chlorform, the woman pressed the chlorform cloth to Lynette's nose and mouth, Lynette started struggling, until the effects of the chlorform was taking it's hold on her, Until Lynette passed-out, and she laid down on the floor.

"Pleasent Dreams", The woman said to Lynette.

The woman started caressing a chlorforned Lynette's body, she started kissing her too.

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