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Wife fakes her kidnapping to teach her husband a lesson.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Delia Anderson, a beautiful, attractive, brunette hair, green-eyed woman, married wife, works at a local bank in arcadia, married to her high school sweetheart Peter Anderson, until something happened to her. The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual content that might not be good for small children.



Delia Anderson is living a charmed life, until she tells her husband, Peter Anderson, that she's ready to become pregnant.




Chapter 1.

at a suburban house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in Arcadia, Delia Anderson was sitting in the kitchen, she was thinking about what to tell her husband, Peter Anderson, when he came into the kitchen and saw her sitting at the kitchen table.



"Peter, I have something to tell you?", Delia asked as Peter was drinking his cup of coffee.





"Can It wait, I'm late for work", Peter answered.





"But, Peter, I have something importent to tell you that could change both of our lives?", Delia asked.




"We'll talk about it later, I better go, Bye", Peter answered as he went out of the house.




"But I'm ready to have a baby", Delia muttered as she got up from her seat and got ready to go to work.





About an hour later, Delia arrived at the local bank, where she worked as a bank officer, she went into her office, sat down behind her desk, Until her fellow co-worker named Brandon Simms, was at his desk, when he looked over and saw Delia, he got up from his desk and started walking toward her office.





"Delia, is something wrong?", Brandon asked as he looked into her office.



"Oh, nothing's wrong, I'm fine", Delia answered as Brandon walked into her office, closed the door behind him, closed the curtians that was hanging fron her windowed office, he knelt down beside her.



"Delia, i've known you since I've first started working here, you can tell me what's on your mind, and I won't tell no-one about it, Ok?", Brandon asked as he slowly moved his hand on her leg as he spoke to her.




"Ok, well I've told my husband, Peter that i'm ready to be pregnant, but he didn't even listen to me, it's just as if his job is more importent then me", Delia answered.




"Oh, Delia that's terrible for you, If i was your husband, i would be thrilled about it", Brandon said.





"Oh, I know you would, Brandon, I think that we should do something", Delia said.




"Oh, what is it?", Brandon asked.




"I think we should have a fake kidnapping, you'll be the kidnapper", Delia answered.



"Ok, and who am i going to kidnap?", Brandon asked.




"Me", Delia answered.



"Ok", Brandon said.



Delia and Brandon started planning on their fake kidnapping, after they were done they went back to work, that evening, Delia was done, she went out of her office, she looked at Brandon, he looked at her, she went out of the bank, got into her car, and drove back to her house, Meanwhile Brandon went out of the bank, got into his car, and drove to his house to get ready.

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