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Wife Faked Her own Kidnapping.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Bobbi Jo Palmer, Attractive, Beautiful, Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Married Woman, she works as a bank teller, She's married to her High School Sweetheart, Andrew Palmer, They live in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, in a town called Glendale, Until something happened. View table of contents...



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A Married Wife is about to Fake her Kidnapping.

Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Glendale, at a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, Bobbi Jo Palmer was in the kitchen, washing the dishes, in the kitchen sink, when her Husband Andrew Palmer came in the kitchen.

"Hi, Honey", Bobbi said.

"Hi", Andrew replied as he quickly drinked his cup of coffee and went out of the house.

Bobbi sighed, she continued washing the dishes, she went to work at the bank, she went into her office and sat down behind her desk, when her co-worker Joshua Anderson, saw her from his office, he got up from his chair, went out of his office, he walked over toward Bobbi's office.

"Hi, Bobbi", Joshua said as he smiled at her.

"Oh, Hi, Joshua", Bobbi replied.

"Bobbi, what's wrong?", Joshua asked.

"I was thinking about my husband, Andrew, he wouldn't even look at me, he just goes off", Bobbi answered.

"Oh, I see", Joshua said.

"I don't even know what to do now", Bobbi said.

"How about set-up a fake kidnapping", Joshua replied.

"Ok", Bobbi said.

Joshua and Bobbi started planning on the fake kidnapping, about an hour later, Bobbi returned home, the next morning, Bobbi was washing the dishes, after her husband Andrew went to work, while in an apartment, Joshua was getting ready, he had a hand-gun, he put on a ski-mask, and took his hand-gun, he went out of his apartment, he got into his car, and drove off, Meanwhile back at Bobbi's and Andrew's house, Bobbi was cleaning up her house, About an hour Later, Joshua arrived at the house, he got out of the driver-side of his car, he walked across the street, he went in the basement of the house, he hide behind the staircase, he waited when Bobbi came down the stairs, she had a basket of dirty laundry with her, he watched her walk toward the washer and dryer, she put the clothes in the washer, Bobbi poured the laundry-detergent in the filled-up washer, she closed the washer lid, Joshua came out of his hiding, he walked up toward her, she saw him.

"Who are you?, what do you want?", Bobbi asked.

"I'm here, For You", Joshua answered.

Bobbi was shocked about what he had said, she started running toward a door, when Joshua grabbed her and covered her mouth up with his gloved hand.

"Don't Scream, or i'm going have to hurt you, do you understand, nod if you understand", Joshua said until a scared bobbi slowly nodded her head.

"Good Girl, now let's go", Joshua said as he dragged her up the stairs, through the kitchen, up the stairs, and into her and Andrew's master bedroom.

Joshua forced Bobbi to change her clothes, after she was done, he took her out of the bedroom, down the stairs, he forced her to write a note for her husband, Andrew, after she was done, Joshua took her out of the house, he forced her in his car, he forced her to drive off. About an hour later, Andrew returned home, he went in the house, he was surpise to find that it was empty.

"Bobbi, are you home?", Andrew asked but there was no answer.

"Bobbi?", Andrew asked still no answer.

he started searching for his wife, until he found a note.

"Andrew, two men broke into the house, they've taken me, they want $5000 Dollars in cash, no police", Bobbi's note read.

Andrew was shocked that someone had kidnapped his wife, he decided not to call the police. Meanwhile Bobbi was driving Joshua's car down the road, while Joshua was sitting beside her, she was scared of what he's going to do to her, he forced her to drive at an abandend house, he forced her out of the car, he took her in the house, he put her in a bedroom, he made her sit in a chair, he tied her wrists up, he blindfolded her eyes, he left the bedroom, after he left, Bobbi started crying, Meanwhile Back at Bobbi and Andrew's House, Andrew was starting to get worried about his wife, and started wondering who has her, what that person or person's was going to do to her, he also decided not to tell her elderly mother, Ethel Simms, about what had happened to her daughter, Meanwhile back at the abandend house, Bobbi Palmer was still tied to a chair, she was wondering what Joshua was going to do to her, she looked around, But she couldn't see a thing, she heard footsteps walking outside of the bedroom, she saw the doorknob rattled and turned, Joshua walked in the bedroom, he closed the bedroom door behind him, he looked at Bobbi, she looked at him, Joshua cut the ropes off of her wrists, and legs, he showed her where the bed was, Bobbi walked over toward the bed, she laid down on the bed, she felt someone's hand moving on her leg, and started moving up on her hip, started caressing her body, Bobbi laid still, until her blonde hair was pulled back, Joshua leaned over to her ear.

"I love you, Bobbi", Joshua whispered into Bobbi's ear as he started kissing her neck.

After he was done, he left the bedroom, after he left, Bobbi realized that he had just raped her. Meanwhile back at Bobbi and Andrew's House, Andrew was still getting worried about his wife, he wondered why have'nt the kidnappers called for a ransom, he thought that the kidnappers decided to keep his wife, he decided to call the police, Meanwhile Back at the Abandend House, Bobbi was still scared about what Joshua is going to do to her next, when she heard Joshua's footsteps outside the bedroom, he opened the bedroom door, he saw her, he closed the door behind him, he walked toward her, he untied her, and made her sit on the chair.

"Joshua, this isn't funny anymore, I think we should have another plan", Bobbi said.

"I have a another plan", Joshua replied as he lit a candle.

"Now, I want you to look at the flickering candle, you're under my control, you can't resist me, do you understand?", Joshua asked.

"Yes, I understand", Bobbi answered in a hypnotic trance.

"Now, you will be my wife, and i will be your husband", Joshua said.

"Yes, Master", Bobbi replied in a hypnotic voice.

"Good Girl, now i want you to moved your hands on your blonde hair, do you understand?", Joshua asked.

"Yes, I understand" Bobbi replied in a hypnotic voice.

A Hypnotized Bobbi slowly lifted-up her hands, she slowly moved her hands on her blonde hair. while Joshua was watching her.


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