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Wife fakes her kidnapping to teach her husband a lesson.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Delia Anderson, a beautiful, attractive, brunette hair, green-eyed woman, married wife, works at a local bank in arcadia, married to her high school sweetheart Peter Anderson, until something happened to her.

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual content that might not be good for small children. View table of contents...


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Delia and Brandon's Fake Kidnapping is about to begin, Brandon would be hiding in the back yard of the house and his mini-van would be parked from a distance, Peter would be getting ready to go to work.

Chapter 1.

The Next Morning, Delia was in the kitchen washing the breakfast dishes, while Peter was getting ready to go to work, while outside of Delia and Peter's house, Brandon was driving his white mini-van down the street, when he parked it at a curb a few feet from the house, he put on his black gloves, his black ski mask, he got his hand-gun, a bottle of choloform, and a cloth, he put them in his pocket, got out of the driver-seat of the mini-van, he sneaked around to the back of the house. Meanwhile Peter was getting ready to go to work.

"Peter, I might not be home", Delia said.

"Oh, where are you going?", Peter asked.

"I'm going to visit my mother, Ruth Larson for a while", Delia answered.

"Oh, I see, I better go", Peter said as he went out the door, while in the backyard, Brandon took out the cloth and the bottle of choloform, he opened the bottle of choloform and poured it on the cloth, he put the empty bottle back, He took out his hand-gun.

Meanwhile Delia was standing in the living room, looking out of the window, waving good-bye to Peter as he got into their car and pulled out of the drive-way, While Brandon slowly opened the back door of the house, and sneaked inside, While Delia was still looking out of the window of the living room, Until Brandon sneaked-up behind her, he had his hand-gun out, Delia was still looking out of the window, When Brandon put his gun right next to her cheek, Delia stood in a terrified state, Brandon slowly put the choloformed-cloth to her nose and mouth, Delia fully and willfully submitted, she started taking little gulps from her throat, as the choloformed-cloth started taking it's effects on her, as she feel limp in Brandon's arm, he throw the choloformed-cloth away, he put Delia's lifeless body on the couch, he took out some grey-duck tape, he taped-up her wrists together, he opened the front door, picked her up, he took her out of the house, toward his mini-van, he opened the sliding door of the back-seat of the mini-van.

"Ok, in you go, that's a girl", Brandon said as he carefully laid Delia on the floorboard of the mini-van, he closed the door.

Brandon got back in the driver-seat, he drove off.


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